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Under the Fig Tree Full Album Lyrics

Ma'anish - Under the Fig Tree cover art

Under the Fig Tree

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-11-26)
1. Necessary Evil (4:25)
Born into a world of sympathy only to be drenched
in manipulation and pollution, breathing solidarity.
We are Breeding a living and breathing organ, a chosen carrier.
We have just begun to grow, we have just begun to flourish,
there will be no stopping us.

A disease of the populous which we all carry,
a none conventional weapon, nor used or activated, not owned or longed for,
Carved in genetic pattern, made to inspire.
A trillion followers engulf themselves with its manifestation,
infecting the masses with its purity.

With the death of life comes our victory and our end,
swallow the wishful, embrace the cynic.
Genesis through genocide, consequence through reaction,
our contagiousness is lethal, is methodical, it's a necessary evil.
2. Axles of Hate (5:58)
Obsidian pavilions stands tall over fresh grass,
beshadowing aesthetical existence.
A burnt table map covers all purity,
reducing affection to mere filth.
You are scorched from the neck up, and so am I.

I oil the machines, I grease the axles, Ignite the engines.
The pistons of animosity burn, A furnace of abhorrence.
Not winter but worse, drought and decay,
a messiah baptized in wretchedness and anguish, awaiting its crowning.

The flawless shall be deformed forever, Only to be created anew
An impeccable existence to be devoured from within,
to crumble and reform as a beautiful tragedy - a grating symphony of the flesh.

Hounds unleashed by jealousy and pain,
perverted dreams committed upon the weak and hopeless.
A Hierarchy of none, A pyramid of irrelevance

I am the dragon, bestowed upon my subjects,
an oiled and burning hate machine.
Fuel me with your sorrow, imbue me with your helplessness
For under a reign of terror you will thrive and prosper
3. Let It Burn (4:51)
Were facing an obvious lie
Imprinted in the principals we live by
Tamed monkeys feed on a pile of sick
Personified, Relieving populations of their own minds
Nothing's left but to bow our heads and suffer

No! I will not die! I will not be denied!
Unstitch my shriveled eyes
See the big picture - Arise, And flay your skin alive
The fake skin of this life
I am what you are

"But there's no god-damn answer, no hope - all cause is blind"
Imbeciles - pull your head from the ground

Red eyes perceive it best - Idiosyncrasy
Inhaled inspiration
Reject the docile, Unearth your true form

So let it burn
Echoes of a frailing hype
In the name of your fathers.
Let it burn!

We will rise... and swallow you alive

Pray for zealousy, Crave for humanity
Peel off the veil of flies
Do not believe their lies
Unbreath and give to lethargy

The thoughts they perceive as a weapon maintain this alive
In this mindset of self atrophy enabled by denial

By denial.

Eruptions of the real
To light a darkened sky - A rainbow in the clouds

"It's all wrong man.. and all I wanted was some peace.
I got my cure though.."

So let it burn!
4. Impossibilities (4:29)
The world is oh so cold
I've taken the daily beating

Ground into the dust

Slowly becoming animals
With a brow of sweat
We'll rip the flesh - and dine on the blood

Drunken by power
One cannot see into the soul

Chess pieces on this board of bloodshed

These impossibilities
Defying odds
5. Seven Mask Hydra (7:11)
And in the beginning there was chaos
The earth and the sky were one
A single dominant phenomenon with seven faces
And no eyes

All eyes look up to the saviour
All virgin minds are violated by scorn

And there is no resolution
Only seven bulking heads
A gluttonous king appointed by its fathers
Feeds on sick brains

Low and behold, a race of machines
Divided by different versions of sins
The craving for power infused with hope
To see the one true face of God.

One is the longing for the money - shot
Two is the self indulgence of the royal swines
Three is the superficial need of a shallow soul
Four is to play dead and rot
Five is penance runs amok
Six is gouging out your good eye

Seven is the final product of your crimes.
6. Revolution \ Evolution (5:06)
So just when you thought, the worst was gone:
the oppressors keep us down to the lowest vibrations
Psychologically, choked through mind manipulation
A mirage created for us to live in confusion
Reality - now brought to the surface:
Inner enlightenment!

A glimmer of light is still shining through this pile of lies
Behind their masks we all perceive their real intentions
We know the rhymes, of their sweet, lullabies

Time has come (for us to take position)
Who will choose... (your goals, your future, your global destiny ?)
Through wisdom... (this unexpected reunion will take place)

You're way more than you thought
You were more than they taught you
Your infinite potential is now blooming
The fruits of our efforts are arising

The coalition of all sorts of life
is now melting beneath our feet
and far over our heads a cyclone of energy
is penetrating our souls
While focusing on our strength to change things
We create what tomorrow will be!

Humankind is reaching a new level
of consciousness...
The truth is taking form.

The time has come... (for us to take possession)
Through wisdom... (our goals, our future, our global destiny)
The time is now!

Worldwide corruption causing self-destruction no more


Revolution being part of Evolution
Evolution being part of Evolution

Billions of people sharing the same dreams
Now connecting together to create what will be
The beginning of the end for all obsolete ways
Of always creating disasters to try and control us

the oppressors living their self-inflected vibrations Psychologically choked by their own mad intentions their mirage soon will be no more...
7. Ma Nish (3:24)
8. Biomechanical Reformatory (5:41)
I'm an organic, synthetic, symbiosa
Bred in flame and brimstone
A man-made fuel-fed organic machinery
To live and breath targeted fumes

Born into a chaosphere of violence
(One by one)
Everything's succumbing to malevolence
Swallow, and gorge on embedded hopes and dreams
Contain the saviour but never let it out

Rotten, statistic, systematic dormant
Biomechanical Reformatory, A man-made abomination.

"A Biomechanical Reformatory, A flesh-born lethargicist
embarred with fear and self loathing
Cyanide locks and acidic hatches - Its prisoners are its incarcerators."

Paint the windows black
Pad the strap jacket with tattered skin
Bury your face in sulfur
Bask in the falsehood within
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