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In Reverence of Forever Full Album Lyrics

Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever cover art

In Reverence of Forever

GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. The Station (1:06)
2. Lake Morose (4:16)
Here I lie watching the fish swim by, a nice view on clear days! So often it's dark when the mud is churning from the movement of fish - and (the) weather plays its own part, strong winds interspersed with the rain, and of course, there are (the) hours when it is embraced by the Night! (Embraced by the Night!)

I remember viewing this lake from next to it, and thinking to myself that it was a jewel - but that was a host of decades ago, just a distant memory now; And I definitely no longer share the same positive view... In fact, one could intimate (that) I fucking hate it down here.

I most certainly have regrets! I wish I had never entered that house, and killed all of them, despite the fact they needed to die,
I really didn't (effectively) execute my plans as I had intended.

...And now, I lie here, legs encased within a slab of the finest concrete that those fucks could muster up (with their) limited skills acquired in their building trade; Those assholes really don't know how to do anything - especially not how to kill someone like me...

Even 15 bullets and a slashed throat; Not even close to being enough - those crooked cunts, (they) will soon be mine,
I will separate their heads from their spines! They must pay, their lives for their crimes,
quite a fair trade - they truly deserve worse.
I need just to wait for the fish to eat through the last part of my left leg, then I will finally be able to get out of this delightful lake, and get to my supplies and heal! ...then they will know hell!

They will not expect to see me again, they know not what I am; I am Olden, I am Powerful!
I was built by the Ancients, from the bones of the First Folk, I slept until awakening in this world of hate and death.
Your world became my world - I lost so much, balance is nigh!
3. The 11th Skywalk Travelstream (4:13)
Here I stand surveying my workstations' progress.
With everything that's happening in my department back at "home" on Kavalizo, I am surprised that things are going quite well;
So well that we are quite far ahead on our calender.

The Office of Z-Phorce Work Relations are quote "Immensely thrilled with the progress", Congratulations Team!

This is the last "walk" that I will work on - I have served my time, and will soon move on.
And when I say soon, I mean a rough estimate of 27 years - give or take a year or so -
You never quite know (they're) tricky things, travelstreams...

This will change 2 worlds; It will be very evolutionary for the planetary inhabitants of the "Target" -
For that world has never been involved in the "Intergalaxy Superstream" that so many now are united by.

It is truly amazing, the universe is truly becoming unified!
This skywalk is very special; It will "reunite" connected "people", that have been apart for so long.

Urzth - a planet in the Sttyll-Quad - (is) actually the mother to a distant world that was "grown" by a group of separatists that left during a turbulent time for the planet, known as the J2-Vass-Era.

It propelled a group of scientists to leave their home and desperately search through "space" for a "ripe" planet, to create a new future for their flailing race; Which they had resolved as to be near the time when the knell of the end-bell was eminently imminent.

So, their vast travels found a planet viable for use, and its habitat was nearly perfect.
So, they settled there, and it began with such high hopes!

Now the Urzthlings they await their 2nd SKY-WALK, to reconnect with their far-away "half-cousins".
In just under 3 decades they'll know one another; It is solely placed on me, I must enable the greatest of all reunions!
4. The Orator (4:57)
Sweating, (I'm) extracting - My embroidered handkerchief and I am slowly mopping my face.
Although it seems like a quick reaction (to) perspiration,
It is truly part of my performance!

With my free hand gesturing, I continue with my speech; I see their eyes transfixed by me,
and I feel their anxious hearts beating fast - filled with joy - as I'm shaping their dreams; I draw now to a close, with them gripping tightly...
To every word - they are enthralled by my circus - The one man show, I mesmerise.
I manipulate them and then, they leave - and act as they should.

The governments of the world should beware, for I am now here to shape the future for these people who have been totally enslaved.
They believe they're free, but the truth is they are just part of a modern day slave trade;
And the cruel owners are the very folk that they are taught to trust.

Escape (from) the machine should no longer be a dream, I will propagate this - I will bring those crooks down to their fragile knees!

