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A Taste of Insanity Full Album Lyrics

Medebor - A Taste of Insanity cover art

A Taste of Insanity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. A Kind of Chaos (8:01)
I crawl into melancholy I know it's not good
Another step back steal cloak embrances me
I crawl into melancholy I know it's gonna hurt
Time is running out for desire of leading astray

I tear the sky upon me
I choke with your light

I dive into deformity into lovely quality
I spread my veins I reddish the mind
I crawl into deformity into transpiring space
This is after of before I've caught the running time

I tear the sky upon me
I choke with your light

This warm light that trembles to fall and don't be turned up
To may touch different shades of stars
To swallow cold and sweet stardust

I tear the sky upon me
I choke with your light
Red is unleashed
Unleash me...
2. The Last Horizon's Awakening (6:07)
Room filled with alcoholic fumes
Hollow song of helplessness
In this gray moldy sir
Like sky outside my window
I'm trying to see a road
So pleasant fuckin' redemption

The last horizon's awakening
So full of perfect flames
Time burns time still burns
To round back ? It burns behind me !
Backward, forward - no difference
Before and after with pain

What is life we weave anyway
Maybe a sack full of keys
Doors that are still unseen
A sack worth of searching
I'm falling down the road
So pleasant fuckin' redemption

So bury me at night in warm moonlight
It's too cold it's too long
Take my blinden eyes take everything
And bury me deep inside that flames
3. Torment of Silence (5:50)
Are you there ? I know you are !
Are you dead ? I hope you're not !
I hope you whisper when I see you cry
So many words I have for you
So many thoughts about you

You are too far away (be near)
Whisper just a sad goodbye (be near)

Are you there ? I know you are !
Are you dead ? I hope you're not !
Scream of wind is heard
Silent moans are present
Whatever I could say is done
Whatever I could write is done

This is what I hate
When my hands start to bleed
And bleeding I cannot stop
Unless you are there
Where I wait in darkened room
There I whisper ...
...where are you ?

You are still far away (be near)
No sad goodbye (no near)
4. Requiem for the Days of Lost (7:34)
Another shining day's arose
Endless void surrounds my room filled with grey
And shouts of madness
A touch of drugs licks my pain
My lover's kiss my beloved friend
Demon In white dress
I can't even hit the cockroach on my neck
The only witness of cruel unhappiness

For thousand winters
Through passing summers
With destroying autumns
With springs out loud
I feel alone

From wrinkles of sweet moments
They came in dust
I will built a shelter to root for thousand years
In a vortex of dark lust it came in wind
I will embrace this blood
Still falling into deep
In evil room I'll find my peaceful space
In flood of words I dive
For another thousand years

Meet me on the way
Though I will be might
I will be
A shadow's shade
5. Farewell (6:32)
So tired to be kind
So many times denied
They're spitting on my back
They're laughing when I shout

Nothing what I say
Nothing what I write
Just what I feel
You my heroin

The hell with their words
They are simple fuckin' whores
I think I'll just walk away
No one will remember that day

I hollow this place every night
I weep in dark
Itching and biting go into calmness
I won't stop

Failure word is our minds' procreation ?
Blinded rats wthout any own choice
6. Sorrow, My Infinity (7:32)
Join my last dream
I hope everlasting
I can dive into deep
I'd run for tomorrow
I'd dig the unseen
To have a reason to feel

You will come some night I know
I'll be waiting that night do you know ?

Drop by drop
Slowly vanishing
I lost my faith tonight
And made foolish soliloquy
I spit out failure words
And buried myself in you arms

Another drop in lake of mists
Another night in web of loneliness
Hottest ice nailed to the chest
And pale smile of moon

Come on my pain
My solitude
Let's run for tomorrow
Come on dare
To leave it all
Let's dive and feel fine (at last...)
7. Asleep in Snow (6:05)
With denial I wept
Among fears of deranged
Forsaken illusion of pity
Revolted modern of liberty

This cage is my home
Hating regret I'm still alone
Incoming rage turned to sorrow
Fallen apart asleep in snow

Pour oil in my glass
Detached prepared to pass
Dragging on the dusted floor
Relief behind closed doors

Asleep in snow
A moonlight's howl
A darkened road
My wasted home
My only home (there I...) ...asleep in snow

I fall asleep in quiet
With darkness on my tired eyes
From my eyebrown falls
One crystal tear
In middle of the night I am alone
8. Bleak Memories (4:57)
Those bleak memories
Those secrets we had
Novembers sun still blinds
I dive im my first snowfall

You don't see me anymore
I breathe despite this noose

I hold this crushed picture
Those sins we've committed
Autumn lie on wet forehead
I lie face cuddled to you grave

You can hold me once again
And Novembers sun still blinds
This what I can only remember
This what I can only dream...
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