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Through Our Darkest Days Lyrics

Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days cover art

Through Our Darkest Days

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  31
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-08-24)
1. A New Dawn (5:14)
Free your minds and listen
We're fading from existence
No excuse to lose our minds

Fear of obsoletion
Sweeping through the nation
Losing track this is our time

As the sun will rise upon a brand new day
The rays will come and burn our fears away
Taking on our lives with our heads held high
High with pride

We'll never
We'll be strong, keep holding on together
We will be strong forever

Fading in the distance
With all the fear within us
Loosing track of all our time

Fear of devastation
Creeping through the nation
Making us deny what's right

All, we're one for all
Crushing through the streets
The weak with fall
2. Welcome the Sickness (5:17)
I fall, I fall beneath these remains
To crawl until my knees bleed

Inflicting pain
Upon my hollow shell
This is my torment
My personal hell
Forever to be inflicted
Welcome the sickness

Become the pain
Feel the fire
Inside the worms
They turn
Bleed your desire

Is this really the end
Is this really the end
Is this really
Is this really
Is this really
The end

I crawl, I crawl on broken knees
To die upon my misery

Injecting shame
A needle full of hatred
This is my vengeance
My personal hell
Forever in this sickness
Never forgiveness

How long will we decay
How much longer can we stand
One man's loss is another's pain
Another strain upon this life
That we obtain

What is this hell I must put you through?
To define the scars you inflicted
3. Through Our Darkest Days (4:39)
Fall into submission
A turning point in life
A fight against suppression
To keep the dream alive

As your heart is racing
Sweat running down your face
United in damnation
Divided by our fate

Never surrender
Reach for the stars
Marching on forever
Through our darkest days
The brighter the flame
The deeper the shadows

As the crowd is stomping
Their masses crack the ground
The sound of pure enjoyment
This moment so profound

Feel the darkness rising
What you're seeing is what you get
Fighting for the alliance
The brotherhoods of fate
4. Dreamstate Machine (5:34)
Walking the path of damnation
A crossroad of pain and deceit
Crossing the many dimensions
Only to meet your defeat

Nailed to the cross
Facing your final hours
Your blood unto the crust
Of the earth

For so long I've been waiting
For the day to come

In a state of make-believe
You seem to be
Taking on a new belief
Adapting to the scene
What is true
Why can't we see
We are machines
Hiding from reality
A numb routine

Why should they remember
So many denying defeat
The known become the strangers
The strong become the weak

Nailed to the cross
Facing your final hours
Your soul forever lost
You'll fade

For so long I've been waiting
For the day to come

In flames
The world will be imprisoned
Degrade, fall to devastation
Reborn, the world unto decay
Torn, we give our life away
Into deformation
We are falling
Enter desolation
Burn, we will all burn
None, no life forms will remain
No, we will all burn

In a state of make-believe
We seem to be
Taking on a new belief
Adapting to the scene
What is true
Why can't we see
We are machines
5. A Moment of Clarity (5:01)
Feel the sunlight
The rays are burning my skin
Embrace the day in respect
Live life and never forget

Every day could be the last one
See the world before it's gone
As the shadows fade to grey
The past is slowly washed away

Live life to never regret
Take all the chances you get
Live for today in the moment
Seize every second and own it

A silent whisper the winds carry away
Like patterns in the sand we're washed away
Lost in this world without faith to guide us now
And we're hoping for salvation
And we're falling in damnation
We are calling you

Every day could be the last one
See the world before it's gone
6. Beyond This Night (5:44)
The light reflects on my skin
I turn away to hide myself within
In black and grey
Eternally I hide myself away

Is death the only resolution?
Escape from all the confusion

We try to find the light
We try to find the reason
To see beyond this night

We paint the world in deceit
We realize we can no longer hide
Inside this dream
A fantasy of man's insanity

Is death the only solution?
Or can we fight the confusion?

Embrace your life
And take your time

Nobody ever said that this would be easy
Nobody ever said that this would be easy
7. Starving Eyes (5:13)
Feel the sun break through the water
Floating on all its colors
Feel the life spread through your veins
Feeling high, time to fly

If you could see me now
10.000 miles and still rising
Can't even see the ground
My beautiful horizon

Listen to the pale horizon
Like phantom ships across the night blue sky
Visions will be stabilizing
Everyone will see your starving eyes

Feel my eyes begin to open
Soaring high, on the skyline
Feel the rain fall on my face
It's my time, time to fly

Explode, explode and watch as we go
Like stars on the night sky
Go, go out into the world
Keep dreaming together

My beautiful horizon
8. Generation Hate (4:50)
We're never gonna get out of this alive
So we might as well enjoy ourselves tonight

Make us forget all, regret all and let us neglect
Break all and take all and drink all and let us inject
Bring on the guilt trip

We are the generation
Generation hate
Self-indulging madness
Degeneration hate

Blame everyone else for our mistakes
Refusing to show anybody respect

Take all and fake all and stand tall, refuse to accept
Break up and make up and take shots to earn some respect
Bring on the new shit

Sit back and look at the world in dismay
As we waste our lives
On hate, despair and decay
We walk a path
Of shattering blindness

We hate
What we don't understand
We hate
What we refuse to accept
9. Forever the Unknown (6:31)
So low to fall
Deny, your time has come and gone
You live in defeat in the shadows
Too scared to face the light
The darkness inside
The hiding from the lies

Hide yourself away
Hide yourself in shame
Hide yourself away

In your dreams, your screams
With the winds they are carried to me
The king of nothing
Forever to be the unknown

So high to fly, now fall
You never want to see
That even the sky has a limit
And now that you're betrayed
The darkness inside
No more hiding from the lies

Try to hide the shame
Try to hide the pain
Try to hide the shame

As your bloodline falls
As your failure calls
Who will you betray?
When it's judgment day
No retaliation
Only termination
You'll never see another day
As you decay
In your grave
All of your legions you've betrayed
Never forgive
When redemption calls
You'll never see no peace at all
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