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Im Bannkreis der Götter Lyrics

Lunatic Affliction - Im Bannkreis der Götter cover art

Im Bannkreis der Götter

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > L > Lunatic Affliction Lyrics (9) > Im Bannkreis der Götter Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-12-11)
1. Part I - Die Höllenfahrt der Ischtar (5:17)
By the sphere of the stars!
Praise MY name!
Grant ME passage!
I will cross the 7 gates!
I shall dethrone you Sister!
For all times!

2. Part II - Die 7 Pforten von Kurnugi (4:59)
Feel HER will to conquer & dominate
All worlds & dimensions united as One
Hear HER cry shatter the Aether
Filled with unleashed wrath & pure divinge rage

See HER flight over the first ocean
Carried by black falcon wings
See HER eyes like lightning & Sun storms
7 items of omnipotence shining like stars

SHE - is the Goddess
HER priests celebrate orgies & blood offerings
SHE - is the Goddess


SHE - Source of all life & birht
SHE - Spring of all love & hate
SHE - Domina of all pain & joy
SHE - Mistress of all death & war

Ten thousands are waving to witness their passion
Glorious banners graced with HER idol
The eight pointed Morning & Evening Star
Ten thousands are marching to die in HER battles
To honor the Holy One of the HULUPPU THRONE
With their sacrifice and total victory

Mighty white lions - Kneel down before HER
Fueling HER chariot
On HER way - Through lights and times

Oh, Praised be the First Daughter of the Moon
All Hails to the Queen of Heavens
YOU guide the Sun and mark His path
Oh, Holy Torch! Clothed in dawn sky & dusk

As a meteor strike
SHE crashes into the first gate of KUTHA!
Claiming the throne of HER Sister
With bloodcurdling screams!

A creature of shadows step out of the eclipse, reaching out fierce claws,
grabbinbg HER hand, leading the Goddess into the Dead City of No Return
3. Part III - Im Totenreich der Erschkigal (4:31)
Now you walk in loneliness
In my kingdom dark!
Your second companion who is always there -
It is ME!

MY voice is heard in the howling of the danmend!
Bitterness is MY throne!
Loneliness MY slavation!

I came in a flood of grief & bitterness
That forces you to crumble to the floor
Under my weight!

Only tons of depression
In MY House of Dust!

Scream MY name! - !?! ERESHKIGAL !?!
Praise MY name! - !?! ERESHKIGAL !?!
Fear MY name! - !?! ERESHKIGAL !?!

Where is your Superciliousness?
Lost in the labyrinths of MY misty capitol!
Where is your almightiness?
Bonded to cross the 7 boundaries of MY black hall!
Naked and frightened you stand before MY majestic dignitiy!
Now hear MY dooming curse!:

I WILL impale you on a Stake!
Fuck you till you bleed!
I WILL hang you on a Hook!
Expose you for my joy!
Demons shall rape your fles!
Phantoms shall terrorize your soul!

Your life spending blossom shall fade & wither!
So the time has come!
The Triuzmp of Death!
Dead & morbid angels will take this unprotected world!
4. Part IV - Excitare Namtaru (5:28)
By the shadows and the darkness!
Which illuminate the paths of My empire!
I command you - NAMTARU!
Demonic Greatvizier of KURNUGI!

Arise Prince of the netherworlds!
Materialize in this dimension!
Manifest your true shape!
Introduece your kingdom of Pain!
Kingdom of Hate!
Kingdom of Death!

Bounded & banished!
The era of life & flower is over!
The 7 Demons' names shall be called!
Death & decay pervert the order!
Crack in twain the majestic Great One!

Pull out the 7th key of the 7th pass!
Open the "Gate of Beingbound"
Eructate it wide!
Conjure! Command!

I inspirit you with the breath of pestilence!
Oh, you shall suspire & infect!
Sicken what is healthy!
Poison all life is essence!
Oh, you shall reign this world!

