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Metal Detector Full Album Lyrics

Marshall Law - Metal Detector cover art

Metal Detector

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  91.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-04)
1. Osmium (1:33)
2. Twisted This (3:55)
A night mare od avenging souls are released this day
Look around at this evil found and now it's here to stay
Powerless to arrest all the horros that I see ...
Why can't I end this twisted disease

They've come for you, Can't give in
They'll entice you stop living

You, twisted this.
You, twisted this.

The sicky sight of rotting flesh spreads the disease
This vision induced by hell, will fell you to your knees
I see you pulsating with fear at thisunholy sight
Is there no means to end this twisted fright

Your mind, your very soul, has been seduced now it's too late
This vision that you have witnessed is locked in there is no escape
The design of the mind is bending all the time feeding off your hate
Is there no means to the end this twisted fate
3. War (3:31)
From the screen there's a chilling sound
I see your face as you hit the gound
Disturbing scenes that harrow me
I'm asking you to justfy
Your policy of genocide
Would it change if the same were done to you
We must define diving lines, defy, until they stop
This stop this

Voyeuristic tendency
The media thrives on misery
In the end we are the ones who must decide
Totautarian Authority
Manipulation conquers apathy
weaterntoxification's you disease

Firght this war
Firght this war

Speaking the truthvis a dangerous game
Survey the scene from a higher plane
Subversive forces in control
A man of prace takes a hit blood to be shed
Don't fight the politics of death
4. Seek and You Shall Find (3:34)
You fail to see religiously and criticise security
Let them fall one and all

Seek and you shall find
apeace within the mind

Forever into destiny
The spark of life shines on in me
To see the light that shines on us all

Perchance on dreams in targedy
To stop the fear that grows in me
Against them all, not one, but all

The sands of time fade out from me
Those sad eyes stare perpetually (back at me)
I can not change, watch me fall
5. Swarm (3:48)
Descending the armies grow
Never relenting as they go
Legions gathered waiting for the cry
Dogs of war will intensify

All I see is the enemy
All I fear is the end for me

Invarsion to occupy
Say your prayers now testify
Fate has deemed this victory
Though destiny reveals defeat

The swarm

Defeated in the leipzig war
Crushed were those within the swarm
thousands slaughtered human waste
endling the line of fate
6. Feed the Need (3:31)
You take what you wanna take
You feel what you wanna feel
You see what you wanna see
You get and never give

You take cause you wanna take
You feel cause you wanna feel
You see cause you wanna see
You get and you never give

Feed the need

I take what I wanna take
I feel what I wanna feel
I see what I wanna see
I get cause I never give

I'll take cause I wanna take
I'll feel cause I wanna feel
I'll see cause I wanna see
I'll get cause I never give

Do what you wanna do
Hear waht you wanna hear
Say what you wanna mean, mean what you wanna say
7. Devices (4:10)
Hey, what ya say
What the hell's wrong with you
No, no fucking way
I can't take no more from you
You just cannot see
What it is that's eating at me
Can't you realise, what it is that has to be

Evil deceiver
Evil deceiver

Devices (can't you see)
Devices (can't you see)

Hey, Get out my way
I'm gonna go straight for you
Pain, I'll cause ya pain, and ya will never cross again
You just cannot see
What it is that't eating at me
Can't you realise what it is that has to be
Evil deceiver
8. Addicted to the Pain (4:11)
My mind is energy
A wealth of thoughts unique
You put me down you'll saee
I'll Make life a misery

No I'm addicted to the pain
Peace all the effort's in vain

Confused and violent
It's you my main intent
Stand my grounf you'll see
Cause you're no frient to me

This addiction your affliction
My Admission I'm addicted to pain

Hate comes early it's time to set mine free
Can't retrieve the target
Of abuse from me

Your death won't bother me
It could be ecstasy
Crushed your humility
Is your worst enemy
9. Empowerment (4:15)
It's time

I pray at the alter
I'm searching for answers
I Seek fulfilment.
I look to the cross there
Can you help me, now I ask you,
Can you rid me of the cross i bear

Moments feel like time has stod still in my contemplation
Reality crawls out from under, the store to plunder
Dark unearthly secrets from the past remain,
remain to haunt me, They aim to haunt me

In silence, I want,
It's silence I seek there,
In silence I find (there)

Growth in mind and body, I rest in time and space
I search for answers, I crave for knowledge
Holding on that's what we do here
Frozen are all the things that have gone wring
I seek forgiveness, I seek salvation

Empowerment (there)
10. The Sands of Time (3:03)
Centuries colLide
Walls of light divide
Travelling through thr astral plane
The vortex opens wide
Judgement day is here
You stare at me with fear
Sentence passed before the crime
Youe end is drawing near

You'll never know
The reason why
No one will die for you

Sands of time

Judge and jury stand
Before you gun in hand
Evidenvr in future times convicted on demand
Violation is you to win
You shall be stopped before your reign of terror
Can begin

No execution star
No time for you to pray
Tomorrow's acts of violence will be paid for yesterday
The roles are now reversed
The tables have been turned
It's time to face your evil works and reap the face
You've earned
11. Meganoid (3:23)
From another world
Bringing fear, He has come
Is it the end for everyone
Now it's done

Feel the head, are you frightened?
Deel the pain, as it grows
Now the fight has started
Against the meganoid

Against the meganoid
Against the meganoid

Man has lost control
Now he's sold his soul, it's done
This is the end for everyone, now he's come
12. The Seeds of Change (4:03)
Cold are the times ashead
To me it's clear
There are many warning signs
As the hour draws near

Take a look at your inner self
Its what our future needs
To purify and cleanse our thoughts
Is that what invokes fear?

Emotions cast in stone
Another Jaded heart
Superstition's left its scars
Tears me apart

With all this bitterness and pain inside
How are you ever gonna realise
And if you ever do decide

The seeds of change (changing by myself)
I've seen the change
The seeds of change
I've - seen - the - change

With all this bitterness and pain inside
How are you ever gonna realise
And if you ever do decide
To grow and to sow
13. Iridium (1:44)
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