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Sleep in Your Grave | Full Album Lyrics

Manntis - Sleep in Your Grave cover art

Sleep in Your Grave

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
LabelsCentury Media Records
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-08)
1. Axe of Redemption (2:43)
Fallen before me
The bringers of despair
Forgiveness will be forgotten
The time has past to care
Bow down and beg redemption
Severed is my control
Swing the axe cry for justice
Watch the heads begin to roll

Bow down and beg
Time to pay
Axe redemption

This time no one lives
No one will breathe again
Sacrifice what you have stolen
Time to pay
No time for your forgiveness
This time you fucked yourself
Once again bow down and beg
Time to pay

Time to pay
Bow down
This time
Swing the axe
Heads roll
Your lost soul
2. Shades of Hatred (2:09)
You never told me twice
And I can’t trust anything
Let’s not have the past remain
For it’s happened too many times
And all this – Is mine
So take back – My time

I hate the sight of you
And you need to disappear
This time it’s not my fault
Let’s try and make that clear

My bloods as thick as yours
And my hands around your neck
I thought I warned you once
And now what we had is dead

My blood – My hands
Around your neck

This Time I’ve turned the page
And I swear I wont look back
Inside your emptiness
I finally found my way
3. Approach (3:00)
Approaching the time for what it once
And accepting tomorrow’s ruin
Never thought it would come to this
This life is one big blur that has taken
Me too far and has still not been found
From what’s inside my head

And I’ll watch you take it away
But don’t make the same mistake

Take away from me
These lies that make me feel
This pain so deep inside
4. Reflections of You (2:44)
Denied from myself
And everything reflects
On all my thoughts of you
So help me now
And how I’ve been
Because nothing hurts
As much as what you did to me
I walked away
From all this now
And everyday it seems
My life has just begun
One more time
And now I am and all this happiness
Was just reborn

Broken, from myself
Broken, help me now

Denied from myself
So help me now
From this some how
One more time

Hurts me
My thoughts
This time
Has just
5. My Enemy (2:07)
Is filled with all these lies
And I’ll take
What you give to me
And I’ll take
What this once was
And you’ll take
It one more time

I’ve broke down in side this
Do what they say – What
And I’ve broke down in side this
Do what I say – Why

And I’ll find – My self

Don’t take me for granted
I’ve broke down inside
6. A New Breed of Life (2:29)
Stronger than ever
And full of sin
Depression and sorrow

Look deep inside
What is it you see?
A new breed of life

Where it began
A life long commitment
The struggle of few
My time that involves
Nothing past due

No one to thank, this time
No one to thank this time

Stand strong, stand proud
Nothing left for me to take down
Only anger, only will
Motivation left to be killed

Look deep inside
What do you see?
A new breed of life
7. Second Life Ahead (3:12)
(Imbedded in fear, I stand and face the oppressor
Death drawn by my side, the taste of revenge invades me
The eyes of uncertainty, the slow drawn breath of those about to die
I will not keep death nor let it remove me
I will stay strong and focused on vengeance
The blade that is life shall detonate the rivers of blood
Severed enemies cries of killing horror
I will be redeemed
I will strive through
I will kill those who seek to kill me)

This time
I won’t
Take my
Life for granted
I’ll find myself asking
Why god must hate me
Why I feel
Like I should not have
Survived – This
And what is yet to come…

Why – Does god forsake me?
At – Look down on me
Night – Make me fear
Nightmares still
Inside my head

You never wanted me to stay
You almost took it all away
It’s not my – Time yet
I still have one more chance to prove
This time I won’t let you down
It’s not my, my time yet

Why – Does god forsake me?
At – Look down on me
Night – Make me fear
Nightmares still
Inside my head

Nightmare still inside my head
You never wanted me to stay
You almost took it all away
I can’t live, I can’t die
It’s not my fucking time
8. Weathered Soul (3:05)
Even for a weathered soul
Inhale from the deepest hole
The scars have been healed
The bleeding stopped
Through the numbness
I feel the pain
A rope to hold me back
Or to hang my head

Never again
Taking life
The day is finally here
Live and let die

Find love from pain
That’s all it will be
Fear drowning my heart
Please help me breathe

Never again
Taking life
The day is finally here
Live and let die
9. Resist and Overcome (2:06)
May the darkest days overcome?
And all the bad thoughts that remain
With the past, too much blood
And all this pain won’t hold me back
For this time we have
Stand and hold on our own ground
And embark the journey
That lies before us

My life
This is who I am
Until it’s all gone
Our life
This is who we are
And now it’s all gone
10. Sleep in Your Grave (2:57)
Dead and by yourself
And I won’t look back
Deceased is what has become
Below is where you belong

Dream at night and cry
Now, by myself and die

Sleep in your grave...
11. The End's Where It Begins (2:04)
The battle has begun
Eight soon will turn to one
The fear inside me grows
My life depends on this

Striving to make it to the end
I’m finding, the ends where it begins
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