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Indulge in the Macabre Full Album Lyrics

Lucifixion - Indulge in the Macabre cover art

Indulge in the Macabre

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > L > Lucifixion Lyrics (2) > Indulge in the Macabre Lyrics (2)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-03-29)
1. Toe Tag (4:44)
2. Artificially Incinerated (4:10)
3. Cerebral Vortex (5:10)
4. Self Inflicted Autopsy (5:05)
Inside myself a sickness grows
What this is nobody knows
I guess it’s all left up to me
Self inflicted autopsy

Life threatening disease
Crushing mortality
I instigate the chase
Confront it face to face

A sharpened scalpel’s edge
Holds me to my pledge
To see what perpetrates
And to exterminate

Self inflicted autopsy

Incision at the breast
Continues down my chest
The forceps snip away
To aid in making way

Self inflicted autopsy

With both hands I take hold
Of flesh that’s turning cold
Then I fold back the skin
Inspecting what’s within

Self inflicted autopsy

Rib cage sawed open
Leading me to my lungs
Black in color
Covered with rotting sludge

Scrape away
This layer of rotted decay
Only to find
My lungs have been eaten away

The ailment is aware
of my presence there
And it reacts
My blood vessels constrict
And the pressure inflicts an
overwhelming pain

Swelling in my bowels – they
burst open
Bathing me in excrement
Why this futile attempt
My life hangs in the balance
of this premature autopsy

My vision starts to sway
The numbness fades away
My patience growing thin
Blurred judgment does me in

To my stomach it moves
Its cunningness is proved
Carving knife in my grip
My stomach lining’s ripped

Self Inflicted autopsy

Acid leaks from my abdomen
Burning melting me from within
Disease haunts me laughs as I die
My pride ends this bizarre suicide
5. The Grave (5:08)
6. Shadows (6:19)
7. Clinical Horror (5:07)
8. Human Puree (5:41)
9. Ungodly Takeover (4:16)
Séance – a presence of demons
Evil surrounding – invasion
Used for purpose – possession
Manipulated for murder

Driven by a demon deep inside
Searching for my victims – don’t care why
Forced to slaughter humans – massacre
Take their ravaged carcass – sacrifice

Ungodly takeover
Having no self control
Ungodly takeover
Taking an evil toll

Spirit drains my will to live
I try to rid it from my soul
Meditate to set it free
But now I know I’ve lost control

Attached like a parasite
My weakness is what gives it life
Used for its satanic needs
Because of me the earth will bleed

I have thoughts of suicide
To also kill what lies inside
I take a knife and start to chop
Intruder forces me to stop

I look to God in silent prayer
Explaining why I’m in despair
In seconds I vomit the soul
And what of that possession…
No more
10. Taken to the Woods (7:02)
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