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Rites of the Ancient Cults Full Album Lyrics

Luvart - Rites of the Ancient Cults cover art

Rites of the Ancient Cults

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-08-14)
1. Primordial Incantation (3:05)
First creature of this world
Draconian goddess of primordial waters,
That which precedes the existence of all things
A wide variety of chaotic universe
Lady of the tree of wisdom.
The flame consumes all,
The impalpable presence, messenger of calamity.
The real representation of the hidden
Whose hiss is light from darkness!
2. Thy Draconian Majesty (6:08)
Hear me dragon goddess of chaos and owner of the perpetual flame!
I’m the witness of the powerful actions practiced in thy name
At the boards where your destiny is carved

Oh almighty mother of the elements, lady of the sky and earth
Of the union with Apsu, the primordial progenitor of the principle,
Results the fluid of the creation!

Hear me draconian majesty, sovereign of the infinite and invisible!
Creator of the universe and gods, the irrational power
Symbol of the unconscious and the great circle of which all contains

You’re magnify and nobody can sustain themselves in the face of the anger
You’re the creator and conductor of the eleven and nobody will dare to oppose you

Obscure queen of a distant age
When the time of your seal ends, you can once again reign!
Fall asleep and wake her, open your wings and rise up from the abyss

From your creations resulting chaos!
From your actions the destruction!
And your blood will rise the creation!
3. At the Gloomy Sky (5:05)
When at the high, the six were created,
With the first light, comes the great darkness.

Red giant from an obscure world,
Scalding sand of universe
Infernal traveler.

Break the seals of the ancient scriptures
Bringing the apocalypse over the lands
All to your will!

Anunna, colossal giants
Progeny of royal blood
Open the ziggurats’ gates, dwelling of the gods,
Temples of power and acclamation.

Descendants of Anu
Lord of the spirits of primal energy
Transmit the secrets of eternal wisdom to the merited ones.

We were awoken by the blood
Forged from the reptilian bowels of the universe
Creation transcends the creator.
4. The Path of Serpent (6:31)
Invoking the dark power, I guide myself to the abysmal domains
In search for the forbidden wisdom, to transcend the prison of the flesh
Reaching the final sacrifice of the deadly limits
Sweeping the soil with the cold touch of death

Contemplating the darkness of the universe,
Awakening my more hidden senses
I see through the serpent’s eye
The laws of creation are now in my hands

Perpetual twilight that reaches the vastness of existence
I claim that the mater lies the roots of creation
To me that’s given to evil godsend.

The obscure eclipse reveals the arrival of the way to immortality
Order turning into chaos, light to darkness
The Draconis star shines, red sphere of destruction.
The secret of life at the rebirth’s elixir

A dimension intangible, of obscure sensations
Where the wisdom of the universe reveals frighteningly insane
Tormenting truth, never revealed by the more ancient prophecies
5. Summoning the Black Light (6:35)
Oh light of the lights!
Revealer flaming of ancient mysteries
Force of the creation from distant times
Synthesis of all the elements with the spirit

Oh primordial sign!
Reveal to us words of pure evocation of chaos
Bearer of the wisdom and rebellion,
Guide us to the path of liberation

Oh lord of the eastern!
Give us the lasting knowledge
And the comprehension of the luciferian light
To we obtain the pleasures of the physical world

Oh Lucifer!
We’re invoke thy power
Thy saved treasures,
Thy sacred teachings…

For we can dive into the darkness,
In search of the wisdom torches!
6. Wrathful Tyrant (5:39)
We salute the Hanbi's son!
Lord of the southwest wind
Representation of life and death, creation and destruction
Bearer of all fevers and hunger

Desert invader, maker of desolation
Malevolent elemental force
Crush all and any mediocrity,
With his furious howl pestilent

His anger cannot be tamed - Pazuzu!
You are the egregore of human suffering - Pazuzu!
Reveal to us the primordial chaos within you - Pazuzu!
His grace inflames the seeds of creation - Pazuzu!

Throwing plague storms,
Devastating the earth, human life’s destroyer
Challenge the gods' fury,
You are the cruelest in the pantheon of nefarious beings!

At rising from the final aeon
Give your word,
The humanity is at thy grace...
Adverse unstoppable!
7. Beyond the Gates of Realms (4:06)
Lords of the secret gnosis
Seven are your lines
Seven are your phalanges

Guardians of death, veil of the all mysteries
Sigils that leads to the paths
To the kingdom of the dead

To the catacombs and sludge, observe all
To the circles of invocation, manifest themselves
Black and red candles, drinks and sacrifices
Offerings to the darkness counts

Dominators of the four elements
Bearers of the phallus and the mythical semen
Destroyers of lives and forms
Disturbers of the all orders

Listen the damned ones clamoring by their souls
At this vast and desolated desert
When the black hole drains the tears of the fear
When the umbral is your everlasting home
8. Tenebris Mater (8:04)
Tenebris mater,
Waning moon, in the dark sky, full of hatred and rancor!
Janitor of the underworld

Permit me going into thy kingdom!
Having the opportunity to usufruct the shadows
All this brute nature

Soul harvester!
Brings a brief nod of those who are gone,
Conducted into the abyss of the dead

Tenebris mater, queen of the night!
Diadem shining and flaming torches in your hands,
Resplendent eyes of the darkness

Scarlet lady, devourer of the beasts
Draw the circles between the worlds at the crossroads
That sends your demons to torment the dreams

Reveals, the hidden paths,
Grants me the most occult desires
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