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On the Way Back Full Album Lyrics

Martiria - On the Way Back cover art

On the Way Back

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-20)
1. Cantico (0:44)
2. Drought (6:20)
I knew from people's eyes
the darkness of their will (Oh, no!)
I knew from people's eyes
they couldn't stop to kill (Oh, no!)
Still expecting winter chill...
I couldn't see so far!

Sun is burning guilt 'n'wisdom.
Fire across the sky.
Sun is breaking down the Earth,
blowing us away.

I want to know, tell me now,
why can't we die any more?
In this land of eternal drought,
why are we all immortal?

solo guitar

No time for dreaming, no more.
Burnt trees and wasted lands...

Sun is burning guilt 'n'wisdom.
Fire across the sky.
Sun is breaking down the Earth,
blowing us away.
3. Apocalypse (7:21)
How many times did you say “goodbye”
meaning “never more”?
Nunca mas (ooooh), Never more.

Of course,
I heard the trumpet.
I saw all the signs.

Easy to see,
all around me...
still so hard to believe!

This darkness is so deep,
Too many promises I've left
I'll never keep.

Oh, my Lord,
I've tried, I swear
to follow your words.

I failed, I know,
still it seems so unfair,
leaving for nowhere.

This darkness is so deep,
Too many promises I've left
I'll never keep.

Ready for the end – ready to go?
You had a chance – You let it go.
Ready for the end – ready to go?
Did you say all you had to say?
Did you say “No”?

there are things I regret.
I thought I'd learnt how to cope
but I can't forgive nor forget.

I had almost started to enjoy
Now that past was far enough to be
almost painless (at least) for me.

my love, goodbye
I'd have so much to say...

my friends, goodbye,
this will end today.

This darkness is so deep,
Too many promises I've left
I'll never keep.

I've tried, I've done my best
so why can't I just lay and rest?
Nunca mas – Never more
Nunca mas – Never more
4. Song (4:12)
I saw thee on thy bridal day-
When a burning blush came o'er thee,
Though happiness around thee lay,
The world all love before thee:

And in thine eye a kindling light
(Whatever it might be)
Was all on Earth my aching sight
Of Loveliness could see.

That blush, perhaps, was maiden shame-
As such it well may pass-
Though its glow hath raised a fiercer flame
In the breast of him, alas!

Who saw thee on that bridal day,
When that deep blush would come o'er thee,
Though happiness around thee lay;
The world all love before thee.
5. Ashes to Ashes (6:06)
(A) four years old child dies in the playground,
just an ordinary tragedy.
(But,) explain it to his dad, 'cause I can't.
I'm not (so) sure he wants to understand.

Nothing to say, (ooh)
when She comes, we move aside.
Maybe I should pray (ooh)
but I feel so cold inside.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Of course, what should we add?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
It is so plain'n'sad...


Hospital, somewhere.
Glass's a pale stain,
death a painless curtain.
While a man lays there
waits a child alone,
for a dad not coming home.

And the question is
always the same,
an useless:“why”?

It feels so wrong,
Maybe I should
at least write down a song...

I am so tired,
So useless,


But I love so much
this human kind,
with all its (share of) pain.

I can't just sit
and wait to drain:
I'll write a dream for them...

I am so tired,
So useless,


(There) must be a place,
road, field or lane,
where fathers and sons will meet again.
Down the river's bed,
to throw a stone
and say: “Hey dad!
...look what I have done”.
6. The Sower (7:52)
Imagine a field,
now imagine a man,
standing silent,
looking at his hands.
All around spring and its scent.
All around never ending lands.

The old oak stands (oh)
Winds and rain he withstands.

He grows gra-apes,
he mixes good wine.
His wrinkles have the shape
of a long painful line.
He never cared 'bout the world,
just lights a fire, if it gets cold.

The old oak asks why
Little men are passing by.

Sometimes a woman
comes around there.
They don’t speak,
each one gets his own share.
Stars are shining,
sun is bright.
Darkness falls
every night.

He looks in her eyes,
she stands and smiles.

Words are worthless,
an oak tree grows in silence
and in silence dies.
A field requires patience,
refuses lies.
Come back, don't fear,
the trees will know
if I wont be here.

He looks in her eyes,
she stands and smiles.

Leaves are rotting slowly in the rain,
raises fog from fields, sleeps the grain.
Empty's the fireplace, ashes're cold
burnt is the candle, lifes's on hold.

