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A Life-Giving Power of Devastation Full Album Lyrics

Massemord - A Life-Giving Power of Devastation cover art

A Life-Giving Power of Devastation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-27)
1. A Devastation Giving Power of Life (6:09)
like an ancient curse of heavens
drowning litanies of endless pleading
in the grace of life
greasy pitch filling blackness of my firmament
flooding rotten fruit of your benevolence
carved on your faces with chisel
of hypocrisy and and stupefaction
equal is in cruelty
and cruel in equality
burying hearts which neither potency
to righteousness nor infamous deeds
cannot change their nature of meat
nor destiny of being fertilizer
for another human larva!
then admiration for heroic denial
carrying in right hand a mace of despair
despite morbid fascination
within walls of disability turns into jealousy
blasphemous consumption
and transcendental hallucinations
unworthy of heart beating become
the furious flames are dancing high
yet deathlike frost around
a fierce thirst is oppressing still
though we've been drinking from wells of many
in ashes and shadows we straighten up
devastating through creating not!
clasping handful of soil
into the abyss ready to plunge ourselves with
this hour opens the gates of hell
gives life taking life away
the furious flames are dancing high
yet deathlike frost around
a fierce thirst is oppressing still
although we've been drinking from wells of many
in ashes and shadows we straighten up
devastating through creating not...
2. The Deity of Ferocity (5:27)
again and again, beyond every 'again'
I desire to despise wisdom falsing
and thirst for defining virtues universal
escaping from gibbering 'cause in the black hole
an element of authentic substance smoulders
artificially placed within
this remnant is worthy of ignorance
for words and emotions that steal my oxygene
of abysmal arrogance
as an act of revenge for sentence of necessity
your falling into apple of my eye
thus I answer: I shall pay every price
so as to wallow in a bile
and throw my thunders of derision
in similar madness
I reject the idea of answers
so as to cut off perversely
mould of your existence
within life of mine
because horror prays on breath unpredicted
insane senses and emptiness devoured from reasons
for I am everyone
baptised by water of compulsion
of ordering world in signs
and defining the time present
for the first time however
running amok distant became
yet scalpel of curses in torments of neurons
still depicts the depths of hell
satiated graves and gallows crooked under weight of their own
night of today which may become
the night of your lives
winter of mine

I am each and everyone
baptised by anonymity
I am each and everyone
I terrify!
3. Towards Divine Anticlimax (4:32)
staring at this depths
enlivens a cold flesh
that only chemicals & embers
are able to stimulate to rot
inside volcano full of lava
of prejudices and disgust
hotter than the core of the earth
this hour opens the gates of hell
gives life taking life away.
heresy complete!
wringing blood out
from wounds of christ
and divine tears of anticlimax
stronger than hammering of sin
crucifies salvation with oblivion
i am reborning within
drowning in this shadow
whose presence
reveals the path of perdition
regardless to the whims
of my mercy.

in this definite euphoria
of negativism
i am burning to burn again
i am alive again!
4. Trophy of Wasted Breath (6:34)
immensity of glances at distorted fingers
precisely drawling every scream with concern
murderous words and strictly essential
for to fill a black whole of hearts of a few
with stench of lust once
now with spikes of egoism
I'm piercing all of these eyes
worthy of those marble wounds
villainy carved in paper
human words against divinity
and against notions to fall
countless enormous spaces
aquired before by thoughts
perhaps written, trivial, repeated
with difficulties I overcome
and with greater effort
I compose them in few known signs
albeit I didn't want to get to know
anything at all throughout my whole life
sufficent was the acid that anaesthetizes
absolves and puts me to sleep within horror
where even though I am the sun
I am capable of heating only other stars
yet by rays of frost I'm craving to slaughter my own galaxy!

how odd to you is the taste of this opium!