Time to move on to the next town - Where I will reanimate; I pack my brown briefcase that bears the same initials as the handkerchief, I walk with trembling legs to my horse and cart - I'm spent of energy; 4 days of travel now, to regain my strength...

My time is ending on this earth / 3 years (is) my end-date, it is enough;
All that is needed will be done by that time... / I will soon be needed in other realms -
I have much business - This universe; It is so often victim to those without love.
But for now I travel intently to the west of this harsh landscape - (I) must collect -
My straying thoughts and rest for a while... / Sleep, it will come quickly (and) I will dream -
Of this world's future, just like I have every night since I arrived on its soil!

Embrace me now
My sweet darkness
Bring me strength

The governments of the world should beware, for I am now here to shape the future for these people who have been totally enslaved.

I am freedom! I am the oracle of truth! I seek now reward!
5. R.J. Everlife (3:47)
I am travelling within a capsule that I built four hundred years ago, from a design based on teachings at the school on Syhnnxi, where I attended to learn that exact craft.
I had tired of the outdated vessel that I'd purchased from the Corlithytes in Cycle X27.3, and decided to make something to my particular preferences.

...And here I am, alone again in my ship,
heading towards regions unknown to me;
A Glryth I met on Zzavvryl informed me
I'd be of use, as there were worlds needing my help;
As I am very useful in resoving many problems due my skillset, that I have attained throughout many many years,
and journeys that I have lived; that have shaped me and that I have shaped,
My future is often moulded by what occurs during a breed's evolution.

As I fly through the vast plains of space my mind it often wanders, often reminiscing on past times;
Like the "day" where my space vessel dissolved due to fields of radiation, and I drifted through space for 297 years until I hit a meteor in the Ippskor Realm, large enough to set up a home and build a beacon to summon my robot "Vyrrzg".

...And then he began his 17 year journey -
which seemed like a short time, comparatively -
and when he arrived I actually shed some tears of glee!

I am glad that I have my nicer, newer, sturdy, strong
spaceship that I built with care...
In fact, the Tyffzil company offered me (a) contract
to build them a prototype, but that's another story...

Focus now must be shifted to my task;
2 rival planets, are warring with no end,
so my magic, and tools I must prepare...
This could last for a hundred years - and I want this to end with lessons that stay with them entwined, ingrained -
so they live forever more, with respect for all life forms.
6. The Time in Which I Astral Travel (4:17)
"The Times When Supreme Beings Rediscover Astral Travel" was one of the many titles advocated for my memoirs by my best friend Orrilzyntio;
Feeling that this title was preposterous
I simply laughed and said "that's just so ridiculous".
(He) acted like he was hurt, then he also laughed.
We barely see one another at all these days, because we currently live 6000 light years away -
And the fact is we are both rather busy,
due to working on huge projects.

In fact, that is sort of how we first met -
Building SkyWalk Number 2;
And this subject was how we got to the topic
of my stupid travel memoirs this morning.

But, the thing he finds most interesting about my "life" are those certain times when I sleep and I dream, and my "Other" travels; Throughout a host of worlds that cycle within (the) solar system that houses the moon(s)
in which I slept for 80 years:
It is something my "body" needs whenever I
have been exposed (to) long times of light.

I need dark, I need peace... I need to be alone!
But when I sleep - my "Energy", my "Other" will often form and live - and it will act in ways it needs, to deal with problems I often miss, due to many folk who send a call for my aid...
But "he's" free and he roams but (is) still drawn..!

He can only be formed from items with connections to ancients;
So, items like bones, runes, tools and weapons, trees - even sacrifices done
with Llytrz Blades; He can be borne through them...

The time when I'm sleeping but am living as my other (I'm) vicariously found killing many people.
It sadly seems that he is often drawn to saving those who are in harm from cruel "urban" tyrants...

The times when I'm sleeping
Is the time when "he" exists
Beware him, all tyrants
Beware my energy;
Beware the time in which I astral travel!
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