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Murder X: the End of the Game Lyrics

Martyr - Murder X: the End of the Game cover art

Murder X: the End of the Game

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Lyrics > M > Martyr Lyrics (10) > Murder X: the End of the Game Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-12)
1. Make Sure You've Spoke (3:14)
I was told, to hide my face
My father said, You're a big disgrace
I watched his world, As he grew old
I watch him die, And we never spoke
As your world turns, There life will fade
Before they die, Make sure you've spoke
Life's too short, too hold a grudge
Forget your pride, Don't be the judge

As your world turns, There life will fade
Before they die, Make sure you've spoke
Life's too short, too hold a grudge
Forget your pride, Don't be the judge

Life's too short, too hold a grudge
Forget your pride, Don't be the judge
2. From Where the Sadness Closes (2:28)
The places are closed
You can find them everywhere
From where sadness rises
you have to look to your mind

You don't like to open your eyes
You can't move the body
Still you have a full mind
Things that are about nothing

From where sadness comes
From where sadness rise
From where
Please don't open your eyes
It's better stay dreaming
When you are dreaming
Everything is right
3. The End of the Game (3:12)
The message do evil, Is my driving force
So just pay attention, Because I am your Lord
The face in the mirror, Is your destiny
It couldn't be clearer, I want you to lead
The voices you hear, Are angels of death
They whisper sweet nothings
Completely obsessed
No-one can stop you, Or stand in your way
Your leading the army, The army today
Who'll be the martyr, There's many beliefs
The money and profit,
Are made from disease
The price of extinction, We're leading the way
It's almost 2000, The end of the game
4. Quiet Cruelty (4:05)
His mother kept him very well
And he had enough love
He had enough to keep him happy
But he had a crazy mind

He was just so quiet
And had such angry eyes
Everyone was nice to him
And he was thinking cruelty

The animals were the first thing
It's what he liked to kill
He was filled with pleasure
And he enjoyed the pain

So quiet, so cruel, so happy, so sad
So clever, so mad, so good, so bad

He hadn't any friends
and he was alone in school
To be so lovely's very sad
and he needed someone

His friends don't like to be with him
and don't like listening
I'll show you how to listen to me
and be my friend

Now he's very happy and he has many friends
He's talking and smiling so very nicely
he's just got the body
And his friends are just dead!!!
5. Kill With Me (4:34)
I lie, L lie, And I betray
If I die, If I die, Then all will have to pay
I kill, I kill, I feed upon the pain
It's a thrill, It's a thrill, I will never change

The land of the free, Enables me to continue
It's just a disease, I've mastered, and I've learned to follow
Many lives have been disgraced, While I have ruled the earth
I've found my place, And my rebirth,
Among the souls of hate
Kill with me You'll sit beside me near my thrown in hell
The victory, We'll take the souls of the illitist fools
Follow me, Follow me, And live the life of pain
Worship me, Worship me, This hell will still remain
6. All About Life (3:46)
You have told just one word
And this word with feeling
Can change a lot of things
And can have different meaning

You don't like to tell something bad
Just your mind wasn't right
Then after it's too late
To take everything back

Show me this right way
Tell me this right word
Give something in my hands
Tell me all about life
7. Crooked Teeth (2:10)
Losing your life for a vision your supposed to enjoy
Joining the service to learn and soon you've been deployed
Lies upon lies it's a sin that we're even involved
Sending the money they're dying in our own backyards

Vote for the one with the smile and the crooked teeth
He'll rape his children and bring the world down to its knees
His faith is his crutch and power is his drug of choice
The hours upon us it's too late to raise your own voice
8. Never Without Sin (4:33)
A Long time ago you were
thinking different
The world seemed to be good
but it wasn't truthful
You have done a lot of things
And you've believed

You have begun to see
You had seen a lot of things
then it was too late

The dirty things
you had to take
Always with you
you couldn't leave them
To be clean again and quiet

For the sins you have lived here
You have always taken then
You'll never be without sin
9. When Jesus Lands in Detroit (2:54)
Can you forgive, The sins of those who exploit religion
Will they exist´ When Jesus lands in Detroit for dinner
Many have tried, There often futile attempts to brainwash
Are we alive, or just an emptyless shell in heaven
Any of those, Who choose to suffer or die a MARTYR
Do you suppose, They've all been dying for lies the winner
Lonely and scared, The choice is left in your hands you sinner
Can you escape, The often rigorous demands you've chosen
REPEAT 1 st 4 lines
10. Face to Face (4:53)
You say, I hate you, You say , I'll kill you
You say I thrill you, You say, Oh will you

Face to face, In your face, Face to face, In my face
Face to face, In your face, Face to face, In my face
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