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Hatred Lyrics

Moral Insanity - Hatred cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 1 Immortal SEP (2013-03-04)
1. Intro (1:43)
2. Hatred (4:22)
All life I've dedicated
To flight with evil around me
To find the good in human hearts
Wipe out from these eternal hate

All time I've looked for
Tolerance and peaple's understanding
I knew that they're all the same
Their anger is neverending

Noone cries for me
Hatred killed my dream

Always I wanted give out love
To be beloved and respected
Desires were killed by indolence
I am by your disease infected

At one time I tried to change the world
Reclaim its moral declension
I did not live under its rules
But couldn't reverse their existention

Noone cries for dream
Evil obtained me
3. Re-Inkarnation (4:31)
I am coming to the places
Where my subconscious revives
Immersed in deep hypnotic sleeping
I get over limits of the time

I know secret of me bygone life
Light of knowledge get in
Darknes now

I get slowly to the unknown
Seting up shards of memory
My souls is returned to late body
Somewhere in forgotten century

I know secret of my bygone life...

I was born to can be free only
Wild blood is running through my veins
I don't serve to any master
Nobody can me enchain

I know secret of my bygone life...

I life on my own way only
Loving blue sky over my head
My mind is free my soul is unleashed
I'm rebel without fear of death

I know secret of my bygone life...

I've nothing but all the world bolong to me
Sword by my side is my best friend
Nobody deprives my of my ideals
My fate is such what I it prepred

I know secret of my bygone life...

I am coming back from places
Where my bygone life once died
Deprived of all my thoughts and ideals
Back to reality of this cursed time

I know secret of my bygone life
Shadows of the past are lost in time
4. Fallen Angel (4:42)
Through freezing darkness of night
Your steps are going by road to nowhere
Days of worthless life floats slowly
You're reconsiled with fate onco for always

Injurious world, intolerance
Depraved society you cannot change
Injury, hate, intolerance
False compassions don't give you chnge

Dirt of street is ingrained deep under sklu
It's eternal sing what you quit never
Soul of cursed fellow keeps pure from now on
For all that is trodden into dust forever

Injurious world...

Dwelling where nobody goes in the night
You drown yourself in the vanity
Broken wings don't bring you to the light
All what you have else is serenity

Injurious world...

Going by own road full of disgrace
You don't feel a hate to listless crowd
Step by step day by day it's still the same
You're once for always ostracized
5. Flight to the Light (6:39)
Life is beautiful but no for me
And my maltreated mind
Through my head flashes one question
Why must I to die so young?

Fate isn't merciful to me
My deal is waiting for death
My way is so short and painful
There isn't chance to goin back

Sweet sleeping is coming slowly
Pain is flying off on the wings
Of my dreams I'm dying in peace
Forgotten and without tears

My soul is so free suddenly
Peace of mind shown on my face
I'm looking on my dead body
From somewhere of other space

I'm going on my last journey
All around is flooted with light
Unknown feeling of hapiness
Draws me with its immense might

Real world disappears somewhere far off
Wish don't wake up is not crime
Blood congeals in my veins slowly
I want no more turn back time
6. I'm Immortal (7:46)
I have new fase
Witch they don't kill
Time has ceased to heave
Lenght of life
I know my murder
I'm sharp sword of my fate
I'm immortal

Through centuries
I saw to die friends
Story of world
Is put down in my mind
Fate is not the same to all
I'm alone
Life without death
Is pure reality

The hours of your life float
And the time of death
Forever stopped its run
You are chosen
To carry weight of your world's past
To go through future
Witch never fill your fate

What's my fate?
My fate is to live your lifes
And don't get to know my death
I did not select the deal of my life
But it was hand of fate
Witch pointed to me
To be living eternally
I know it now
I'm immortal

Your future is pin
In the past's sea
You are forgotten
In dust of hystory
I am still afraid
Of my deal
But death never
Let me go off
7. The Animals (3:38)
Look at yourself how you live
I'm feeling sick of this sight
You kill one another
Is this sence of your existention?
Look at yourself what all
You're able to make for mind
You bad minds useless fights
Will bring you to your selfdestruction

Evil and hate dwells in your heads
Gredd for the might obtains your acts
Right of stronger - bloody rule smells
Why you are worse that animals?

Evil and hate obtain your acts
Why you are worse that animals?
You're obsessed

Why you are like the beasts
Guilty live and innocent die
Death is fate madness sways this world
What says at this your conscious?
Who's the best and who next
Is the pray to your bloody lust
Shame you don't feel when you kill
When you'll give to reason chance?

Evil and hate...
8. Why Me? (Paranoia) (2:52)
Every day somebody want to kill me
Bad faces around me certainty watch me
Every night morbid dreams horrify me
Dark shadows on the wals persecute me

Everybody hate me
My friends are the worst enemies
Malevolent creations
Find in my fear satisfaction
Everbody haund me
They are obsessed by this
Always find any reasons
To be injurious to me

Why me?

I'm on the run from this world full of violence
Afraid of death creeping in the darkness
I'm in dread on myself of my ideals
Strange voices speak to me in night silence

Everybody hate me...
9. Secret of Life (4:41)
Every day you want to know what is
Sence of life
Don't try to seek what you'll never find
Truth is hard

Don't try to find sence of existention
Don't try to reveal this secret of life
Once you will know what's your destination
Everybody must still once die

Never mind that you don't know
Secret of life
Never mind that you don't know it
Life is your fate waiting for death

Every day you rise to think about
Sence of being
This struggle is useless
When you cannot change the fate

Don't try...
Never mind...

Every day you ask yourself alone
Why you are
Qestions are useless
Answer you'll know when you'll die

Don't try...
10. Slave of Dreams (5:33)
All your life is black-and-white
You don't know what you want
Fear of reality itch to fly
You can't live but don't want to die
Shining fate in your hand
Is the key to paradise
Little pin brings your dream
And you believe that dreams don't lie

Say me what you wait
When you're addicted to sweet dreaming
From your fucking life
Without hope forget is easy now

You never crying
Won't know the tears
Slowly dying
Slave of own dreams

Empty life days without dawn
Despair reigns over your mind
You're lonely down and out
False ideas make you dlind
Open your eyes and you will see
World this same like it was
You can't change everything
Tommorow is dreadful ghost

Say me what you wait...
Say me what you wait...

Game for life you never win
End is nearer than you mean
You sold your soul to the devil
Return back is upossible

Say me what you wait...
11. The Voice of Conscious (4:22)
Look into me eyes
And ask me after your future
Don't be afraid
Truth is only one
Look safety
You'll see your souls in the pillory
Hear my voice
You'll hear you own cry

I'm your revived bad conscious
Truth what you don't hear
No good, no bad
You cannot away run from me
You can't hide yourself
I am the worst from your nightmares

Through your eyes
Like through windows to your souls
I see again
How you're empty inside
Through your worlds
I hear to speak eternal hate
Doors to your hearts
Are forever closed

I'm your revived bad conscious...
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