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Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse Full Album Lyrics

Martire - Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse cover art

Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Lyrics > M > Martire Lyrics (9) > Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-11-13)
1. Invasion (3:15)
Poised for the war behind masks of peace
Tyrants feed the patriot furnace the final
Solution edict of the self righteous
Arming the minds for the future that propagates
Impassion peasantry to war
Mock enemies unite in the shadows
Stealing the oath that binds nations blind

Pig lust in sheep's clothing
Mascaraing the conventicle
Championing the directive that venerates
Men as gods

Judicial cornerstones to the monument
That venerates man as god


Unleashing a millenia of scorn
Lucifer's empire legions of the soulless pawns
Amassed for the beheading
Lobotomized through the overture
Disseminating decrees as the mutants proceed
Inseminate the peasant psyche

2. Puritans (3:19)
Weeping in terror
As I kill your god
Vengeance in mine
Bow down before me
Useless cries of pity

I ignore your endless dribble
As I feast on your essence
Emit unholy demise

My plague rages forth
Spewed from my being
Deliver your body to me
I must feast on your soul

Devour rotting remains
Relish in your blood
Rekindle your faith

Darkness awaits in the voidal abyss
Presence of hate felt hypocritical humanity
Preaching reality summon fear
Slithering hissing dead
Barbaric followers

Fall in my wake, mourn mt rebirth
Celebrate your death
Malicious rebirth
The earth will crumble
You will be conformed to evil
3. Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse (3:38)
Flesh strung apon the skies
Bleeding upon your knees
Dead bodies' souls flee
Muffled in you distorted being

Bodies forever dead
Drowned in their own blood
Shrieks of lust
Pierce your skull
Fiends of chaos

Under command war rages forth
Unquenched by time eternal
My brutal legions of the apocalypse
Have raped and devoured all
4. Hellucinate (4:18)
Primeval design urged to inhumation
Exude the primal fire
Becoming now a warring force
Conjoined mountains of flesh
Armies of mutations
Rancid reek of enmeshed
Bound to eternal vigil
Infested orifice diseased
Done turns to maggots
Reflected in the flaming shrine
Villains slung upon victims


Weave of malefic blackening skins
A human wall aflame
Carcasses burning come to spawn
Gestating wound release
Pestilent spores adrift with intent
Preordained conjunction
Cyclic nightmare through transmutation

5. Hellstorm (1:55)
Shrills of death in vaults of blood
The hidden rites of sadistic lust
Bound by spells to the sacred stone
Blades sever the throats of ritual sluts
Turn the key with chants of power
Release the ancient evil
Sons of darkness gather

IN the shadows awaiting the signs of prophecy
Visions from the demonic eye
Bestowed upon the enemy
Send their minds into the hellstorm
We summon the lords of oblivion
Empower us with your hate
Devour the fallen race
Let us usurp their thrones
Portents of flame

Empower the rites of the death spell apocalypse
Advancing under the flaming skies
Mindless hordes surge into the planes
Blades and blood a frenzied lust insanity reigns
Liege of demons prepare for war
A merciless death as hammers pound
Victims into the mire of their own blood
6. Massachrist (1:59)
Dreams of the chanting dead
Flaming swords in the mist
The spectral hosts awake
The bane of the decadent world has come

Blood drenched weapons poised
A chaos wave molests the land
Your blood freezes in anticipation
Cower before their inhuman wrath

From the burning embers
Arise the raping cross
A phallic of conquering lust
Turned upon the smitten earth

Blood from the stigmatic wounds
Once again I have risen
Relentless I stalk my victim
Join with me and burn
7. Chaos Rape (2:10)
Cast from the flaming sky shrills
As I severe off her charred wings
Another victim of the false gods
Burning cross upon her breast
Pray now for mortal death
Seized in the talons of the awaiting lust
Divine slut we shall penetrate her holy flesh
Brutal sadistic embrace
Submit to abominating lust

My seed shall become the evil you'll spawn
The unholy birth shall rip your flesh apart
Baptized in your blood
Once again I shall laugh
As I kill God's child

Hate raped in frenzied assault
My mocking breeds infest the earth
Endless my armies grow
8. Blood Prophet (3:57)
Awakening from the dreamless sleep
Of transformation beyond the veil of
Perception he scries the dusk
Divining a dying light
The slaughtery paints the foresight black
Ancient sect unknown
The malefacts elders ritualise a homicide
A river of crimson his iris black
Infinite insight at his hands
A knowledge known only to his self
The prophet among the bled
Reading the flood of life fluid
A collective pulse narrates the vision
Engineering the drama unfolding
Horrid breath consumes
An ill trembling death
9. Lucixion (4:37)
10. Blades of Sheol (3:45)
Armed with unchallenged hate
Severed faced horrors arise
Cocooned undead in shells of
Revulsion and flesh

Prime intent imprisoned in he netherverse
Enraged between realms of life and death
Ghoulish ill-figured progeny

The keepers of inhuman fury inherit the curse
Tortured wastelands scarred in natures
Mockeries longing to be destroyed

Virulent usurpers hath cursed
The all omniscient womb once deposed
Incarnations twined in the wheel of life
Issued from the chemical wounds elemental
Refuse and bone descent supersede
The decadent flesh transmogrified
Malformed mutations in rampant growth
Larval slimes bloated in orgies of rot
Look upon the blades of Sheol
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