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Martyr - Feeding the Abscess cover art



Feeding the Abscess

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsGaly Records
Album rating :  -
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Feeding the Abscess Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-06-21)
1. Perpetual Healing (Infinite Pain) (5:32)
*Music: Daniel Mongrain
*Lyric: Daniel Mongrain and Phillippe Papirakis

Where are they gone,
all your hopes and your dreams?
Cheaply sold to icons of the rot.
A common cesspool of all our ideals
In God we Trust
Buy low, sell high!

Cold, Numb, Gone
Nothing can keep me here!

Crack a line in my face,
Look into me.
As light and sound tear me asunder
All you will see... an empty shell
You're the cattle
You're the butcher

No longer can I see
Perched here within me
I ponder and assemble myself
Like a puzzle, a psychic conundrum
Whilst my mind continues to flee
And I am lost in my retreat

Perpetual Healing...
Infinite Pain!

-Coup de Théatre-
A miasmal tragedy
I wear the mask of normalcy
Far be it for to upset
Your reality
But I must, and so I become
Perpetual Healing
Infinite Pain

*Lead : Daniel Mongrain*

My soul... Petrified
Revealing myself... Open wide
Judgment will be my pride
For wasting my life

Perpetual Healing...
Infinity, Pain!
2. Lost in Sanity (4:56)
*Music: Dan Mongrain and Martin Carbonneau
*Lyrics: Francois Mongrain and Phillipe Papirakis

-We are lost in sanity;-
-We have lost insanity-
(Inspired by Don Quixote de La Mancha)

A restless wind turns
As troubled waters churn
Blind vision unfurls anon
With the mantle of prophecy

Battling sailless windmills(X2)

Peons his peers
As he to they may appear
The paragon of trickery
Upon the altar of ignominy

Battling sailless windmills

And the lisp of cherished lips
Lifts the lilt of idiocracy
His raiment of white
Tainted black with hypocrisy

Hating the hated, hateful of hatred
Reflecting an eye to see
Through the veil of mediocrity

A silver tongue wagging
To pretentions visionary
Splits the tangent with sermons of perfidy
And so now forked, swallowed and choked
Retched back for a new soliloquy

"Sanity may be madness
But maddest of all is
To see life as it is
And not as it should be"

*Lead - Dan Mongrain*

His face a polished mask
Cracks a line in the glass
Reflecting back
So the eye can now see
Through the veil of

Battling sailless windmills(X2)

For he is no more than they
To him becoming fair prey
Even if he so aspires
Entombed in lofty spires

Battling sailless windmills

A soul riddled with scars
With the mien of mortuaries
To the bitter pride
Of tuberculosis

Hating the hated
Hateful of hatred
Reflecting an eye to see
Through the veil of mediocrity

Perched above so high
Air alone to impress
And vainglorious
Waiting for praise.
3. Feast of Vermin (3:37)
*Music - Francois Mongrain
*Collaboration - Dan Mongrain
*Lyrics - Francois Mongrain & Phillipe Papirakis

-Usurpers, they uprooted the-
-Very foundation of freedom-.
-Now all that remains is a -
-Pointless human race - first -
-come, first served - the prize-
-is a lifetime as a slave with -
-nothing more to be gained. -

A taste of virtue
The bile threatening to erupt
Cough it up, cough it up
A guest of honor
At the greatest banquet
Now smile and shut the fuck up
Shut the fuck up!

Time is running out
The vermin have arrived
They know, They know, They know...

