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Erevos Aenaon Lyrics

Meden Agan - Erevos Aenaon cover art

Erevos Aenaon

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-29)
1. Black Sky (2:47)
Waiting to make a movement
I'm ready to break this silence
Hidden under this burning sand
Lost in a no man's land

I defend my position
To protect my nation
The thousand miles from my wife
So close to lost my life


Death, Bombs, Guns,
What am i doing?
Death, Bombs, Guns,
What should i do?


I want to die
Under the black sky

Corrupted by the industrials
You're used to lie to take control
No respect for the nations
You plead the war that's so fucking
2. All Seems Lost (3:30)
One more day i walk
Towards the memories of old
A path that never ends
And makes my heart so cold

All this time i tried to cherish
The gift of life as given
Make my mind at peace
And treat you all as even


But now all seems lost
At this glorious dying day


Leave this world behind
Seek the outer boundaries of life
No more tears to hide
Feeling free to confide

All this time i tried to cherish
The gift of life as given
You finally made your mind at peace
And put your suffering at ease
Your inner struggle slowly fades
But do you really want to escape
Facing your demons or
Leaving it all away?
3. Blinded by Faith (3:29)
An instrument of control
Faith to rule the mob
A shield against knowledge
To block the spirits evolution
Mindless fools that pray
To gods for their prosperity
While failing to make peace
With themselves and reign


Feeding your soul with lies
From the cradle you're already blind
Brainwashed by their ideas
And doomed with senseless fears


At this temple of hope
Fighting no more
Burning my sorrow
I am living again
I opened my eyes
Soundness of mind
Ignored the pain
Desperate attempt
4. Tribute to Life (3:35)
I'm waiting for the full moon
To fall upon my eyes
This cold wind has frozen my tears
And the hope passes like the rain

I break the door for the other side
There are many paths to walk alone
Between the shadows and fear
Until the end of the world

My demons come drowning me
My anger controls me
With the doubt and dark
Walking to the edge of time

I hear you screaming in the night
Your whispers beyond the sky
The kingdom of heaven waiting for you
The angels are calling
Through clouds and mist


Why god? Why give me your anger?
My soul
Flying somewhere in enormous sky
Where are we going?
When do we die?

The echoes of my mind
Follow me down
Sorrow and the fog surround me
On the wheels of eternity
Deeper i'm falling
On the haze of dreams
I'm falling deeper on
The smile of sadness
5. Dissolve into Grey (4:28)
Once more i gazed
Behind the gray clouds
My vision was finally clear
Being able to wonder my sight


Seeking endlessly
A heaven for your soul


Endless fears
Drowned in tears
Forsaking the years of sorrow
Endless tears
Countless fears
Embracing the sense of tomorrow
6. Nemesis (5:21)
What pain will it take?
You may see no trace of wounds
Acid the tears of remorse
Our spirits soon will rise
Dark skies were beating me down
The moon comes from the depths
See the candles of hate burning in my eyes
Im dreaming my way from down
below i feel the evil close
Darkness be my guide
I hear the voice of the stars
Weave until the end of time
I will hide the pain inside
Punish me my god for all the sins i've done


Clouds surround me
Shadows behind me
Hypnotize me
Embracing the blackness

Unleash the boiling chaos
Once velled by mists of lies
Chapters of rage hands of fate open the gates of doom

Time and space collides end and beggining
Unites i'm lying here
Awake i dream this joyous scene


Let my grey in a day to show
The rain kept me on the storm
I'm flying like the ahost in the sky
The war is still before me
7. From the Ashes of Sin (3:21)
I feel the cold air hit my face
Take the fear away
I feel the fire burn my skin
As i approach
My death is certain but still
I don't regret my dreams
I faced the tyrants who want
The whole world on their knees


You must obey us
We are the messengers of the god
The fate of your souls
Lies within our grasp


Lies....Fear....Hate....Are your spawns


We were all filled with your lies
Since we were born
8. Erevos Aenaon (3:30)
Darkness Covers the land
A figure emerges from the shadows
Into the mortal world
The bringer of pain enthroned
Nocturnal incantations
The slaves shall arise
Obscure degradation
The era of evil....glorified!


Erevos Aenaon
Abominations of old
Erevos Aenaon
The temple of deception
Now fall!

Loose the chains of fear
Set the people minds free
Millennium's propaganda has failed
Under the presence of thee
Nocturnal incantations
The slaves shall arise
Obscure degradation
The era of evil....glorified!
9. Universe Unseen (4:09)
Drifting throught dimensions
Fragments flying behind me
Reflections of your confused mind
Burying your hopes to wonder


We're flying... We're dreaming...
Passing thought
Parallel universes
We are falling into
Watching the end of the world

I'm living in the unfulfilled dream
Lost in the land of apathy
Where time stands still and
Memories of the past quickly fade
10. From the Ashes of Sin (extended version) (6:08)
11. Dissolve into Grey (extended version) (6:33)
12. Tribute to Life (extended version) (7:35)
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