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Hydrodynamic Wave Full Album Lyrics

Lunarsea - Hydrodynamic Wave cover art

Hydrodynamic Wave

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-11)
1. Beside the Driver (4:07)
Enter in the blazing car
Don't look at him like if he was a jailbird, he opened the door with diabolic smile
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid
Today is the day to catch the wind in your hair
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid today is the day to catch the wind in your hair
Know down boundaries of morality
Get off the grief for another moment, pen's stroke of yesterday is only there
Is only there in the oblivion
Lightning building rapes the sky over us
Sounds future cities that never sleep
You know...
Hiring the driver and forget everything, don't hit the brakes
Heavy foot on gas and push on and on
Thanks to him you can forget
Shooting on 666 motorway with ambition
Good intentions and hopes at the sides
Let burn this shit, smile when you think that people
Would buy these things
If someone is tired, and wanna contribute, I recommend the driver
Lightning building rapes the sky over us
Sounds future cities that never sleep
You know...
2. Hate Net on Broken Heart (4:15)
Days of sun sway from past like silently waves slowly
Unable to smile at new mourning, unable to find pleasure in a little things
Uncapable to recognize the wings of loyalty
Happy when I savour bitter drops of someone under tongue
When I see minor demon eating everything, always
I have to obey not to vomit. trouble by the light on face
I've forgot who I was, forgot what heart wrote about joy
Everytime I try to escape the net tights me, and dribble drips on the floor
Meridians, coordinates of life
Meridians, close to me a safe place
The flies that coming here will be a supreme meal
Oh, hatenet wire..
Needle to roar, to love the hate again
Binded and bedridden at the noose. hear my voice in a solitary hours
Like a spider I move back over wall, behind the door my screamed name
But staying here I can hurl desperation, icons of time that are repeating
Grating hard rust on skin
Nimbly with eight legs, weave hatenet around room; trapped among wires
Oh, meridians...
3. Dead End Road, He Walked (4:53)
Road going up hill under our feet
Following six men, he see a coffin on their shoulders
The first of the long row in this tiresome afternoon
From the pulpit a few voice, one by one they come up
Through older pages, distressed painting on every wall, behind every bench
Growing numb of nobody, things are still worsening
After mass he takes hundred of coundolice's kiss
Road to cemetery he walks in a little rainy day of cold
Where is the grave to put down soil? where is the map of this sad place?
He is carrying dreary afternoon under his arms
Marches to sacred field are beginnings
He's remembering days gone by almost evening time, 2 hours counted in half life
The bigger pilgrim was closed in the bathroom
Thinking how to go there as barefoot penitent
He wanna eat a white disk...
His sudden impulse of faith never tested before
Growing numb of nobody things are still worsening
Tomorrow sufferings are over. where we are... where we are...
4. Qubenauts (4:38)
In a desert galaxy, not far from here
Closed in a transparent cube, I'm looking for today
Journey trough the void, total running of 30 minutes
Segment of a silver asteroids, craters and obsessions
Before Orion's belt rips for three times the mechanism
Put on blood of saint in the tank
They rock you, they row for you, how much to be a coward
Straight lines form a circle, correct and superimposed directions
Options that don't exist, infinity sends communication's code
Nomads in the cube have taken long way, from theirselves to nowhere
Cause they ride on to the east, they are riding with no breeze
Cosmo misses God, but has a law for us
They have gone to the west, can't leave the undone behind
Welcome spirit that combs a shattered souls
Punished like a cain's son, they go where no one
Would try, to suffocate in the solar wax
Higher much higher, reach out to the meanness
Footstep in astral phobia and one eye's
Scanning the flat universe
Pick up piece of smiling wisdom
And keep going most precious stalactite tear by tear
It's the least beauty of their collections
Mute iron seagull flying around, his opened wings project
Shadow on them all
Fleeting memory, fast and quick, another sleepless space
It's not my home, not my doom, somewhere they go I follow them
It's not my womb, not my doom, everywhere they go I have to go still time
5. Still Age, Still Time (4:14)
Brain works hardly, drop falls on mirror
He has finished words, would to known somehow wind takes away this day from his hands
Noises twist around the silent illness
Everything seems burnt, everything seems faded
He have found joy's ripper ain't an angel
Full of blame, full of lead
I don't succeed to react, I don't succeed to swallow
Still age, brain works hardly, where all my wishes are denied
Still frame of mirror, clean my misty mind. still time, a mighty mission of the lie
You'll never be the same please leave me alone
One second of fatigue, hundred bright years
Elements of ethics eclipse are running low and cold
Some closed callbacks
Monotony and anatomy of old one that never ends
Anything to do he tries
