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Sleepers in the Rift Full Album Lyrics

Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift cover art

Sleepers in the Rift

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-09-28)
1. Through the Gaping Gate / Coughing in a Coffin (3:51)
Infected with a cold
Sore fuckin' throat, dripping nose
Hot as hell itself
Lying in bed
The sickness grows
Coughing up acid, pus and blood
Angry stomach
When you shit it's a fuckin' flood

Out for a walk
Slow as a rock
Car moving near
Hit in the front, damages are severe

Heart stops pumping, you're assumed dead
In a black bag, your bed

Star of the funeral, your family gathers around
Crying, tears and sorrow as you're put underground
Suddenly your heart starts pumping, you're alive again
But sickness and symptoms remain...

Coughing in a..
Coughing in a..
Coughing in a..
Coughing in a Coffin...
2. Creepy Creeping Creep (3:54)
The Creepy Creeping Creep
The cause of eternal sleep
Dressed in pus and human ears
The greatest horror in modern years
Leaving trails of rotten heads
Children hide within their beds
Tonight we declare a winner
And who'll be served for dinner

Mangled remains
Foul decay
The Creepy Creep Creeps
Children buffet
With fork and knife
It feeds off your wife
Infest and molest
fuckin' Die!

Pet of Satan, Foe of God
killing ways, very odd
The Creepy Creeping Creep, it creeps..
It cuts off a leg to use as bait
Stupid human, now on plate
Puke him up, mutilate

3. Hymns to a Stiff (3:16)
I embody the euphoric existence above the rift
You are the accepter of my gift

Take me to your dead
By my chanted tongue they'll be led
To place I'm from
To the big black hole
To the Interstellar space
Away from this imaginary place

Hymns to a Stiff
Astral Sleep
Buried Deep
Hymns to a Stiff


Awoken body
emanating into molecular vacancy
4. Red Hook Horror (3:32)
Grim chants of madness asail the Brooklyn sky
A case of batophobia, much to severe to defy
Death comes creeping
Death from beyond
slaughtered husband, slaughtered wife
under investigation, this robbery of life
Moulding basement, strange brick wall
through the door, down you fall
into rifts unknown to mankind
Where the horror will rape your mind
Where the soul turns to dust and the rest of you decay
There's no turning back
Your brain is molested and death's closing in on you
Red Hook Horror!
Horror and cruelty still stuck in your brain
But no one believes you, they claim you're insane
The brick wall's intact but no doors in sight
Now you'll spend the rest of your life,
living in denial
5. The Hallucinating Dead (3:33)
Cosmic Dimension
Mind-made Invention
In Madness we Dread
The Hallucinating Dead
6. Ways of Torture (3:05)
Ways of torture..

Caught within a wooden box
With small holes to breath
Taking me somewhere else to die
There my life will cease

Hanging from the ceiling
With my arms around my back
Shoulders dislocated
Faint from pain, all is black
Dreaming of salvation, beauty, life and hope
Waking up by whippings
fuck, I'm still hanging from a rope

Tube down my throat
Feeding me fat, feeding my goat
Feeding me more
Stomach explodes, gore all over the floor

Dragged through fat and goat
To a room as a doctor takes note
Rodents munch on my leg
With dislocated shoulders I beg
Eaten by the Rats

Ways of torture..
7. Dead Body Pile Necrophile (2:52)
Twenty years of gathering
Hundred open graves
Friendship with the corpses
Pleasure slaves
Stack in a pile
Who'll be first?
Decaying virgin flesh
Fulfilling my thirst

Body Pile
Dead Body Pile Necrophile

Removing maggots from my stick
Legs will open, I will lick
Taste of pus and rotten death
Up and down 'til I'm out of breath

Dead body love
Fits like a glove
No more rejects
Moving on to the next

Body Pile
Dead Body Pile Necrophile
8. Lidless Coffin (4:31)
Human brought in, dripping with pus
Doctors approach, much to discuss
Disfigure the body, amputate the head
State is confirmed as dead
Glue on the skull for a pleasant wake
People moaning 'cus of autopsy mistake
"As I'm put down the mouldy earth I await my final rebirth"

Coffin begins to crack
Rising up from black
On impulse from beyond
To hunger it responds

Beware of the Lidless Coffin

Dead but walking, with a glued on head
Cannibal instinct, eat human with bread
Doctors and scientists are trying to pretend
That this is not humanities end

Braindead ugly freak
Inflicting mortal pain
Flesh it seeks
Craving your fuckin' brain

Beware of the Lidless Coffin
9. Deformation of the Dark Matter (6:12)
Black mass
Augmentation of the hole
Ended by deglusion
Crepuscular charm

Existential eclipse
Flow freely
Promoted to the Nether
Deformation of the Dark Matter...
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