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Deeply from the Earth | Full Album Lyrics

Moonloop - Deeply from the Earth cover art

Deeply from the Earth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsListenable Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > M > Moonloop Lyrics (10) > Deeply from the Earth Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-13)
1. Awaking Spirals of Time (2:11)
2. Beginning of the End (5:15)
A story must be told
As the rivers of blood go by
There's a whisper inside us all
Come and listen, you cannot hide
You thought we could survive
Understand we've lost our sight
Powers of creation
Remained unseen to us

Deeply from the Earth
There's a message coming clear
She changes everything
It's the beginning of the end

We must learn about those tears
Start to care, face our fears
Saturating humanity
Growing angry, become extinct
3. A Life Divided (4:34)
Leave tonight,
Reaching throught the dark
Fearless thoughts
No reasons can be found

Hollow screams, a pain you must believe
Fading souls, the eyes are getting cold

Tears arrived, no one to care
Feel the hole inside
White turns red in a blink of an eye
Do you wonder why?

Fear inside, no reasons to survive
Turning old, trapped inside the storm

Leave tonight, reaching through the dark
Out of control, now there's no return

Tears arrived, no one to care
Feel the hole inside
White turns red in a blink of an eye
Do you wonder why?

Feel my sorrow
Try to find your escape

And again start to fall, so we're now closer
Feel the pain, because now you will die
4. Fading Faces (5:02)
Closer now to an ending time
The world will see
The hoy Gods can't help you
Now fading in tears

"I'm you way" he said
Please forgive forever

No one changes behind those faces
Filled with anger
Betary our nature
5. Strombus (6:15)
Lost inside in an ancient bay
Treasures hide becoming
A part of the clay
Wait and see a new age to come
You can't escape
We all belong to the sea

I don't really know
Cause time has changed and
We don't see nothing
Feel my hands uon your shell
There's more to see inside my dreams

Don't give up
Feed my hands
Don't give up

Close to us
Ice dissolving
Open your eyes
the climate will change beyond time

Truth is revealing, shoreline will rise
No more excuses
Truth is revealing, we cannot hide
No more excuses

Look for the treasures she hides
6. Deceiving Time (7:22)
In my mind in my head
All I want is to escape from this
Be away I don't care
Whre I belong you don't understand

So the journey begins and now
You have to find
The Reasons you had
The feelings you hide
The demons inside

What do you think you've found?
No chances for you to leave
Face a world that grows
No longer for us to see

What have you found now that you've gone?
Believe in what you see and feel
The torment sea

Trascend your own darkness and realize

Is this the end of me?
Are those things inside my being?
I'm sure that this is real
So I pray for my own solitude

Deceiving Time
An endless journey
To find the truth
Beyond escaping
7. Legacy of Fear (4:18)
Masters of pain washing our brains
Always the same, society turns to dust

Believing their lie, open your eyes
Be by my side, truth muste be known

Teaching laws we must obey
Live in fear, you're no one
Enslaved life and scared to move
At first mistake you're condemned

Fear is their way to control what they get
Freedom and respect is what nature said

Fear, what we breathe
Because nothing can be changed
Searching for answers, not fading away
Time to reveal their lie

Masters of pain washing our brains
Be by my side, truth muste be known

Keeping the strength, burning the flame
Rising the world as an image of what's to come

We've all felt down on empty lives
Don't let erase your soul by them
Slowly trapped by false expectations
At first mistake you're condemned

Fear is their way to control what they get
Freedom and respect is what nature said
Why do we still obey?
8. Wailing Road (6:18)
Waiting for some kind of conciusness
Hiding where you once got failed
Knowing better who is behind myself
Childhood never ends

Life became a tragedy
But then you were free
Your eyes got filled with memories

That only you could see
Don't believe reality, you're not alone
War flowing in my veins, I'm just a man

Pain becomes alive 'til the end
Truth gets hard to find when you descend

Turn your own insanity
Into some kind of peace
Learn about the failures but then rise again

Pain becomes alive 'til the end
Truth gets hard to find when you descend

What's the matter?
NO one knows
Who really cares about the world?
Try to find the meaning in your soul
Never leave you alone
9. Landscape (6:25)
In my prison no one can help me now
All those secrets made me so really scared
Hold this vision, thry to forget the past
Come and see it turning to bloody red

Even to try, no one to care
Fear is revealed
No one would leave out the demons inside
Never, forget

Never trust me cause you made my inside
Crossing landscapes
Burning with my desire

Millions of faces calling
Screaming through the Earth, deceived
Millions of faces falling
Walking through the Earth, hiding

Leave me behind you
Walk away to see

I've been searching but no one seems to care
I've been holding but I think it's too late
10. Atlantis Rising (11:00)
Creations of Gods
The island of fate
A long time ago Atlantis appeared

For thousands of years
They lived in no fear
They once venerated
The moon and the sun

Earth was changing
And took so many years
Gods created a place that time forgot
State of conscience connected
With their minds
Celebrating the purity of their souls

But soon afeter that their own vanity
Changed their lives
No help from the Gods

Dominating, abusing ignorance
Brothers divide conquering other lands
Neverending centuries of pain
Facing now a darker human age

Sky turned to red, land broke away
Deep from the Earth, lavas emerged

Oceans enraged, nations submerged
Cities in tears, erased by the sea

Screams from their fears
Still hearing now after thousands of years
Lost and condemned
Society broke down then man decayed

Can't you see what those things are revealing?
Reflecting what we are

Near to the end
Past is alive

Rising now from the sea
Ancient world calling me
Monuments lost in time
Rising now from the sea
Ancient world calling me
Waiting to be revealed

Now, man evolved, truth will arise
Wati, we must believe, new world to see

Atlantis rising deep from the ocean
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