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Realm of Terror Full Album Lyrics

Merciless Death - Realm of Terror cover art

Realm of Terror

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. The Abyss (0:59)
2. Realm of Terror (2:55)
Screaming out for mercy
The blade in hand is raised
Savage beast is called
Victim submits to his ways

Funeral for the stolen souls
Demons rip and tear the flesh
In the coffin terror awaits
He overlooks the dead

Savage killer no remorse
Slaughtered rotting corpse
No escape from the grave
Where the dead are no longer that way

Beware the evil in the night
The horrors of hell arrive
Demonic force of evil hell
Tortured souls are kept alive

Trapped in the coffin
Trying to escape
He'll soon be free
You'll suffer his fate

Savage killer no remorse
Slaughtered rotting corpse
No escape from the grave
Where the dead are no longer that way
3. Evil Darkness (2:29)
Evil darkness takes a hold of your body
Feel the tongues taste your breasts
Offered up by the conjuror for sodomy

Legs spread apart as they slip in
Chains around your neck break skin
Wrists held down as they dominate
Sons of belial don't hesitate

Raped and tortured in the pentagram
By the beast with the head of a ram

Screaming in pain before the northern gates
Desecration and defilement of your mind and soul
Belial now beckons you to head his call
As he takes a daughter of Christ down below

Raped and tortured in the pentagram
By the beast with the head of a ram
4. Tombs of the Dead (2:56)
Haunted tombs of the dead
Hold unseen tales of death
Murky shadows in the night
Devils children shall arive
Crosses stand on placid ground
Scerenity of silence is destroyed
Raised from beneath the earth
Rotting Victims Lie
Stealing life for all it's worth

Skeletons rot as time passes
Witnessed now by the masses
Corpses lay in sickening fashion
Some cannot bare to witness
Crosses stand on the devil's ground
Dead flesh waits to be found
Consume life into death
Consume life 'till there's nothing left


Unearthed - graves smell of flesh
Coffin open - bones hide the pain
Satan - compells the spirits of the dead
Their life - is lost with their last breath

Tombs of the dead

Living in an unseen world
Foretold by death itself
Life does exist here
When all is said and done
The sanctity of evil will be won
5. Death Warriors (3:13)
Time has come
Legions are marching forth
Here them sound the battle cry
Chaos everywhere

Blood will spill
From all those who oppose
Infernal war rages on
You can't escape this hell

Endless pain
Fists are held up high
Leather warriors
Claim another victim in the pit

The distant thunder
You're thrown into the circle
Rage and violence take control
You can't escape this fire

Death Warriors
Death Warriors
6. Cult of Doom (3:12)
Warriors of pain, messangers of doom
An army armored in steel
His vision set on butchering the clan
No time or change to escape
Without mercy regret or remorse
The order is given to kill

Power of pain- the piercing of flesh
Limbs severed by hatred
Ferocious beasts released for the game
Awaiting the jaws of death

Emotions forgotten, his soul ignored
He commands the troops at hand
His journey to wander- destryoning the land
The quest for the riddle of steel

Power, force, tyrant- venom master
Monarch, evil, demon- serpent king
The means of focus- eclipse your mind
To bind your own will
The pleasure of pain and ritual of sacrifice
Strengthens his hold on man
Reality is false, the power of god
The ability to morph at command
Tyrant of evil released from hell
To conquer the power of steel

Moans of death cires for mercy
Weapons bathed in blood
Villagers slaughtered, homes destroyed
Torched and burned to ash
Scouts to retrieve remaining survivors
The children to be enslaved

Mother and son flee for their lives
The smell of death in the air
Cornered and scared, blade in hand
The unmasking of thulsa doom

Glaring eyes, the face of treachery
Inflicting the final blow
Beheading a woman, alone at last
Behold the power of Satan
7. Tormented Fate (3:55)
Eternal, unending
Dying in evil lust
Suffer into your existence

The holy cross must fall
Before the power is lost for resistance

A given, a standard
Set by decree
To smash the holy cross

Congregation of the blackest hell
A place where the trinity is no loss

Proclamation of a desecration
The chapel is crushed with sin
The power is unholy force
Haunts the helpless souls within
His legions they outnumber the holy
The mark of hell on their soul
The flames that burn into their minds
Are now eternal with the seventh seal

His is the place called hell
None will escape

Morbid and sinful
Souls of hell
Your evil master awaits
His presence is felt by the timely death
Of the lords saints who died at the gates

Their blood now runs free
To drink from the chalice
And seal your tormented fate

Unholy suffering, now and eternal
Their lords salvation was too late

Fall into hell, grasp your insanity
The demon bell will chime
Vengeance of evil cast out on the holy
Recognize his numbers as nine
Practicioners of the faith will suffer in hell
For words they will recall
Left with the fear of knowing
That the end was not Satan's fall
8. Fall to the Pentagram (1:07)
Let the saints fall to the pentagram
The screams of their souls, will be heard and
Taken heed of, I am the master, the lord of hell
9. The Gate (3:17)
Incantations have been spoken
As the sermon for the dead
Bestow on them a sacrifice
And await our lords arrival

The earth shall be darkened
By the force of Satan's might
Rotting hands tear the flesh
Extract you very soul

Screams of those being tortured
Will echo through the night
Demons from the pits of hell
Display no signs of mercy
Upon the world they consume
Mutilation they decree
Their progression cannot be halted
There is no hope in closing...
...The gate

Calling the evil, demons of sin
Our master sits and waits
Corpses that rise, slaughter the living
Deprive you of your life
From the ground the castle rises
Pandemonium is here

It's here to stay...
10. Summoning of the Ancient Ones (4:00)
Pounding from the woods - the evil that draws ever closer
Chanting which is heard from the tongue of the devil's messanger
Every night they sit and dance around the devil's flame
Welcoming the insane shouts and the childrens dreams

In the city of R'lyeh, dreaded Cthulhu lays dreaming
Awaiting the alignment of the stars, that are ever gleaming
His minions anticipate the dawning of his arrival
Bringin with him a new age of sin and their survival

Summoning the evil
Summoning of the ancient ones
Summoning the evil
Summoning of the ancient ones

Book of the dead, states the rituals to enslave mens souls
Powers of the mad Arab derive from the netherworlds
Chanting the passages to cast forth the evil spell
Demons from another realm is what the legends tell
Yog-Sothoth, both the silver key and the gate
His knowledge will consume your mind and seal your fate
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