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Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul Full Album Lyrics

Medieval Winter Nights - Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul cover art

Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > M > Medieval Winter Nights Lyrics (8) > Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level ― (2015-07-24)
1. Assimilating a Reverie of Nothingness (6:12)
Drunk with the essence
a sweet nectar of dreams
The essence of oblivion doubts
march to a hidden veil between parallel universes
And after playing with long ago dead minds
recite a magnificent oath to the splendid void in the night
render yourself to the vast nothingness, fly in the absence of all
you'll see how your mind starts to fly like so few others before

how you can seem to reunite your thoughts, or steer them, or suppose them
they'll soar in forlorn cries but never fret, soon the tears turn into grins
and as i fall, darkness closes again, forth flows the blood, from oblivions bane
curved smirks though, ripping your crust, leisurely but surely, slashing you apart

and while emptiness assimilates you, enjoy and relax, give messages and advices
to your parts that leave for darker and better place all around in space
there's only darkness here, gloom and your maddening views,
corrupted by silence and never ending dimness
cant you see how fun this is?
the sulfur is craving something to talk to even more when the eclipse
of the chalice is flurrying like the lie in the eye of a scythe in the night
2. Back from the Cold Slumber (5:26)
(Darkness, drift from me
Cold and freezing pain strongly shake my soul
Drawn from the ancient, eternal slumber
The black dark coffin offers the foreseen moonlight)

Ancient hundred candles burn for my return
Black, evil, immortal and pale figures chant in the dark tongue
I see them bringing the gold goblet with blood
Blood awakes my old but yet strong arms

Blood is life
Pure and black blood
Damn blood, the blood from the night
Warm and evil fucking blood

In feeble light I rise from the black coffin
The stakes fall from me
The frosting winter winds whisper to me
“A thousand years have passed… and the night is still young and pure”
Perversion I shall bring tonight again!

The vampires see the old tyrant rise
He screams in joy and laughs as a maniac
Frozen with fear they bow at the silence of the ancient
“Why, have i been awoken if there are no virgins at my feet, begging for sodomy?”

Blood is life
Pure and black blood
Damn blood, the blood from the night
Warm and evil fucking blood

Even vampires run at the words of the oldest child of the night
They fear is wrath, is shadows
In them, they have seen figures that fantasy herself as denied to see
they tremble and forth the virgins are sent
3. Towards Asgard (4:49)

In the high sun of the noon, I see her fly as a raven in the skies
I meet Morrigan's eyes and I hear her call
my heart smiles in lust for battle and im glad my axe’s at my side
I know today I shall die!

The men are working; the long boats are taken from the trees
As we sail from the north lands, I look back to my lands for the last time
Against the wrath of freezing rain in the sea

“Sharpen your axe my friend, by the rainbow we will go
Side by side with Odin, beer is drank at the halls of Valhalla!

In Christian lands we stand, against an army of the church
Our numbers are less, but we laugh and make fun of their fat mothers

He falls to his knees, he breaths for the last times searching for me
with a sword in his side, to the ground he falls smiling til the end
Oh fair and brave young warrior, I have been a witness if thy strength
Oh fair and brave young warrior, come on take my hand, we march to Asgard

Take me to the golden halls, where I see my father, and my mother
and the line of my people, they call for me
To join them where the young and brave live forever!
Take me to the golden halls, where I see my father, and my mother
and the line of my people, they call for me
To join them in the halls of the chosen slain
4. Blood Stained Church (3:42)
An infinite veil of darkness covers the skies
Stars are telling my story
Lighting the path to follow
As if I couldn’t smell my blood on them

Even the stars that succumb to my wrath may weep for your miserable existence
immortals as you believe they know evil
And the mourns distract me, for I hear the growls and cries of my horde
They also rise, they rise with the scars of battle, for they are dead
Only the now black vacant eyes give a sign of life
But when we dance again, that time it will be by the fire of the burning church

We arrive at the mass, announced by only the smell of dead and bloody swords
They try to run
They pray to god
We kill them all
We kill their god

Curse the cross, burn temple of damnation
Hang and leash priests for every soul they ruined with lies
Sodomize nuns with swords and crosses
Spit at the holy name of god and drown the sheep with the blood of their pastor!
All in the name of the moon, lady death and the horde of undead wolfs

All eternity I’ll seat on the carcass of Christian souls
Stars will gaze at me and I shall stargaze
mankind will now know that lycans rule by the moonlight

