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Dream On Full Album Lyrics

Melodius - Dream On cover art

Dream On

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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1. Overture Fantasia (2:59)
2. Novelist (6:26)
Legendary fancy of the earth.
Purpose of the author we should know.

The novel's they wrote, has read by the child.
The story comosed for next generation.

They're being the tellers of mankind.
Not make believe, they can not lie.
Just visions of grace. So they bring us a fantasy. (Fantasy of bright.)
They're maybe the writers of divine.
Blissful of peace, although they're dead.
Treasure of our place. So they leave us a legacy. (Of the World.)

The harmony merry has retread.
Many story been made by their hands
3. Never Die (6:08)
Do you know you're fighting for?
Dreams will come to full at all.
Let your tears and fear let's gone.
Don't give up thus living on.

My dream will fly will never die.

Die I don't mind.
I just know I'm alive.
Soul it's your own all of you so make it through.

The eagle just stretches its wings to fly across the desert.
To the valley of the end.
Your dreams still never die.

If you still climb a shining star,
the brilliant choice will never far.
Let your tears and fear let's gone.
Don't give up thus living on.
4. The Mirage (8:10)
You live in the world within two sides. (Vision)
Stay in universe that's seemed so blind. (Delusion)

Now you're fear when you're in the actual.
The world that you see now across to the river of truth.
That's reality. (That's revolution.)

As you think that you believe your truth. (That's all right.)
That's reality, which you will be. (Inside your mind.)

Try to live in the world just carry on.
Belong to the land and be strong with your hands face the truth.

Rise out of the illusion from the mirror of the lies.
Search for the answer of life.
Fly pass of confusion in the fancy of the fool.
Reach for the freedom of life. (Out of the mirage.)

You tell me someway to know the future?
So I know I will never hear the answer. (That's the mirage.)
5. Far Beyond the Sky (10:09)
What do we want? What do we need?
What that we perceived, set tight on fire!
How can we've good? How can we've great?
How far we can go, away from this place!

Pray for peace echoes to the heave, let the angel live forever.
Miracles over aspirations led us passing through the aim.

Fly far beyond the sky, try somehow you will find your way.
Cry longing never mind, pride ride by the wings of fate.

Under the sun near the moon over mountain. (Far beyond the sky.)
Beneath the star, silent winds cross the ocean. (Far beyond the sky.)

The final test! Just do your best!
Maybe fall from grace, this is the ordeal!
Must be the same! Internal flame!
Burn me to go on, for sanctuary goal!

Rhapsody calling to the finale, enchant by the rapture of glory.
God's mercies they will be our pleasure bringing us reaching to the end.
6. The Return of the Darkness (4:55)
7. After the Rain (7:25)
If you have found yourself around by darkness,
and no way out even shout but no one fears.

Fight! This is a meaning of your life.
Try! That will be keeping for your soul.
Pay with everything wishes were your own.
Wake the courage peak and let it show.

Don't be afraid of your fate, so unfair.
Just lead your way, as heroes strike their fear.

So after the rain, the rainbow will shine, to bright for eternity. (For eternity.)
And all of our pains leave behind our past.
Success in finally.

When you design to remind your despair,
how important of idea that notion?
8. Dream On (7:49)
Here we're stand between the dark and light,
your choice is run or fight! Can you choose your way?
Don't disband bearing disorder fate,
daring the hollow maze. Don't be afraid.

Once of life must carry on, and dream so high.
All you need just realize reach for your wish.

Nothing blind even in shadow hide,
together side by side. We will not regress.
Rise and fall just madness of mankind,
although you lose and cry. But you must go on.

Loss is lesson, learning to understand.
Hold it in your heart, remember, keep on fighting for victory.
9. Eternal Ally (6:25)
Even tired hard, so the heart of man has never fallen.
Badly hurt, nothing is curse. Don't scare! Shout to the sky.

Recall lifetime's remained that you are friends of mine.
And from then until now better things give to you always.

On the long way path 'take each other hands.'
'Lasting of our march.' (Forever.)
Many times we hurt. Survive be at last.
Sadness is just our past. Eternal Ally!
10. Breezy (7:04)
Many times have passed by.
Many times have to cry.
But the tears never changed my mind.
Friendships never die.

When everything living in two paths.
Of course, we meet it will be depart.
But you will be there stay inside my heart.
No matter how hard so we'll never split away.

Take your deep breath 'feel the new flesh.
Touch the breezy of energy.
May its farewell I wish you well.
Just melody of elegy.

On the road of many lies we are walking tired.
Make us fine to say promise goodbye under sunny shine.

Breezy melodies passing free you and me.
11. Song for Good Fellows (2:57)
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