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In Solitude... I'll Watch You Fall Full Album Lyrics

Mantra - In Solitude... I'll Watch You Fall cover art

In Solitude... I'll Watch You Fall

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-04)
1. Writing in the Sand (3:44)
2. Symbolic Moments (5:36)
Up until now, you have spent your life among the shadows
Living a life so empty so sordid
Sucking the goodness from innocents to feel alive
Piecing together their final sentiments
Broken hopes, Fragments of what they used to be
Remembrances, blurred witnesses
Of what you used to be
Inhale the white dreams
To sedate your lifetime demons
Drink the crystal tears
To drown the screams of guilt
You don’t deserve forgiveness
You don’t deserve absolution
How far am I willing to go to break those chains once and for all?
Dawn is too cold and grey for you
So you move in the night
In this nauseating circus that you call life
Now you must pay the price
The price of living for nothing but solitude
You don’t deserve forgiveness
You don’t deserve absolution
How far am I willing to go to break those chains once and for all?
You despise the outside
Because you are dead on the inside
How far I am willing to go to break those chains once and for all2
3. Reflected on Blood (4:50)
Pursued by the demons of his own rootless life
Asphyxiated by the loneliness that numbs
He decides to play God
Choosing who lives and who dies
Followed by shadows he walks through flames
The truth behind his smile silences a predicted death
Condemned to be a daydreamer
His reality becomes his fantasy
Where whispers from the innocents
Keep him away from the light.
Visions that he has not total control of
Become part of his daily existence
No more resistance to translating desires into action
Addiction to killing
Your life has no meaning
The smell of fear
Leads me to your demise
I am not a mistake of nature
I am what you made me
I am the projection of the lie you live
You cry, you beg
I’ll put you out of your misery
You live and you die
I’ll finally set your soul free
4. Hate Lay Hidden (4:31)
Hate lay hidden
For ten seconds I froze time
For ten seconds I watched the world around me.
Static silhouettes, tense and calm
One man's misery is another man's fortune
Tears of pain wash away the dirt where you stand
The dirt where you walk
You bastards! Scavengers of human ignorance
An extremely destructive act
Justifying actions with empty words
No remorse for the fallen ones
Trying to win a lost war
Using power as a personal weapon
From a distance I watch and stand still
I will be a shadow in your conscience
When the light disappears
The calm surrealism that illuminates your beautiful life
Will turn into ashes, will turn into hell
Chaos will write your future
Death is waiting at the edge of your life
You choose your destiny
You have the key to keep the demons away
Open your eyes
The power is in your hand
Let them hear your voice aloud
The voices aloud
5. Away from the Shore (4:25)
Great ambitions
Delusions of what you used to be
Lost in confusion
Your mind betrays you
Losing sight of your true north
Lies walk by your side
Is all or nothing?
What would you sacrifice?
I hear your call
As a whisper in the wind
Away from the shore
To reunite with the pure light
Observing yourself from outside
Misery absorbs you
As hopes written in the sand
Would the waves wash your sins away?
Thinking in black and white
Seeing your dissolution
Following the shade lines
As your only reasonable choice
6. Rapid Eye Movement (4:00)
Closed eyes – Dark embraces the light
Lying still while my past falls apart
Projections rise from the deepest desires
Fast pulse – Cold embraces the dark
Brain waves – the evil grows inside
Creating an illusion from a life beyond reality
Building your own world
Self generating ideas to destroy what could be real
Painting walls with your tears
Believe in yourself
That’s an idea your conscious mind would never accept
Open your eyes
Feeling you don’t understand won’t let you breath
Won’t let you be
Killing me would just wake me up
But insanity will reign in your world
You dream to be awake
I have to die to be alive
Let me into the deepest recesses of your mind
I will show you a truth that you had once known
But chose to forget
This is not a real world
Death was not a necessary escape
7. Fear What You Will Become (5:02)
Once again, the morning comes
Another day trying to find
A simple reason to live or die
So much is lost
I can’t see hope in what lays broken
And it seems like it’s going wrong again