Your seed shall outpur into the world!
Your spawn shall feast the flesh of the living!
Your sons & daughters shall becomde legions!
Creators & ancestors of a new race!
5. Part V - Eclipse (2:37)
6. Part VI - Im Bannkreis der Götter (3:02)
Hör mig genom din natur, vindarna, skogarna, bergen och floderna. Jag kallar dig till att s kydda oss från Nergal och hans sju demoner. Acceptera gåvan av mitt kött och blod.
Regera över mina barn och ta våra själar.
Åh, Enki, Ea, Du! Ta besittning av den magiska gudacirkeln Du bläser bort syster Inanna kedjor
Inanna Inanna

Translation (German):
Höret mich an Ihr Geister der Winde, der Wälder, der Berge und der Flüsse.
Ich rufe Euch zum Schutz vor Nergal und seinen sieben Dämonen.
Empfangt mein Fleisch und Blut als Opfergabe.
Richtet meine Kinder und nehmt unsere Seelen.
Oh Enki Ea, bemächte Dich dem Bannkreis der Götter.
Sprengt Inannas Schwesters Ketten.
Inanna Inanna

Translation (English):
Hear me ghosts of the winds, the woods, the mountains and the rivers.
I call upon you for protection from Nergal and his seven demons.
Receive my flesh and blood as sacrifice.
Execute my children and take their souls.
Oh Enki Ea, seize the power of the speel of gods.
Bust Inannas sisters' chains.
Inannan Inanna
7. Part VII - Aus tiefster Finsternis entflammt (4:42)
Sired in the deepest sphere!
Born in the deepest abyss!
Spawn of the deepest night!
It has been risen from the deepest sea!

LEVIATHAN brakes through the surface!
The Ancient Serpent slowly slither!
The Black Dragon spreads his monstrous wings!
The Great TIAMAT stands in flames!

From Her body this world was created
Now She is taking back Her flesh
This purgatory is a bountiful gift
To the blessed ones who should die at first

A cleansing act of infinite mercy
Final apocalyptic purge to atomize the substance
So the energies will stream away
Leave behind the quantum state of matter

Marked be the baleful survivors
As the damned ones who should pay
Customs of blood

To the coming perdition
A flood tide of demons
Exterminating the remainders of whipped human race

Mankind's reincarnation out of the ashes
Will be blown & washed away
In the waves of the ancient sea

The circle of life is burnt down & broken
8. Part VIII - Nergal Dominator Crudelis (3:15)
Reach the surface - show your beauty!
Graced with sharp horns - blessed with iron wings!
Travelers between the dimensions!
Driven by the Black Vortex!

Eternally poled to whirl to the left!
Fed by the energies of souls!
Offered in martyrs & abuse!
The butchers's work shall be your art!

Creativity shall be undisturbed!
Take them like it is your way!
Like it's your desire!
Like it's your fault!

The body - you shall break like bread!
The Last Supper let's celebrate! -
The blood - drink like wine!
The walls smear with formulas & guts!

Calll their names! Call the Death! :

Oh, sower of the most wondrous plants!
NERGAL - you incurable virulent infection!
Let thrive & prosper your morbid garden!
Until it will cover the world as New Paraidse!
9. Part IX - Phönixschwinge (6:16)
The voice of the Holy One whispers as a recurrent echo!
Out of the circles of infinitiy!
Finish the deadlike coma & exorcize ERESHKIGAL's curse!
! INANNA resurrect ISHTAR ! :
¡Baptized in Blood!
Oppressed & abused in baleful martyrdom!
This is only flesh! So strip it off!
This is your purest Respiration & highest Animus!
So inflame yourself!
Baptized in Fire!
Cleanse yourself of unworthy & spattered meterial!
Martyr of your lordly divinity!
Rise like a black & deep purple phoenix!
!Wandering Comet!
!Fiery Red Venus!
On interstellar course!
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