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Dunsinane Full Album Lyrics

Midnight Force - Dunsinane cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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1. Killer (4:01)
The beast he prowls the world of night
The filthy streets lit by firelight
His eyes they glint like the steel he bears
Its soiled blade shines a crimson glare

Don’t even try to escape
Running has sealed your fate

Killer! Killer!
Nothing is safe even you
Killer! Killer!
Just one mistake and you're through
Killer! Killer!
No one escapes his knife
Now say goodbye to your life

In shadowed alcoves his victims lie
Through every alley echo their cries
Yet no aid comes none dare to halt
This greatest terror they've ever felt

The city a forest, it's men the deer
He is a wolf his goal is clear
Not fogged by morals, never dimmed by fear
It is his nature, his reign is here
2. The Scarlet Citadel (5:28)
Is he man or beast?
Crimson robe his fangs concealed,
Is he the high priest,
Or former slave his strength revealed?

Clad all in red
To his figure you’d yield
A glimpse of his head
Evil creature now unleashed

Do you see the ivory tower?
Can you see the high priest’s lair?
Do you fear the dungeons filled with horrors,
No escape from the Scarlet citadel

Scarlet Citadel,
Where evil dwells,
Where magick reigns
And death awaits

​Underneath his hood
See the eyes that stand with flame
Driven out the good
Evil creature he became

You hear his cry
Glance upon his claws of death
You're doomed to die
As you draw your final breath
3. Down with the King (3:37)
On grandmaster's orders
The traitor must die
Ravenwings carry
The cross as we fly

Towards the east
Our lances align
The heathens to fight
Black is our sign!

Down, Down with the King
Cut of the head of the tyrant and war shall end
Down, Down with the King
Cut of the head of the tyrant
And save us from madness!

Once our ally
We stand betrayed
On the field of battle
We shall reign

Conquer these forests
Make them kneel
Brothers wielding
Teutonic Steel!
4. Witchfinder (6:42)
Deep inside his sacred lair,
The sinner cries the devils lies,
With flaming metal in his hands,
Another bows to his demands

A rancid city, a peaceful town,
The plague of heresy soaks them all
Wherever he rides they will be found
Judgement awaits on hallowed ground

Fire of the Witchfinder
Burning all the the liars
Heathen witch
Burn in the fire

He comes unexpected out of the night
Another victim is set alight
An inquisition of fire and steel
The devils tune only he can hear

The fire it burns like his heart within
Cleansing those not free from sin
False accusations the witness bears
To speak against him nobody dares

Witchfinder come
To burn the sin away
Witchfinder come
The fires of hell await
5. Alesia Falls (3:45)
A black sky, clouded,
The still air a canvas,
A torchlight flares, an orange tear,
The canvas ripped by a threat,

The horseman cries in Latin,
And though we can't understand him,
An army appears, our doom is clear,
Our city is under siege

Alesia falls!

Our army is the greater,
The might of united Gaul.
Yet under Caesar's brutal fist,
We've seen all our cities fall.

We've 80 000 swords to feed,
The Romans merely wait.
The weak are thrown outside the gates,
Women and children first!

Is this a weakness is the Roman line,
The gates open and we raise a cry,
Downhill to charge before the sun will rise.

Until midnight the battle flares,
Cavalry surrounds us, our courage fades,
The Gauls flee we face defeat
6. Crystal Talon (6:11)
Echoing from the mountain slopes
His shadow looming large,
Darkening the sun,
The Keeper has come,
Your final moments have begun.

Feathers cutting through the air,
The mighty eagle gold and fair,
With rapid speed he comes at you,
Like a lightning bolt he flew
He’s the hunter you’re the prey,
Death awaits, you turn to clay,
Traitors and liars are his aim,
He’s here, his share to claim

Beware the Crystal Talon!
Beware the Scythe of steel!
Guardian of the Valley,
Guardian of the Kings

He’s the lion of the winds,
The tiger lurking in the mists,
No shadow will escape his eye,
It’s too late when you hear his cry
His shade shows on the crimson sky,
From the rocks echoes your last sigh
The setting sun illuminates,
Broken bones and shattered dreams

Mighty raptor spread your wings!
7. Warlord Eternal (5:17)
My people swept across
the steppes of Scythia,
the deep forests of Dacia
Along the shores of the Danube

An empire like never seen before
Or heard of since
A continent united
Under ten thousand golden hoofs

I’m a king, a savage a warlord
I rule with an iron hand
I rule with faith, heart and steel
I’m a king, a savage a warlord
I rule forever
A conqueror for eternity

Samogotian plains
Villages set ablaze
Noone in our way
To halt our march

Tyrant clad in black
You hear my warcry
I shall crush you
There can be only one
8. Dunsinane (8:02)
Searching for the newborn king
Heir to a blood drenched throne
Through glens and snow they ride on
Relentless but alone

A kingdom in despair and sorrow
No glory no reward
In fens and woods they fight on
Until the last sword

The king has been usurped,
The tyrant has been killed,
With iron fist and flaming sword ,
Order has been restored​

One last hope remains in Alba
The tyrant's heir is yet alive
One last torch of hope and light
A never ending fight

A land of snow and ice
No sunlight or air
On the hills and into brooks
Broken lances fell​

The tyrants banner flew
A decade proud and tall
The invaders came at dawn
And peace was forlorn

Plucked Alba's crown from her head
Crushed her laurels, burned the blossom
Torn the rose from the vine
To Dunsinane!
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