Cold runs through my veins
Can’t stop the voices in my head
So weak, so vulnerable
When the sky turns red
And the rain falls down on my face
I lose my sight to the eyes of death
Tired of living in hell
Feelings growing inside
From thoughts that burn my mind
Day by day everyone looks the same
Walking to the unknown
Standing in the dark
Night by night everyone hides
Looking into the mirror
Decisions have been made
Watching only the dead passing by
Open the doors and follow me
How low can I descend?
To the place where nobody ever goes
How high can I ascend?
And see the light for the first time
Once again, the daylight has almost gone
Another day trying to find
A simple reason to live or die
So much is lost
I can’t see hope in what lays broken
And it seems like it’s going wrong again
8. Prayers of the Unseen (3:39)
Controlling the masses
With unimaginable punishment
A state of fear and servitude
To degrade and humiliate
Practicing self denial
Polarized against each other
Unwary tools for evil
Vile acts that reveal their true nature
Misery covered with gold
Promises betrayed by sin
A choice induced by remorse
A path fueled by filth
Obeying their god's rules
Looking up to the sky
Worshipping an invisible ruler in another realm
A slave production line
A twisted and perverted attempt
To force our damnation and downfall
In the eternal flames of disgrace
Lines written by the hands of humans
To condemn and manipulate
Blessing your behavior and pulling you under
To serve the word of their faceless god
The Powers of the Mass Mind
9. On the Threshold (3:59)
Accepting the lies
Rejecting the truth
Complaining of attitudes
Forsaking the smiles of joy
Blinded by love
Buried by hope
Expecting answers from tears of repentance
Afraid of pain
Afraid of moving on
Avoiding the symbols
Pushing back the clock
In this circle spinning in the same direction
Trapped in the same vice of regret
I see fire in liquid shape
As waves that come and go
Run to your safe place
And lock your doors
I’ll remain in darkness
Rending and twisting my dreams.
Fettered to the past life
Composing the moments from an empty page
Reaping the wounds to feel alive
And enclosing the ghosts inside
Reflecting my broken mask in the sky
I rip out my clad skin.
I’ll be safe in the wounds
As the days turn dark
I’ll be safe in the wounds
While I stay away from you
10. Safe in the Wound (5:43)
Years have passed without any memory
Words, colors and scents try to revive
What have been erased from my mind
It’s not your tears that bring the sorrow
You can’t deny what have been written in your eyes
Walking through melted faces
By the flames of lies
I follow the fading shadows
Of your blinding past
Your bloody hands, drenched in egotism
Are pushing me into the darkness again
It’s not your tears that bring the sorrow
You can’t deny what have been written in your eyes
With lies you may go ahead in the world, but you can never go back
My scars have ceased to bleed
Now I see everything with clarity
Fear dims and disappears
The empty, absorbent words
11. Bleeding Scars (3:58)
12. Messages Were Left (4:48)
The future has not been written
Our painted past is withering away
The sound of death is coming faster
We have become defenseless against ourselves
They've erased all connections to the past
But as hard as they try
They can't erase our dreams, our nightmares
Of those memories that are pushing
The human race to the brink of extinction
Messages were left from mass political violence
Executed by very rational, pragmatic means
Technologies designed for killing
Generic engineering put the power to destroy in the hands of evil
Every generation seems to imagine the world is about to end
But we have reached a critical phase in our life
Fighting to live and willing to die
There is no option but to face your fears
We’ve altered the conditions of life on Earth
In ways that we never intended
We have to realize we are our own enemy
So we are the ones to blame

The bloodiest century in human history
13. It's Time (2:27)
We all can see the lights in the sky
So bright that burns our eyes
Have you ever heard how death sounds like?

The day has come for us to live under its domination
In a place where suffering and pain prevail
Surrender to the deafening sound of silence
Unchain your soul as you turn to dust

Time is drifting away
Where is your god now?
We join together as a human shield
To protect the world we built.

For the World, the war is finally over. But for us,
The suffering continues
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