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Morgrom Full Album Lyrics

Lungorthin - Morgrom cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-13)
1. The Birth (4:36)
Once again
Another Day another night
Forever torn by my oath

One touch at least
Beyond the gate of dawn
A dream

Look at our ways
Lost in forlorn planes of nothingness
Take my hand, free our souls
Let the past fall into oblivion

The shadows become colder
The dream remain

United forever
2. Open the Gates (3:58)
Onward, onward me stride, into antoher existance
The past lay behind lake an everdarkning dream
Not yet to claim, not yet fallen into oblivion

Trapped in sophisticated eleggs
Doomed to live in shadows of an inner self
The abhorrent one

A billow of creation mention to come forth
Ache with doubt
Resurgence of the old
Spirits retain their mortal blood

Mistaken belief
The firstborn souls become one with the deathless
The secondborn pass...

On a divine wind, crowned with strom
Above the mists of the world, where we fall like rain
I pass the gate
3. Jervskogen (7:21)
Et aanderig et taakerig, en skog men uden liv
Et stedt paa jagt i sjaelen din

Vaev af fugtighed omfavner traeerne
Luften er saa sej som vand
Skogens aand - som stemmer sagde
Med vinden klinger kolder lyde - skogen ssange
Med glemselns kraft
Dödens rig drev naermere

Skogen som sluger lyset
Som naeres af angst
Haah blev aedt as den
Kraft og vilje hlev fortaeret
Traethed flöder yennem alle laar

Til du glemmer hvem du var
Til du mister menskelighed
Til du hlir til skogens trad

I vinden klinger kolde lyde
Skoges sejsang som stemmer visker
Taaket baerer yys af baemisk glaede
I raedsel flyyter sjaelen din

Et skrig
Et sidste glimt
En ensom tanke

Og skogen gaar paa jagt igen
4. For all tid (4:49)
For all tid skal der vaere kaos
For all tid skal der vaere frost
For all tid skal natten berske
For all tid skal lyset dö

For all tid vores rig for all tid
For all tid skal der vaere laengsel
Ensombed for all tid

Der skal vaere mistro
For all tid skal der föres krig
Galskah skal ordne tankene
Vold aflöser kaerlighed
Lögnen hlir til sandhed
Og maeridt til virkelighed

Dödsskrig de eneste sange
Ödelaeggelse den eneste runst

For all tid skal jorden vaere en kirkegaard
For all tid skal had vaere den eneste fölelse
Sjaelen skal raadne uden haah og venskah
For all tid vi er glemt

For all tid
5. Abandoned (7:01)
Suffered through the last throes of life
Doomed to walk the world I frown upon humanity
Bitterness reigned my thoughts
As the waves of undesired reality collide

Burned by the fiery sentence
The weight of time enslaved me into a somber siege
Cursed be ye whom gave me birth
I born within blood and tears

Manifested a corporal disease
My shadows were colder than my tomb itself
An empty shell of flesh and bones
Lost on a distant wind

Plunged into comfort of discord
I learn imperfection my great descent
Insulted inferior lie silent enshrined
Vanished from the face of men

Forever dying yet tied alive
My echoes crawl beyond the grave
Distress slink towards my spine
The own defiled torn remain

Locked chains and mock the masses
Ploded the foulest and dankest path
Longed to obtain triumph in death
I fall as from my first harm day
6. The Last One (6:27)
Ways that gather in this time and place
There are things I see but can not touch
Signs - hidden in once forgotten memories
I see I feel that time has come

I see a million graves on a windy plane
Waiting for redemption
And I see the graves drown in a sea of blood
Dedicated to oblivion
And on the sea there stands a church
Which bells are laughing in the rain
I see a ship sailing through the sky
But on the ship sails no one

I see the moon disappear and eternal night fall
I see men crawling up from the dephts of the ocean
Ripping on their nails to build a ship called Naglfar
I see a huge throne with shadows behind

Stormclouds gather
Through the valleys I bear the horns of death
The war to end all life - it has begun

Surt, artist of destruction and lord of fires
Come and end this age of dawn

And I drift away on my way through the night
To reach the stars, to fall asleep
The last one of my kind
Until eternity starts

7. Valaraukar (2:39)
- He who arises in might
Pure white fire

- Black enemy's thane
Demon to some god to others
8. Emperial Fall (5:36)
When a blood speaks
It will perish your name
Leaving me blind
Into the cold embrace of death

Let those who live in filth tremble
The curious crowd

When the gods fall
It will repay my dept
Haunting them down
Through the ventured of mankind

They were gleaming stars
Burning bright like eyes
Still triumphant
As a torrent of black rain fall

The voice of the north sank deep into my heart
Eternal bad to the mighty norwegian Emperor
Unchallenged, invincible

And we will walk behind you
On the same winous path
Down into the void
9. Wie einst und immer (7:08)
Eternal blue beneath upon and beyond
Among the two elements of the sea

Lukewarm breeze whispers of great storms
As oars penetrate the waters edge
The bouzon our aim
The nocturnal sky our chart

Seewater - please be our companion
Bestow us the second element
The slider beholder is full again
Aimless at day

Planks striked by fungus and moos
Bow adorned by dragonjaw
The wind tastes our sail - röstlich...
Fierce waves arise in wrath

Lament of the drowned
Veiled in silence and oblivion
Ascent from the fathomless dephts
Vile - tiefes, naßes grab

Proud powerful northmen
Spinduft drips of their heards

Salty bair streams incessent
During a voyage beyond the abyss
The eternity opens - wie einst und immer
As we descent to the dark forgotten realms
10. The Arrival (2:18)
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