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Roma S.P.Q.R. Full Album Lyrics

Martiria - Roma S.P.Q.R. cover art

Roma S.P.Q.R.

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-20)
1. Nihil Aliud Quam Superstitione (0:48)
Quo magus necessarium credidi
ex duabus ancillis,
quae ministrae dicebantur,
quid esset veri et per tomenta quaerer.
Nihil aliud invent quam superstitionem pravam,
2. Callistus Wake (5:14)
Deep down the earth,
Full of faith.
So proud, so scared
rest and wait.
While we wake
Grows the name
That Rome will carry way

Callistus digs,
Prepares his caves.
Martyrs and Popes
Final homes.
Callistus digs,
Removes the clay.
Then he rests and prays

We've a special guest tonight
Whose body here will lay.
Oh no, it isn't right!

We've a special guest tonight,
For all she is a guide
Light in the night.

Our children
West wing
Small silent things

I hear
Their steps,
I check
but all is quiet n' dead

And now she lies
On linen cloths
'cause she didn't
Break her oaths.
We mourn don't weep
We know she sleeps
Is a matter of faith.

Callistus digs,
Raise his hat,
Cecily welcomes
With respect.
Callistus digs
Removes the day
Then he rests and prays

Callistus is dead - and well he knows
Still there is too much to do
Dead or alive, he keeps on, goes.
Matter of faith, you know!
Wake and pray
Do not go!

Inside the ground, down under Rome
Xantian marbles, rotten stones.
Thousands sleep, quiet 'n' nameless
Heaven is two steps above,
You will soon
Cry for love.

Cecily smiles
And closes her eyes.
Callistus digs again,
More room to claim.
For our wake is long
Dawn is far away.
3. Tale of Two Brothers (4:57)
Hey, brother,
do you remember?
When our world t'was
just the space
between us.
Scared, hungry and cold
I looked for
They river carries
two children, alone

Silvia's cry
fades away
along the river.
Soft tear dropping
in my dreams.
I see her eyes.
nothing else
it did survive.

Acca's hair were dark,
Large breast and broader smile.
Arms strong and kind,
she smelt of honey 'n' milk.
"She-wolf!", hailed the men.
I was a child,
I hated them.
But she didn't care,
She held us tight,
And she was there.

Simple people , strong and rough.
Our people, all what we've got.
We learnt the sword and the plough.

Revenge is tasteless.
One falls, one raises.

Build a city
Doomed to last.
Deep dig the trench
That none will pass.
What have you done?
Soldier no!!
But it's too late,
Or it was fate...

Lemuralia (I) don't need,
Lethe is deep enough
To forget and forgive.
Kings do not cry,
Brother, good bye...

Slowly flow Tinber tonight,
Through woods, sands and marshes,
sing an ancient lullaby
For a child is cold
needs a hand to hold.
4. Byzantium (5:32)
Painted Greeks and soldiers
On the edge of time,
Melting in the rain.

Whores and philosophers,
Lonely ruders,
cold Bosphorean wind blows
the dying night.

Themistius, writer,
Consult, pagan
High librarian.
Witness of countless
fake emperors,
Cursed to save as much as I can
Before dawn.

I see it coming:
A new age
I didn't call,
Nor asked for,

All is vain,
Every book carries

A destiny
Of pain.

Still I'll try,
I cannot stop.
Like this rain,
Drop by drop.

Meaningless stars
Move around.
carry Rome
what will come.

Has raised
Nεa Pωμη
don't be 'fraid.
5. Britannia (0:34)
I was thinking of very old times, when the
Romans first came here, nineteen hundred
years ago - the other day... (...) But darkness
was there yesterday (...) cold, fog, tempests,
disease, exile, and death,
death skullking in the air, in the water,
in the bushes."
6. The Northern Edge (5:06)
We have no names,
band of brothers
steadily minding at each other.

We raise our hearts
between the Walls.
till the northern edge of the world.

Darkness all around,
endless nights
and frozen breath.

Go! Legion, in march!
Through mud 'n' marches,
wait for pain, expect no arches.

We have seen it all,
battles and war
and Hibernia's nightly shores.

Druids and forests,
blasphemous gods,
begging our blood.

