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Svn Eater Full Album Lyrics

Lvcifyre - Svn Eater cover art

Svn Eater

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-02-11)
1. Night Sea Sorcery (9:06)
In the depths of salty waters remains his imprisoned flesh
Sending visions to His devotees
All shining dreamers with black spark within
Answer this calling forth

Waking when moons will reach black rites time
And twist the eyelids of witches

Chanting his name in the cursed winds of night
They take our spell to Dark Waters

Ghouls of night breaking through the lands
From the depths where His eye remains and glow
They preach of becoming of the Mighty One,preapering the Earth for ruling

We summon Thee from all hells of Death, Great Beast and God ,Leviathan.
We summon Thee Black Winds of Night ,the storms revenge to shake Earth's sands
We summon Thee Angels from Depths,release the chains from Tiamat child
Come forth Black Shining One!
Your servants are bow before your word

Hanbane flowers and mandrake root
With serpents blood to draw seal of calling
With ashes of corpses to mark our heads
To forget the world of the living

From the night hills of dark rites and howling woods
We see thick mist coming from the sea
It cover the grave stones, tombs and drawn the temple
The calling sigil reflects moon light
His husks glow and twist
before our eyes
In star gates of night sky eternal
2. Chalice of Doom (4:24)
Calicem obscurum
Devourer Abaddon
World wound born
Roaming cloud Hisses in the blood

Devourer Fyre God
Rising chalice
Drink the Darkness
Oh Death Be Eternal!
Go above and below spare none!

Baneful Kings, fierce scourges, scythe and breathing thunder
Mighty Demons cloaked in terror once more hosting
in blood filled chambers


Behold the path to the depths
Is opened forth
To those who hear His words
IA! To it that glows
Dream till the pathways show

Black winged king
I drink your blood
Encircled with plague
Swallowing your Fyre
S'fan, make this nexion shine!

Doom conjuration
Crescent blades
Black vapours

Oh Glorious One
I see Burning Eden
Swallowing the Fyre
3. Liber Lilith (5:00)
Hag of night
Descend, descend into that vessel of cold flesh
Your sacred oil flows down the corpse’s throat
Where the seal with menstrual ink remains

To the stake above her crown He will bind her about the neck
To the stakes of her hands he will bind her
To the stake of her feet he will bind her

Lilith the Black
Mighty in her Husks
Beware! - Only iron can bind her!

Ardat - Lili

By Shaddai
All–powerful, enter into that vessel
Five lamps are set and flames from a corpse’s fat
Within the circle of eleven

Black moon risen through the Scorpion
And your eyes burn with Death
Holy words spoken in pleasure
Fornication with the Black Flame

Ardat - Lili
4. The Sun Eater (4:24)
Black Shadow God Slaying the Worlds,
No Darkness can be washed away from the path He chooses to go forth

Abysmal howling from dormant Depths
Within the order of Ma'at He swallows the Crown

Darkness, rebirth without end
In Fyres of Af-Ra

Dance oh Harlot of lewdness
between Typhonian pillars-flames
In the temple of the Black Latent Light
Ecstatic chant of death in the air

From the cavity where His shrine is hidden from the sun
We scream, Apepe!
Dry up the riverbeds of life!

Souls eater
Gods eater
Drink the worlds in your silent scream
11 heads of the Apophis Burning

On the seventh hour, headless holy host
On the seventh hour swallowing all souls
By the seventh lighthouse End of All
On the seventh coil we drink from the chalice

Apep! Apepi! Apofis! Tyfon!
5. In Fornication Waters (4:19)
Mighty whore
With no submission
Alighting lust even in the corpse flesh
Blessed me
Oh Blood Queen
Mother to whom I pour my lust
Flame me!
In menstrual bath!

Your blood shall be my Fyre!
Burn me in your Cursed Communion

Enter my gardens of rape
Where the menstrual wine I taste
Bathe me in Nightmares Ecstasy

Sister of shades
The Wickedness
In Fornication Waters Baptize Me !

Mother of abortion
Damned Waters Howling
Your lust is burning on the Hills of Sabbath
Eros and Thanatos entwine in Thee

Blind Dragon Ride
My Inner Sanctum
Awaken of Moon Blood

The Chalice, The Womb, My Grave
Darkened Light
I lick the KALA of black astral
6. Nekuomanteion (4:29)
Shadow, embrace me
At that night's offerings
On the Acheron crag
Deepening Dagger
Thunder covered scream

Descend to the dead
Acheron flaming, spreading blood
Where the Styx crosses, sacred enclosure
Into dank House

Murky Lifeless Depths
I call upon the Black Soil Gates

That deepened in blood of lust
Let me pass through your Fires to the Hidden God

Rejecting Mother’s womb and Kia to be swallowed
Baphomet devouring to spawn
No thoughts are left chained
To my source - Beyond....
I left you behind
In Darkness Eternal
7. The Fiery Spheres of the Seven (4:44)
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....
An.... Ki....

Of Anu and Ki
Bearers of the Devouring Throne
Heralds of the baneful storm

Irkallian tongues
Plagues spoken
....And Death made Flesh under the Eye of All

Roaming winds from a horrid shrine
Little skins adorned their altar and entrails shape the sigil
Face of Thee whose words are flames
Oh Mighty Blaze
The Dominant One - shine through me when I conquer

Phantoms of vast black heavens
Waking War Gods


Gates of Kurnugu
Dark Earth! No Return!

Where frozen wanderers dwell
Few have passed but not for long
as DUR - KU - RA cover them all

Unto the Harlot of Death they bring
I shall pour forth blood to you
I Shall utter the spell unto you
And raise the ghost unburied
Ghost which none cared for
8. Fyre Made Flesh (5:20)
Fyre made flesh
On the Fields of Cremation
Comes the Chariot of Blackened Fyre
That brings fearsome Death

I am the Fyre that enters the temple and eats the hearts of the priests
I turn into ashes your offering, prayers to the false one

Curse You All that gave up sight!
Fall under that cross, image, dog
None of you shall look upon you me
I am the Horns of Death
The One who pours the End

Of flaming feathers and Ashes of Heavens
No Holy sang
As I, the Torture, walk through the Gardens of Ra

I am the One who walks on my own flesh
I drown you in streams of Hate
As I bathe millions in pain

Your strength melts under my gaze
I carry my Throne on Black Lava of Abominations
No Holy Name, No Seal, No Power closeth before my Fyre
9. The Sinister Calling (7:26)
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas
Sanctum Satanas

Blessed be the temple
Adorned with no symbol

Consecrated Cave by Master and Mistress
Chained in a union of Incest

The Fyres
Thy Powers

Nexion to the Dark Ones
Draped in incense, chants and blood
Holder of the Scarlet Keys
Wreathed by Saturn (Might)

We are the open Abyss
Gushing with Atrocities
The Sinister Calling

Life to the Gods of Night
On the seventh day of my Death – Path


Procession of Black Fraters
Led by Whore and Mother
The Bride of my Lust before my Death

Temple filled with Depth so Black
Shining Eyes cast only Light
Speak to our Gods!


Congregation, orgy and mass
We greet our guest
With a kiss of love
Mistress .....
....my sacred Fyre

The masked guardian!
Come Forth!

Dagger! Strike!
In my last glimpse... I hear.......

I can see it.....
I can feel it....

To the World Beyond

.........Dark Lords Beckon........
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