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Darkness... Lyrics

Mordor - Darkness... cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-04-28)
1. Darkness Falls (7:58)
When the times of great kings passed
Fame of glorious victories faded out
Hidden, ancient evil has waited so long
Time has come, black kingdom is near

Like the phoenix from the ashes
We will rise and rise again only greater

Darkness falls

Only stronger troops of darkness never to be gone

Darkness falls

Join us! Fall to your knees
Beg for forgiveness and show loyalty
Only those carrying Mordor’s mark
Will earn redemption and respect
2. L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (7:54)
Constructed to watch
Constructed to learn the truth
The eye of the earth looking into the universe

Hidden between mountains
Hidden against enslaved masses
The eye of the earth watching the overworld

Absolute lords and Vatican
Crumpled in hunger of science
Through the biggest eye of the earth
They want to uncover god in the dark

3. Melancholy (8:17)
Things happening in this dimension mean chaos
Time elapsing in hatred
I don't feel like looking at pervasive aggression
I don't feel like listening to clerical
deceptive thrash talking
I prefer to drown in constant melancholy
Longing for the source of existence
I am in constant melancholy

Few men raise awareness
Most of us know no meaning of life
I don't feel like explaining that
I don't think something's gonna change here
I prefer to drown in constant melancholy
Longing for the source of existence
I am in constant melancholy
And so be it
4. Eleven (7:42)
My aching body trembles
I close my eyes
And try to feel nothing
The smell of fear
Permeates the air
I hate myself and I deserve it

I hate the way you touch me
I can’t stand your scent on my body
I replay in my mind the sight of your death
My blood is not hot anymore

I lay my soul to sleep
In silence of my deep
The slide shows in my mind
With black priest’s soutane
Will always remain with me
Feel sick that disgusts me

Loneliness is my only guide
I feel dirty inside me
Hate is my mirror and nothing will change
Because there is no pity in my soul
Hate is my mirror

I became what I am
And I’m only eleven
5. Incalculable Sadness (6:53)
Happens in the undermost areas of life
Along with a poverty, pain and misery
Approaches suddenly taking dark paths
Sinking our minds into the vast abyss

Incalculable sadness

Helpless in front of its power
Pervasively takes hold of us
Eternally fights against happiness
Unaware that he is driven by destiny

Incalculable sadness

Sneaks across its dark fields
Reproduces infected events
6. Dark Room (8:08)
I am the purest blackness is the massive black hole
I absorb all colours, I steal the soul from beings
Any caught moments I reproduce on paper
The faces appear arrested by time

I am the dark room

I am the place where the events are recorded
Which in the future will become the proof of existence
Time passes by and I still last
Irreversible is all that was immortalized on plate

I am the dark room
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