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Across the Heavens Full Album Lyrics

Maleficarum - Across the Heavens cover art

Across the Heavens

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > M > Maleficarum Lyrics (9) > Across the Heavens Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 11 Duncan TB-6 (2012-11-14)
1. The Raping of Life (2:05)
Look at me, dial with me
I'm only the dust of what I should be
all my castles are destroyed
even the death can't enter my home

Join me, as I enter your mind
your beauty and my ectasy
together and one with the pain
our great voices are disgregated

...so far away
...so far away
...so far away
2. Season of Black (4:04)
Respect all the holiness before you
settle your incredulity, into your false ideology
see the masters, rule the brains
have you ever think about a superior creation?

Forget to exist only here
free yourself

And I can't explain you, how I was mocked
by the dogma I trusted

Not only I lied to my friends
but scorn I received
Not only I lied to my friends
but scorn I received
from...the fellow creatures

...season of black
...season of black

Situation follow, another situation
where different brains think in one body
nobody hears different words
3. Time I Am (3:51)
Neither time is now
somewhere to decide
I must come to see
my past is clear
touch the knowledge of
the perpetual motion
climbing through mind

From the eyes of suffering
I can see another wall
of restriction
pale shade of my
unknown agony
for this I'm damned
and forever ignorant

The tongue on centuries
from dusk to dawn is repeated
from heart and brain, refused

Time I am, I destroy myself
to see my memory is useless
you live until I die

Time I am
time I am
time I am
time I am
4. Fallen Worlds (4:48)
The blackening of the sky
the raging of the wind
angel fall on earth
praising their own kings
the end of a dying world
ruled by indifference and hate
agonyzing human souls
grasped to their faiths

Emptied eyes tried by toil
watch impotent the end of existence

Seas of blood, dense of sins
dying souls float resigned
fallen wings, leave the heavens
black angels advance victorious
final clash, from the dominating sky
hells domaining soldiers exhalted high
day of doom, carrier of disgrace
the final stage of a decaying human race

Fallen worlds, ruling sins
fallen worlds, dark begins

Lying rotten bodies, defeated by their faith
awaiting their salvation, praying their blissful God
their lovely dreams of heaven, have vanished with their sins

Annihilating the created, the satanic church has won
burn the holy scripture, the lord of grief has come

Lord my master
whom shall always be
show us the way
guide us eternally
5. Spirit Magnified (4:18)
Forced to born again
I'll raise through your feelings
and my shade all will see

If only you could think twice
probably you'll see the reality
if only you could think twice
probably you'll see the reality

Everyone is pure energy
power of the flesh is so strong

True mentality is not at hand
True mentality is not at hand

As I deal with imperfection
a self sustained memory creeps on me
As I deal with imperfection
a self sustained memory creeps on me

Arose is the knowledge of time
still is keeping a part of thoughts

The extremities are forever united
master plan won't save me
with so much infinity, I'm still here
6. Kingdom of Lost (4:03)
Dim cold light strains through your eyes
thick dark fog numbs you inside
realm of death, the end of time
land of dust where sick eyes die
afflicted souls invoke the sky
their endless pain, their hate of life
thirsty of blood, black angels crawl
tormented lifes, christianity falls

Darkened faces awaiting their hour
black winged creatures devoted to their lord

Black lord, could you set our souls free?
Let us revive and curse God eternally

Malevolent scenery, theatre of desolation
submerged world, cradle of desperation
wandering souls in a curtain of frost
eternal labirynth, kingdom of lost

Rotting bodies in the dust
their souls condamned to live
a life of cruel agony
the punishment of their sins
7. Under My Scars (4:31)
Blame my strenght to burn
survive through agony
perception of the unclear
no traces forever more

Almost blind, a new day has born
lay down in front of me
exit victim of desire
hopeless run from the edge
is lost the young attitude to live
the decadence is perfect for our hunger

And image the scars you carry
older than man are
all you desire is not distant
raise above tha chaos

masterization of the art of pain
masterization of the art of pain

I am born
I am born

Submitted to ancestral disgust
behold the forsaken autonomy

despise my first steps
what will be known in my blood
8. Across the Heavens (1:44)
9. Exalted Being (3:41)
I see all crumble thoughts
not know my mind to purify
piercing my soul so sweet
this void of myself
engulfed my exteriority

not come again, no more
not come again, no more

A sempiternal pain, a voice so distant
my will to declare, my will to achieve
again is dark, again my fear
try to understand, the constrinction to live
this constinction no more I see
I am as you and all are as me
disappear the signs of equality
the evolution dies
conformity reigns

A brand new ideal to admire
consecrate to immortality
abstained to memory
I call myself sensless shell
finally I left my human side
10. The Forgotten (4:48)
Living in darkness
in an empty distorted world
in a reality where apathy rules
the falseness of my church

A life passed with hope
creating a perfect God
the guide of my spirit
the savior of souls

I wander in nothing
in a choir of moaning
I see lost faces
excavated by their suffer

Broken dreams, lost hopes
is what remains, of my past faith
sistematic way of life
is the anguish of who beleived

Religios life, your faith in Christ
your lovely God, left you behind

My new lord, let me reborn
under your wish, I'll live in grief
guide my soul, hear my hate
let me free, to your gates

Christ, you wont be saved
your blood and suffarence
will be the right wish
the wish of those, those you forgot!!
11. Unfolded Dimensions (5:57)
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