while wisdom is completed with uncertainty
yet not inborn and fed with anger
but with bitterness that accompanies
falling of every temple
the falling of meaning above all
therefore thick emptiness beyond first exhalation
that should feed with hunger and answers not to come
so as to absence of values of values deprive
and make comprehension a trophy of mine
trophy of wasted breath.
5. Piercing Ailing Heart of Humanity (4:38)
insolently, rudely and without submissiveness
despising charities of remains of lust
with knees by prayers unharmed
and without heads inclined
the ends we demand
yet not in impotence
but in rapture of malediction
we're opening gates of our souls
to the demons of all kinds
within embrace of the night new, inhuman life
twilight of human pseudo-dignity
a dim stains smothering dreams
feebleness and the greatest potency
of tormenting all biographies
shameful so far animal call
deadened by utopia of free will
shall mean more by milliards of expectations
voice of the reason by divinity rotten
shall take a form of a spear
piercing ailing heart
of few thousand years of humanism
and pile of victims and golden thoughts
a burden of regret and remorse
because of unpicked blossom
blood and sperm unshed finally
within seconds human tears shall lose its depth
and all flowers of wisdom and abstract thinking
shall feed the flames of affection
infidelity clothed in tunic of desires
will poison the future
and the most beautiful memories
because plundered must be all
insolently, rudely and without submissiveness
plundered must be all...
6. We All Shall Die Miserable Death (6:03)
I smell the same sweat of fears
bewitched before night
of holding life tightly
with simultaneous pledge
that soul is bursting
and eager to wander towards stars
this painful awareness
cannot be neutralized
neither by faith in trees
nor in a whiteness of snow
even nor by epic of blasphemy
towards whole world beyond world of mine
every single dawn crushes me harder
intoxicates with smell of the ground
the returns are more and more distant
so as the conciousness where we had come from
and bile of envy and malignancy furthermore
neurotic displeasure with lack of influence
on decisions taken by seven milliards
of egocentric constellations
poison maliciously every single cell

even the ultimate disaster that is drawing nearer
provides me pleasure any more
wakes up demons of yours
while I filled hell with devils of other kind:
with emptiness left after all I had become intimate with!
we are sickening together and together
we shall die miserable death
decorating agony with brocade of mysteries
praying over soulless common matter
that decided about quality of our journey to the ground
without raw knees and conviction of a mission
of dragging suffering on our back
impiously we are losing the beauty
and everything righteous left within us
we are abandoning in filth every single virtue
in a void of damnation, so as today
we shall be only wasting them still...

upright into the ground we shall be absorbed
regreting the only sin
that blade is still too clean...
7. A Horror to Come (6:16)
for I am a fratricide
when bonds of blood are joyless desires
or rather a whining of tears shed
and moments of oblivion
when persistance gains features divine
or clenched fists dignified in blood
crimes commited but for splinter of penalties
and attachment to achievements and properties
I am not the one but exclusivity I demand
for I am your enemy if you are worthy
of homage paid to volatile visions
bastards spawned in hiding
whose provenance embarassingly unveils
a lust of superpower
and lust to control at least one fate!
and if they are not ignoble enough
then for insolence of delusions
where hellfires and the damned
and all demons from five sides of the earth
support to overthrow something
there is no more place in the universe for
you are closer to victims
and narcotic nonsenses
execrated just by yourself!
for I am the mocker
when you poison the silence with words
that while meaning nothing
embrace with despair and anger
stronger than rags of affection
of villainy against humanity
when you mutilate the serenity of thoughts lost
by wasted exhalation
providing same dryness
as dried holy flesh upon the piece of wood

for the first and last time
I shall throw this stone
and my shadow shall become
the grievance and the answer.
8. The Stoning Malignant (4:11)
9. Water of Life (5:08)
in the glare of a sin
I am the lord of the deepest circle of hell
greedy womb stuffed with scraps of frustration
for those who had sworn too early their fidelity
without taste but the taste itself
in the smoke of dying
resistance against ignorance
poisoned with hideous conviction
of injustice of flames,
loss of my own and withered days that have passed
which thorns are my crown here and now
leaving behind a quintessence
of this schizophrenia
...loss of my own is my crown here and now...
within anonymous mediocrity
a whim of contradictions of striking blindfolded
in desperate and forced defence of living
meanwhile within grey depths
aftermath of fierce fires
of which life-giving power of devastation
I atoned with chemical blood
and oppressing the saviour
with grimace of anger attempting to pierce my skin
and announce to the world:

ever and for ever
the curse and water of life
wasting, faith in despair
and loyalty to NONE!
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