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Mausoleum Gate Full Album Lyrics

Mausoleum Gate - Mausoleum Gate cover art

Mausoleum Gate

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Hard Rock
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-04)
1. Magic of the Gypsy Queen (4:22)
She cast an evil spell
To curse her enemies
"You will all burn in hell!"
They heard her scream
Her father was a wizard
But stood against his king
To stand against your ruler
Was the greatest sin

Everybody shook in fear
As she was burned alive
As the moon is full again
They will hear her cry
The spell she casted
Was deadly and strong
The curse upon the kingdom
It will last long

We hear the thunder rising
Comin' from the east
We hear a massive pounding
It must be the beast
Lock up your doors
And pray for your gods
The magic is comin' to you
Darkening your heart

Her spirit is back
Her spirit is near
It's the magic of the gypsy queen
Her spirit is black
Her name is Fear
It's the magic of the gypsy queen
2. Demon Droid (4:19)
Cold mechanical brain
Eyes that gaze like insane
Black and senseless steel
Tight grip that makes you scream
Electric eyes that shine
Ready to take your life
Inhuman destructive machine
Has come to search and kill

Salvation doesn't seem an option
Red eyes summon destruction
Creation of our supremacy
Turned into technical insanity
Red eyes gloom in the dark
Razors that rip you apart
Invention that shouldn't be
A proof of our insanity
Bow down to the demon droid!
3. Lost Beyond the Sun (8:58)
Dark seas ahead me
I face the unknown
I seek the answers
I'm slave to the grind

Some sign of reason
In a world of madness
Seems so hard, so hard to find

I hear the demons laughing
In the night
The veils of Sodom
Staring back at me
I'm about to leave now
I'm about to drown
To the sea of madness
I'm stinking in

Lost beyond the sun

A prayer for the damned ones
A song for the fallen sons
I pass the gates of this reality

I have tasted the wicked potion
And now I'm spinning
On the edge

I wear the mask of jester
But behind the smile
My eyes bleed
And darkness radiates

So let the curtain fall
This act is about to end
Close the shades down
And let me drift away

Lost beyond the sun

Set the sails on, Orion will call
Launch the engines on, I'm about to leave
I vanish into dark, far beyond the sun
Through eternity, with burnin' wheels

Lost beyond the sun
4. Mercenaries of Steel (5:57)
We come to conquer
Bring the time of change
Rewrite the future
The dawning of a new age

From the ashes of the old
A new day will rise
Thru the pounding skies
Starships arrive

Can you see
thunderbolts and lightning
Can you feel
the earth move under your feet
Can you see
thunderbolts and lightning
Can you see
the mercenaries of steel

We have lost the race
The end begins to show
It's the end of our age
New winds will blow

A new race will rise
From the ashes of the old
Invincible machines
Mechanical and cold
5. There Must Be Demons (5:04)
I'm gettin' paranoid
The walls will come down
I can't find no peace
Of mind anymore

I have many keys
To open many locks
But is there the key
To open this door?

My bleeding eyes
My pale white skin
Tell everything
About the state I'm in

Drowning to the dark
To the pool of sorrow
And the only light
Just burns my wings

There must be demons
Messin' up my brain
Threw out the demons
Driving me insane

I wear the cloak of sorrow
I bear the mark of pain
With monkey on my back
Agony never ends

Sad knights of sorrows
With a pale white horse
Riding to the sunset
Never to return again

There must be demons
Messin' up my brain
Threw out the demons
Driving me insane
6. Mausoleum Gate (11:37)
I turn out to the night
And gaze to the moonlight sky
Weaving the web of darkness
The clouds keep passin' by

Soon the night will pass away
And my duty comes to an end
Until the gate will open again...

Invitation, observation
I am here to testify
Initation, intuition
I'm dead but still alive
Here I am, I'm undead
I'm alive
"Till the dead of night

Open the mausoleum gate!

In the dark
Beyond the sun
I'm closing my destiny
Lust for blood
lust for sin
Has driven me to insanity
There is no hate
This is my fate
I am chained by infinity

And it will mesmerize me
All this beauty of the night
Stars above me
The moon guides me
As I travel out of sight

I'm flying away, flying away...
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