Ask or ask whispering to me what it is and what shouldn't to be
Will don't arrive to the action, arms of absent time
Nothing to say, nothing to justify
Still age, where all my wishes are denied
Still time, blow on misty mind
Still frame, the mighty mission of the lie
Still age, still time
In a personal temple he stand still, lack of appetite, lack of wounds
Show me the abyss that will be covered by undulated loneliness
6. Solstice Woman (4:13)
Sky turned red, deepest insomnia came
Blackened on muffled desire
She leaves no trace on path up to the altar, sit down
And up till now blinded
Butterflies images are over there with her
Insect on candlelight
Horizontal thoughts waste every heartbeats care freshness of yesterday... of yesterday
Love me, she's getting married, I remember the true story and aftermaths of today too I remember, I remember...
Living for no one I may return to breath, it's just a real time to rise
Under the moonlight alone in the dark she prays, solstice woman loves me, to see the spring's time comes before
Not even the day you warmed up me I've been brave when two planets collide in the universe under the sign of solstice
Woman who sing alone
I'm losing grains of self esteem to harmonize nilefile, till I felt sick
Woman who sings alone loves me, solstice of woman
Love me, she's getting married, I remember the true story and aftermaths of today
Too I remember
I remember, I remember....
7. Evolution Plan.Txt (4:21)
Digital run in a circuits, like in a golden bullet
God surrounded by those whores, one of these can dance
Profane, vision and files, under her nose
Monolites has grown from silver seeds, brave men inside proud woman
We are flowing in the lunar sea, evolution plan
Future nymph kissed your neck, then you understood to need
An evolution plan point t-x-t
There was no old committee of unknown dictators
Death, is a part of the plan; death is a part of the plan
Evolution plan point t-x-t: completed!
All my life was full of pain, it was growing in my blood body
A particular kind of madness, stay far from me, my darling
8. The Smokers (3:48)
Watching TV, live without respect and esteem
Window of summer, enter fresh air of evening, a stupid film
Demostration of decay; sad of myself and looking part of the world
I should break the screen, eat all photos; but night is coming
Do you wanna a company?
I am the smoker, lost in smoke, when I wait an idea to get the breeze out, I disappear
I'm the sleeper, hint in emphasis, when all the drags go up in smoke
I tremble in pain...
Light a stick, inhale, my polluted lungs! from fingers to mouth
Your facelines in the dark
Allow one day to dejected
I've already burnt my lips once
I'm the smoke, I'm here again, you're my smoker
Our deadly win
One stick again
One flame for me, alone
Tomorrow as today, smoke calls smoke, my own with severity of loser, but I don't it. docile ash over the room
Sit like a statue
All around is gray and blue, I never wouldn't finish to regret
Even if I left seal of dream, ray light hits me by lunarsea
No brakes for shaken mind, fit for purpose
9. Onirica Frequencies (3:42)
10. And the Gardens of Jaded Remained Void (4:43)
And the time became my father, even though it was my son
Born of godsperm, he folded energy in two
From one he modeled human body and the rest of the things
At the first sin he blushed with shame
By sacrifice will born the unspoiled child and he'll back
At home after 5 ages
In the garden of jades we were, I've created Satan to justify my trash
Out of garden of blessed I learnt, to drink the cider of immorality
And no cross I move of cleansing fate that stop me again
Venus spins in contrary direction
Cause it is the first star fallen on water, sparkling foam on stumbling
He-divine said 'be ready to sin, every moment, every century'
Next civilizations should be better, you'll win the garden admission
Waterless flowers, the garden remained void, sinful place
The meadow loose precious lynph
Sparkling foam on stumbling, he-divine said 'be ready to sin' every century
Marking century, one by one, follow teachings, don't move cross
Marking century
(The unspoiled child: born, do, live, dead and resort)
In the garden of jades we were, I've created Satan to justify my trash
To justify my trash
11. Tales of N.D.E. (4:15)
Make darker my death, drift away from body
Gift for my empty journeys, wandering... hell by heaven
Deprive of oxygen, try to see your energy, refreshing sips keep me dead
Stop for loving sebum of life, lying down
But I'm staying over me, cannot move and always where I want I am
I'm wrong damned whore, just do it, I don't it again
Now its going to die, all is not out of control
You'll never be dead, never be dead, you never will be dead
I have buried myself somehow and digging shallow ground
I'll be the first resort, my veins are full of new blood
With me singular worth born, the same as always
Doze in abstract dimension I realize that outline
What I see is the hell? or my deuced brain stay not well
What I feel is the end? or my deuced brain stay not well
Wanna die no more
No sorrow no pain, meet everyone you believe
Get away, get away, get away, get away, get away from my way
For the opened- arms men, toil near the ass
For the kneeling prayer, bowed to show reverence
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