Nona Hispanica,
Invicta legio!
Across the hell,
carrying a secret
from Eboracum
to Dyntagell.

Caesar forged its name,
Claudius brought it here,
We carried their biers
'n' Boudica's shame.

Britannia, we go.
Miss you? Oh no!
Keep marching to the East,
forget your mist.

We have no names,
band of brothers
steadily minding at each other.

Rome is just a dream.
Marble and gold
lighted by a gentle sunbeam...

Leaden stormy seas,
blue savages,
black silent trees.

We have no names,
band of brothers
steadily minding at each other.

Picts 'n' Scots beware,
it won't be long
you will miss our songs.

Rome will fade away,
for when it's time
we leave a sign.

Nona Hispanica,
Invicta legio!
Across the hell,
carrying a secret
from Eboracum
to Dyntagell.

Emperor's Chalybic steel
in stone will stand to guard this land.
Ensis caliburnus waits
for a younger hand.
7. Hannibal (Sons of Africa) (5:33)
Elephants do not - fear snow
More than my men - fear (this) wine,
Bloody, red,
Southern shine.

I count the rings - but I see
My drown father's pale face,
the promise
That I've made.

Winter asks for a break
Long silent wake.
Brothers! Cannae will never
Be forgotten.
Blood we wanted,
Blood we've gotten.

This country's rich - and mild
home is strong, far - and wild
Girls are nice,
Smell of spices.

I miss every grain of sand
And I wish I had a chance.
(But) Rome, you know:
its me or you.

Sons of Africa
Now or never!
Rome is just behind
One last corner.

Two proud cities, - one small sea
Horses ready - to break free.
Ebro's just a cheap excuse,
for a treaty of no use,
Chartago Delenda Est!

So think Cato, - so Rome does
There's room for - one of us.

I am Hannibal, Thunderbolt!
Drove my horsemen under Rome's door
Zama can wait, there's still time,
just an Imaginary line.

This country's rich - and mld
home is strong, far - and wild
Girls are nice,
Smell of spices.

I miss every grain of sand
And I wish I had a chance.
(But) Rome, you know:
its me or you.

War's dirty, unkind,
Pyrrus left behind
I am its only lord.
I'm Hannibal

Legions and phalanges,
No matter what you've done
blows the wind
And all is gone.

War's dirty, unkind,
Pyrrus left behind
I am its only lord.
I'm Hannibal
8. Omens (1:10)
9. Ides of March (5:42)
Weather is mild in march
and wind blows gently.
It comes far from the West,
smells of peace and rest.

I met Gauls and Numides,
saw men and mice,
Anerriphtho Kybos
Let's cast this dice.

Have you heard the witch?
"Bewasre the ides of March".
Should I indeed?
Surrounded by terror,
terror I feed.

Once I marched to Rome,
looking for a shadow,
walked far, walked alone.
I do know betrayal.

I've been taught in Egypt.
But traitors are mean,
cheap to buy, cheap to sell.
Little useless things.

The dice is cast,
and now it rolls for me.
Kai su, teknon?
Death is sweet is spring,
comes on silent wings.

Coem on Brutus,
no regrets,
Push the knife in my chest.

I've always knew
I wasn't wrong
about you.

Alas soldiers,
women, friends.
I will miss your scent.

fake smile,
along Nile's banks.
I knew few friends,
horses, a lot.
Is this all what I've got?

Legions with me
one last time,
hail my name!
10. The Scourge of God (5:05)
Constantinople saved it's empty walls
for six-thousands dirty pounds of gold. (Of gold)
Danube to Baltic, Ural to Rome,
Saddle's my home.

Scourge of God, but which God I wonder?
All what I can't explain I fear, (You fear)
But I know how to forgive 'n' plunder,
How to bare pain.

Honorika, like you I've hundreds.
But I like corruption and madness, (mad-ness)
I'll keep the ring, over your chest
I'll grab the rest.

Burnt by fever along this river,
Omens around make me shiver.
The man in white whispered words (His words)
that stayed unheard.

Rome in bigger
than in my dreams,
I know she always will be
Bigger than me.
Quietly dying,
or sunken under the sea.