Earth gives life,
Earth takes it away,
sadly sings a fay.

The woman comes back,
the door is open
grass grows on the track.

Not much to say,
she understands
spring's running down the strand.

She asks the old oak
the reasons why
we are not meant to stay.

(But) trees don't speak nor pray.

None ever met the sower again.
What happened is easy to guess.
But if you've the heart of a child
a spirit simple and clean
you can see him dancing happy and wild
with the southern wind.
7. Gilgamesh (5:27)
Goddess breed,
son of a demon-man.
Almost human
(not enough),
ruler in Uruk
you were.

You scared those people
so their gods they prayed.
They wanted your death
so they prayed.
Gods listen, sometimes,
and Enkidu came.

freaks against the world,
shoulder to shoulder,
laughing at Ishtar.
Fighting against
Just a quest.
Nothing could stop you two,
None was strong enough but Death.

Blind eyes of a dying friend,
scary mirror indeed.
Nothing more than a dead end,
even gods may bleed.

No place to hide when she calls.
Run away from fate!
Even a god rises and falls.
She will always get you
Through the walls.

king of the deluge
where do dreams go
when a dreamer dies?
Doom's flower slipped from,
my tight hands.
Now I just walk alone,
tears dropping in the rain.
Now I walk alone,
with the rain,
fading away.
The dewdrop slips
into the shining sea*!
And so will be.
8. The Slaughter of the Guilties (6:53)
(Father) it's easy
to become like you.
I long for your hand,
you smash my face.
This is the only love
you hide.
Skin heals
burns inside.

Wasn't I a child?
Evil's a flower
growing fast'n'harsh.
They deserve the blade,
deserve the marsh.
Debts have to be paid.

Father - mother
Let's play my game,
Oh, don't be ashamed!

Many secrets
a soul can hide, there is darkness
even in(to) the light.
But revenge is my mine,
none will
Take it (a)way

It is so easy,
to become wild beasts.
I warned you,
Or didn't I?
Shines a blade
Into the night.

Father - mother
Let's play my game,
Oh, don't be ashamed!
It's giving back day...

Black is the pit,
Slowly grows the shade.
Revenge's a blade,
Quick and fit.

Plays a child alone.
under a bloody moon.
Pale as a bone,
walks through the dunes.
It is too late...
9. You Brought Me Sorrow (4:42)
Moonlight shines on your pale skin,
night dwells in your hair,
dark line where all begins.
is my life with you.
Sweet and sick.

Robin birds calling
hidden between the trees.
I linger around life
longing for your breath.
Frozen poisonous whisper,
(last) cruel winter wind
slowly kissing the clover.
10. Twenty Eight Steps (9:08)
Twenty eight steps I descended
– in the dark
Looking for the land of nightmares
– 'n'living ghosts
That molded rotten door I crushed
– with a spark
And down along the halls of darkness
– I walked

So far I've gone, I can't turn back!
Lost is the track.
I know she walks these creepy lands,
I hear her laugh,
I dream her hands.

So sad was her smile, from far away,
but heart is never wise.
How could I know that all that blue and gray
didn't belong to her eyes?

So far I've gone, I can't turn back!
Lost is the track.
I know she walks these creepy lands,
I hear her laugh,
I dream her hands.

I had to look on the other side,
over the abyss' dirty edge,
seeking for a glimpse of light
down where light's forever dead.

But I had to see her - again,
I had no choice, nor a chance.
She owned the key of my pain
she threw it away - in the rain.

Now, It would be good to know
who am I and where I'll go.
I am lost, But still one thing I know
I had to call her name... oh, no...

In a wood of sins and regrets
wolves on my steps.
Every breath is the last,
I have to run,
to be fast.

Yes, her eyes were gray
and her soul was lost.
Now I know
I couldn't
bring her back to light.

But Lord, you know
I'd to try,
it seemed so right...
11. On the Way Back (4:37)
I'd rather like
to die in Venice,
city of deaths
and regrets.

Lightly suspended
on the edge of
dream of marble and mud.

I've a life to drown,
forgive and forget,
loves betrayed ('n') things undone.

But now I long for
one more cold kiss,
like a dead man
very last wish.

I walk through alleys
leading nowhere,
shadows asking me
how deep would be this sea...
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