And run across the green pastures
Run towards the forest sanctuary
Howl at the rising, pale and beautiful moon, worship her uncanny glow
Receive the embrace of the night, receive the embrace of death
And hunt down the new sons of darkness
The ones who will receive the bite, and revive the black hordes
5. My Last Human Words (5:43)
Leaping from one dream to another
they shivered after conversations with deaths lost hopes for...
Nebulas in shadows we have seen, has deception plays with her whiskers
The portal opened again, seducing our lustful souls

Dreaming all those small eyes in dispair
As a haze veils the enigmas with feathers of delight
With questions and whistles so long that they raced another eon
Succeeding only in vanishing my last human words

In a jorney from one lost start to a dreadful other
They have seen the spirits that are called gods
In this wink on the bizarre books of space and time
(well then I see the irradiance of…)
Then well those who can laugh with the perverse smile of a clown

Finally I opened my sensoring elements only to realize
My soul had never left this dead shell of a human
I was to stay in this cheap carcass for all those years
Until oblivion reclaimed this eon
(for all eternity until my body decayed into a black desperate nothingness)
in a black journey by a playful vortex, to a new/old infinity in ethereal despair
I must be swift now since a silent time carnival is hovering over my shadow

Filthy little human
Counting your blessings with half a finger
Only a fraction of the ouroboros thou have seen
You should die again, and again and again and again
6. Dark Dances of the Harlequin (5:30)
From the edges of the world
To the harlequin dance they have come
Even farther than the oceans of blood
For the occasion, their masks have rose
"Come in, come dance, come and die"
Chaos is one the first guest and he brags to the world
And peace was thrown out the window
And with the outermost strange and bizarre notes, comes the harlequin

She dances and charms the guests, she invites insanity to bloom
And reality to shoot itself
Beautifully extravagant, she smiles for the old fools
And finally madness has arrived; she bows to the host and throws her invitation to the floor

Gasping buffoons smile as they cry, applauding with death drinking at their sides
They cannot understand the understood
the dance goes on, goes on the dance
Madness congratulates the host for this bizarre showdown of irreality

In stupidity the kings and nobles laugh
As insanity slowly crawls in the back of their minds
Amazing it seems to them as they stab and kill their friends and family
Laughing they die, thinking how any day is a good day to die... if the harlequin is your host
7. A Silent Death in the Snow (5:52)
8. The Castle's Window to Oblivion (4:37)
A dark Window
The clouds viciously dance in the voids of the darkest night
It seems like a storm is coming
Ive seen it one a time before

As a soul ever been allowed to direct the orchestrated dead?
For a drooling misconception of the stars rules
We all can dance a damnation waltz with obscurity
Have we intensely searched the walls for residues of sanity?

This is the castle of beautifully insanity
We are hosts in this ballroom of malefic unholiness

Inverted delusion of evil maelstroms by infinity
Caresses of oblivion by the dead and damn
Losing control over reality in a castle of insanity
By kisses and vomits of the unholy graves
Inverted crosses hang by bones on the altar
To the stars and delusions for centuries have we revered?
And by visitors on dead time from eternal stars
9. Empty Skulls (7:36)
We as empty skulls say:
Mere observers, thinkers or simple buffoons.
Bask in a portrait of none
And the stupidity of “sin”
Avoid life at all coast
In reversed death
And stay forlorn, since the last glow
Will murk an eternal path of mist

here we foresaw a forest
from where all sorts and manners of books crawled
no class they had. Such and irreverence for words...
what do we have if not for words, what do we have if not for howls?

monocle wearing books smoke pipes of eyes
chatting over cups of elegant tongues
they speak in pages drowned not for us to understand
while in fact they offer us logic and understanding
they offer the placebo of knowledge
such a marvelous gift it was
such a shame it is that it is not what we seek anymore
who cares for intelligence anymore? sense is for fools

vigilance is of such importance in the shelf of lives
its tomes are so precious, passing a page can pass a dimension.
boring it grows the talent of seeing oneself
(can you)you can imagine it as fucking a mirror for ever
we know our other facets on other planes
when we danced on a dying sun
or swam in a black hole
when some universes collided with salads
in the nether realm of sandals
an atlas of godlike garbage erupted.

the buttons are called for by the empty skulls
oracles of oracles
the owners of the remote control of the cosmos
for the skulls call for a new tale
of oranges and leopards in wigs
a manifesto of absurdity, an ode to lunacy
a merry go round to the most feared state of time
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