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Brutal Gore | Full Album Lyrics

Malicious Onslaught - Brutal Gore cover art

Brutal Gore

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsUnisound Records
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > M > Malicious Onslaught Lyrics (7) > Brutal Gore Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 4 UnholyAndre (2014-05-21)
1. The Morgue (3:48)
The morgue is my home
I consume the evils there
I fondle the rotting corpses
I place them in the chair
hands bolted in place
oozing pussing face
worms crawl out from the
bloody tissue intensifies
2. Satanic Killing (5:12)
Decomposed corpse that
souls from hell
beckoning me
tasting to suffer all at will
rivers red filth of greed
corroding truth
I am diseased
brutal death possessed to kill
sadistic anger hateful
fire of hate burning a blaze
deceiving all god now pays
mass confusion betraying all
sent to burn at the altar
horrible truth
gasping for air
obscure reality
provoking pain
splattered brains
depend on hate
gore lust...
3. Blademare (4:30)
The cranium stabbed and
the invading blade is feeding
life dissolved by death
plasma spewing through
Brutal slaying
horror stricken
despondent darkness
corpse beater
malicious outburst
corpse beater
angry blood
existence in fear
human male formation
Pain in obscurity
stabbed unmercifully the
knife now bends
deep in your chest
awakened by the knife
viciously sliced
screams fill the air
you're slaughtered
in despair...
4. Submerged in Silence (5:31)
Cemetary full of graves
countless bodies
buried enslaved
left to rot
within the earth
the search for death
begins at birth
tombstones line
perfect rows
suffering all alone
entombed forever
six feet under
decay festers
immortal sleep
Submerged as your life drips
submerged and so your
flesh does decay
submerged this is the end
your final day
submerged as you're
lowered into your grave
identified by your grave
lived your life you were
religion is no sure escape
expect the worst meet your
confined to death
chained in hell
lost your life
can never tell
displayed for the world to
love ones gone eternally
5. Carcassed (4:13)
Burning lust
to find the truth
innocent deaths
minds confused
minds confused
how can we control our fate
an unknown future
can aggravate
Lacerated arteries
victims lie in pools of blood
severed innards
punctured guts
inner organs
scorn and cut
Questioning death
decayed flesh
Broken hope
shattered dreams
is what life seems to be
loss of love and forgiving
creating death which is living
6. Brutal Gore (0:08)
7. Internal Decay (1:56)
Bleeding from the mouth
choking on your blood
coughing up your guts
this hell misunderstood
you'll be begging for the end
end it with a knife
torturing your soul
chaining you to strife
the lust to end it all
your dying in vain
the sight of your beaten soul
is driving you insane
8. Productive Destruction (6:01)
Reality expires
quicker than I think
pressures of life
forced onto me
no escape
search to be free
pain is a lust
it blackens my soul
hazardous habits
grow uncontrolled
inhaled into a system
controlling my life
move by incentives
new state of mind
temporary relief to pass time
productive destruction of life
is what I find
evading the truth of my
blackest destination
deliberate death
self mutilation
my rest is labor
but pays my dues
corrode my mind what I choose
enslaved by fear
living my life
struggle to triumph
to be conquered in fight
with spirits to help
evil and sick
blackout in time
surviving the trick...
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