They know how to tell you to bow
How they tell you to show
What they wanted to see
They know how to tell you to bow
How they tell you to know
What they want you to know

Wine and dine upon
Finest rat anal tract
Gobble down twin servings of brain

They know...
How to tell you to bow
How they tell you to show
What they wanted to see
They know how to tell you to bow
How they tell you to know
What they want you to know

Politics have no place here
Theirs is not a vulgar crown
For after all you'd just tell
Them you're wrong
And they would toast
Your good taste for company

Dessert was served
Before you even arrived
They beg your pardon
Put you in the cauldron
Rat - Poison, Mousetrap
Rodent supreme

The feast of vermin(X4)
4. Interlude - Desolate Ruins (1:02)
5. Havoc (3:35)
*Music: Francois Mongrain
*Lyrics: Phillipe Papirakis & Francois Mongrain

-Delusion drowning me in a sea -
-Of self doubt awakening fury -
-Emptiness nourishes me -
-Cannibalizing my essence for -
-Sustenance -

Becoming the night
Breaking it down
Crawling the recess
Expediting all
Rejecting my substance
Sustaining my wants
Everything and nothing at all
Rattle, rattle, rattle

Pushing deeper into myself
Mourning the passing of intolerance
Serpents caged within their lair
Gorgoneion's stare reflecting vanity

Graven in Medusa's eyes
My ego once in disguise
My deepest fears screaming at me
Rattle, rattle, rattle

Pushing deeper into myself

*Lead - Martin Carbonneau
& Dan Mongrain
*Violin theme - Antoine Bareil
6. Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn (5:35)
*Music - Dan Mongrain & Martin Carbonneau
*Lyrics - Dan Mongrain & Phillipe Papirakis

-A tormented soul sentenced to die-
-Haunted by the sins of life -

All is sacrificed
For a moment's time
The blink of an eye -
Thousands of lives

Almost dead, but not quite
The shadow of a past
Never left behind

From the time of torment
When all
All I am is now

*Lead: Martin Carbonneau

The blink of a star
Thousands of suns
Sentenced to exile
Estranged from all kin
For naught but the semblance
Of indifference
La haine est un amour intense

Lead: Dan Mongrain

Alien pulse, entombed in pain
Distorting space, compressing time
Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn
Impaled by the

From the time of torment
When all
All I am is now
7. Silent Science (4:28)
*Music - Dan Mongrain
*Collaboration - Francois Mongrain
*Lyrics: Francois Mongrain & Phillipe Papirakis

-Much too easy to learn -
-The rules of the game -
-To rule their domain -

A world deceived by science
Leaving nothing but silence
Devoid of passion and truth
Roaring drunk on the absolute
Frailty from a subconscious mind
Mortality made absurd
Roaring drunk on the absolute

Ignorance personified
My genius is primal fury
...Circus animal

Acerbic truth spawns
Liposcelis corrodens
Worming through to the cerebrum
Growing fat on dormant neurons
And the illusion of reason
Devouring shades of vision
Betraying thought with delusion

Ignorance personified
My genius is primal fury
...Circus animal

Bowing down to false leaders
I'm the consequence
Who is the king and who is the fool?
Bowing low to buffoons
So naive
My splendor is the pallor
Of your failed reality

*Lead: Martin Carbonneau

Devoid of passion and truth
Leaving nothing but science
Disassembling the absolute
Reveling in violence
A world deceived by silence
In silence
8. Felony (5:31)
*Music - Dan Mongrain
*Lyrics - Francois Mongrain & Phillipe Papirakis

-All who so thirst for power -
-Fail to see how swift it devours...-

Oh faithless arrogance
Thou hast amended the souls
Of all they who be brave...
And so dost thou beseach all
Wearing away the spirit, the flame

Those who would rise
Hide 'neath all the lies
And they who would call
Praise their fatality...
Crawling, they, as larvae.

