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Death Awakens Full Album Lyrics

Mephorash - Death Awakens cover art

Death Awakens

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 1 mortuus666 (2013-01-18)
1. A Scourge of Degregated and Desecrated Souls
2. Scathe and Burneth
I see no fear, my sight is clear, my vision is bright, my time is near. I walk the path of blood and flesh, none shall block the path of death. Scathe and burneth this life of lies, rape and deform this so called god. Live and breed on darkness wings, walk this way and burn the world. My ribs they rip my putrid flesh, so thy malformations of my bones will peel my skin, so I'll become the host of a worthless corpse...
Oh, I feel it now, the wind that blows, The smell of death and raped souls. Their bodies follow the bloodstream down, where their bodies float in fire.
Crush and deform without regret...
Behold the power of the reaper...
Scathe and burneth...
When the water turns into blood!
Oh, Move ahead o' bearer of light, you are not welcome into this realm of death.
3. The Black Path
The dark has forsaken my eyes.
As my lord, the antichrist appears.
For the indirect taste of blood, is luring under darkness hood....
Oh, titan of all malformed souls.
For you stand with thy death in your hands.
Then be your own god, of darkness murder, oh rise in the chaos of the divided lies...
Shine on! The antichrist appears!
And cleans us from lies...
Rise, conquer, follow... The black path!
Prepare yourself for your final test... life!
Return and destroy, condemn and confess!
Rise among thy infernal blessings...
Follow the black path!!!
4. Sleep Tight Chosen One
Thy diabolical flame impale your soul....
Oh, creature of the night.
Before my hands of wrath.
As the gates of hell opens once again.
For you worthy...
In total capture of your mind... your heart will begin to give in...
And then where will you go? Nowhere!!!
You were born to lead this world into the new apocalypse
But your hatred was useless once they burned you and ripped your eyes out from your skull...
Now there's only one thing to say...
Sleep tight chosen one....
5. Crushed Under Evil
The more that I run, The closer it gets
The darkest of powers havn't gotten to me yet
Facing the eyes of the demons inside, there is no escape from the evil inside
Crushed under evil, crushed under death.
Baptised in fire, restricted manifest.
Fighting, fight all those demons alone
For they was thrown aside as we returned
At hell's path... Yeah, bring it on! Bring... it... on!
Strike with the power of the eternal fate
And smite the ones who does not rescpect your opinions
Crush the resistance and fulfill the prophecy of death, and as the light dies out.
It doesn't matter how fast, how vital or strong you are
The goddess will fall
Strongest of all
Oh, the skies interferes with...
Fire! The dark will await your attack!
When the reaper is taking over
And he will tell... When it's over for you!
6. The Lies
Oh, I hear the desperate screams
From women in pain
The fear in their eyes tells me be
All that the truth believes it could have been...
Thy infinite creatures in the soul of my own
Infects my mind and completes the benediction of hate
The truth may mean a lot, but one lie can mean so much more...
Obey your soul into the lies!
7. Death Awakens
8. Hangman's Curse
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