Die drawn in your own blood,
As a pig or cow could do.
No vengeance, nothing grew
the seed of you.
11. Elissa (5:01)
You, cruel sisters
that from ruin
pleasure borrow!
I bleed tonight,
Chartago flames tomorrow!

I ran from Tyro.
my gold was fake.
A city was built
against fate,
made out of whores and arrows.

Sweet banks of Africa,
you, brown and blue,
watching every move I do.
A queen is a woman, down below,
well they seem to know
Don't make mistakes...

He came from East
dirty and wild.
I was alive
when he smiled
and his eyes were kind and tired.

I gave him all I had,
I gave all myself.
Not a single word he said.
Naked in his arms, I prayed: "Stay..."
I looked around,
everything was broken.

But why I trusted
this men from the sea,
stays a mystery
to me...

If you go, don't turn back,
if you do you're weak.
It's known to men's 'n' mice,
weakness always pays a price.
I failed, I'll pay,
while you sail away.

The fire burns high,
your blade is harp.
I feel it inside,
hurts my hands.
while I die, I understand.

I die for pride,
I die of rage.
At your feet I laid,
locked myself into your cage,
but be afraid,
...my revenge is just delayed!
12. Burn, Baby Burn (Magnum Incendium Romae) (6:10)
Please give me the inspiration
For just one last great song!
They think I'm crazy, well...
they aren't wrong.

'cause I'm crazy 'bout you
Rome the brave, the only one.
Rome unfaithful beauty
That said "no"!

Burn, baby, burn!
Tonight you will burn for me,
naked at my feet.

Could an artist look form more?
This show will never die.
The moon is full, under a
burning sky.

What I cannot take, I burn.
What I cannot bend, I crash.
Streets and temples old and worn,
burn to ash.

Slave, quick, bring me more wine.
Emperor means all is mine,
Souls, bodies and destinies.
I decide who lives and dies.

What a night to play!
Ilium falls away,
Climax and pathos,
free extras at will.
Pain for real.

What a night to play!
Ilium falls away,
I sing, you pay.

Burn, baby, burn!
Just, they scream a bit too much.
They lack my artist touch.

Burn baby burn!
Gardens and shrines I dream
Over your ruins.

This Christians can be
a bit annoying to me
they are useful, though,
lamps for the night,
cheap dog food.

Of course it wasn't me,
or you'd have seen!
Strong, theatrical,
a true artist job.
Nero's seal.

Now, philosopher,
you say I'm crazy
and it might be true...
But you'd try to live
as I do.
13. Are You Afraid to Die? (0:26)
Antoninus: Are you afraid to die, Spartacus?
Spartacus: No more than I was be born.
When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure
of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only
freedom a slave knows. That's why he's not
afraid of it. That's why we'll win.
14. Spartacus (4:59)
We have no place to go,
I do know.
But you can't chain a crow
Not really, no.

Say no more,
Hit the core!

I missed my only chance.
All at once
I say him passing by
I couldn't go.

You're in train,
Hold the pain!

Ave, morituri te

His eyes were blue and calm,
Still donno
Why, when he showed his hand,
I said "No".

Slain the guards,
Take the arms!

I've heard of a forest,
A river bed.
Nothing like a home but
We can rest.

Be ourselves,
Maybe free!

Freedom is not for me
It can't be.

We have hope,
Alone we'll die.
This is why
Now we say:
"Show us the way!"

Six thousand wooden crosses
on the Appian way.
Its Crassus golden cage for
His birds of pray.

We do not need a plan
No more than
A wolf or a tiny flea
Broken free

Raise your arm
Claim a break!

Well he knew those glances.
Dusty days,
Night of lust, bad romances
went astray.

Pity no,
No regrets.

They say he's dead, they cry,
(but) What am I?

Now he's gone
From quick men's memory.
Sand 'n' chains,
Rome needs order 'n' games.
All is cold,
Freedom against gold.
Not a trace,
Right men in the wrong place.

Twenty centuries have passed by now
No more crosses on Appian way
bones lay scattered around,
souls fade away.

Twenty centuries have passed by now,
world's no better place to stay
Spartacus' gone forever,
We're still half way.
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