Insipid, arrogance,
Leaving the valiant
Perfidy, hearsay,
Assailing the ardent

Discrete revolts
Abstract word
Bravery fulminated
Stagnant larvae

Truth drawn from the waters of chance
Lust for power, pointless, ignorant
With all the grandeur of entropy
Questioning faith, place your bets

Waxen feathers, raising stakes
A lament of praise,
The tears of an angel
The illusion of glory never to exist

Imperfect perfection
Perfectly imperfect

Forfeiting desire
Perennial quest
Never to begin

*Lead - Dan Mongrain*

Acerbically stoic
Ineptly lucid
Fanatic felons
Heroic cowardice

Jail of flesh
Nets of woven nerves
Ditches of blood
Time's ball and chain

Those who would rise
Hide 'neath all the lies
And they who would call
Praise their fatality...
Crawling, they, as larvae...
9. Part I : Echoes of the Unseen (2:22)

-Empty, macabre, a puppet to -
-Reason, dancing with the filaments-
-Of rage, empty, Macabre, -
-Condemned for treason, dying -
-For the passing of an age -

*Music - Martin Carbonneau, Dan Mongrain
*Collaboration - Patrice Hamelin
*Lyrics: Phillipe Papirakis

Time, Since, Sleep, Mind,
Mouth, Eyes, Sound, Waves, Rest
Rise the falling moon
A dead horizon

Cells, Rot, Shells, Shock,
Self, Rage, Truth, Stale, Slave
No need to fear, Eyes tightly shut

Stare from the looking glass
The dead grinning wide
Forgetting you are blind
10. Part II : Romancing Ghouls (2:35)
*Music: Francois Mongrain
*Collaboration: Dan Mongrain
*Lyrics: Phillipe Papirakis

No shadows sail these seas
No specter roams these shores

Suppressed memories
Of a past aeon
Suspended in stasis field
Of coma

Black wings beat
Instead of a heart
Provoking howling winds
To stir up the maggots
In the steepled jowls
Of romancing ghouls
Screaming to deadened skies
Where armageddon fell
And blared a last farewell

An inkling to blink
Breath is choked out
Smothered in basest black

*Lead: Martin Carbonneau

Fear, Scythed
Gouged out the eyes
Unable to see oustide schemes
Of absolution

Self-sacrament without a savior
Spoken in tongues
Forking in treachery
11. Part III : Stasis Field (0:35)
12. Part IV : Shellshocked (3:01)
*Music - Francois Mongrain,
Dan Mongrain and Martin Carbonneau
*Lyrics : Phillipe Papirakis

Eyes tightly shut,
Mind open wide
Shell of shocked life.
Truth held concealed.

*Violin lead - Antoine Bareil

Fear, Regret, Pain, Agony,
Choking, Cold, Void, Emptiness,
Torment, Slave, Trapped,
Paralyzed, Alone, Spent,
Drained, Dead.
13. Brain Scan (Voivod cover) (5:31)
*Music and Lyrics: Voivod
Bassline played by Jean Yves
"Blacky" Theriault

No sun for the grey children
Waiting to catch the strange
Airy notions of that place
Now their evolutions
Means their brain mutations

The wider is the comprehension
The deeper and stronger is the illusion
They're no more material
Since they're invisible

High pressure inside me
Erasure, I'm empty
With their talk, they fill me
Now I walk, so brainy

Who's in my head, hiding themselves
It hurts me so, it's a brainscan
Who's it instead, instead myself
I hate it so, it's a brain scan

Creeping in your double mind
There's nothing they can't find
You've lost all your energy
Not able to set you free
They will own you just like me
Just like me, just like me...

High pressure inside me
Erasure, I'm empty
With their talk, they fill me
Now I walk, so brainy

Some times I feel
Their cold presence
Checking my mind, it's a brain scan
Sometimes my soul
Can't reach a sense
This head is mine, it's a brain scan

Don't ask'em to give a break
You can't even close the gate
Passing through both hemispheres
Searching in all memories
Knowing what's inside of me
Side of me, side of me....

Perceptive entity
Emotive synergy

Suck out the reason
Is there something I could feel
Translucid language
Reflect the new age
Words are a limitation

Locking me out of my skull
Something without physical
Disturbing my frequency
Terminate identity
Out of me, out of me...

-In Memory of Denis D'amour-
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