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Fourth Empire Full Album Lyrics

Malkuth - Fourth Empire cover art

Fourth Empire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-10)
1. Fourth Empire of Horror and Lust (1:31)
2. Nokturnal Meeting (3:14)
My impure soul
Looking the words
From the Lord of Darkness
My meat that feeds
From the elevation of sacrifice
From the fire´s flame
Black moon
The eternal cold night
I hear the howl of Cerberus
Protecting in the prison
The next virgin
My meat that feeds
From the elevation of sacrifice
From the fire´s flame
Fornicating the next virgin
3. The Strong Is Stronger Alone (5:35)
Our morals is besides the sin
Terrible is our way to the fight
Honour and hate living in harmony

Three coffins and a shield
Symbols of perversity in Muspelheim
Three keys to the fourth victory

There is the force of the race
Warriors of an insane law
I'm the protector of the law
Dogs in satanic orgy, through the essence
Carnage in the temple of jehovah
Servants crushed by the tyrants

Thunders and lust around Loki
Mountains under a funeral mist
Forest baptized for the blood of the swords
Iron weapons, glory and victory
The strong is stronger alone
4. Living Dead in Summerlands (6:12)
I live because I die everyday
Where Nergal put your wisdom

Horizons of abysses in harmony
Shades of the brave, end of war

In direction to the North or the South
I know that I will find Goddesses of Solitude,
Midnight arrives, I will have Luna
In the mortal winds, I will go

Always in dialogue with the stars
Shine and darkness!!!
Never cry for me
I'm the living dead in the summer lands
5. Keys To The Sorrow (6:15)
My silent soul
The worst of the melancholies
A complete abysmal pain
Your touch is the spiritual darkness

I was a cadaver before living
Sad, when listening, blow by blow
The succession of the seconds
I suffer, therefore I know that´s an infinite sorrow

The more I resist,
More increases and it sinks the wound
And when I transpose the soul
That sadness still follows me
I'm the key to the sorrow - an hymn to pain
6. 666 Reasons to Kill the King of the Jews (4:25)
I feel my body rotten
Before soft images
Night climax, hunger of pain

Libertinism ocean
Want my purification,
Imaginary paradise

Satan, guide my dagger
Satan, devour my soul
Satan, burn my flesh
Satan, devour my soul

Forest in sacred cult
Agony storm
A monumental suicide
Silence in the equinox
For the glory of the elevation
Burning remains
666 reasons to kill the king of the jews

Finally, the black sky
Domain of Armmagedom
To the throne it arrives
7. Hosannah In The Satan's Claws (4:45)
The cult continues
In the altar of the perversion
Where lives the storm
Union of the sadism with the charm

Kiss the Shyaithan daughter
Kill the priest in pain
Impaled Days, free soul!
The last call from the evil
Hosannah in the Satan's claws

Dominance of the guillotine in life
I want your malice in the garden
Dying pure child
Violate the elect of god
8. Forgotten Ruins in the Middle of the Forests (6:02)
Secular agony in vain
Times that tear my soul
My blood is so bitter as the hate
Abstinence of life and kindness

I already saw many gods die in the graces
and I felt Proserpine at my side
In many grounds I will be still buried
Tears will fall from the bastard

Equilibrium between fertility and death
Eternal seas in fury
The thunders that try kill me disappeared
Visit me in the Hell or Earth
9. Blaspheming God (6:23)
"I'm a man, I'm a disciple
Free me of this crucifixion"
Your words won't bring me mercy,
You will die and your blood will be my offering
Showing my tongue, my body is possessed
Burning the bible and vomiting in you
Blaspheming god, I am God

Showing my tongue, my body is contorted
Burning the bible and vomiting in you
Your words won't bring me mercy
You will die and your blood will be my offering
Fool !!! I want your soul…
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