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Luciferian Light Orchestra Full Album Lyrics

Luciferian Light Orchestra - Luciferian Light Orchestra cover art

Luciferian Light Orchestra

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, Hard Rock
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Lyrics > L > Luciferian Light Orchestra Lyrics (9) > Luciferian Light Orchestra Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-04)
1. Dr. Faust on Capri (4:24)
Anchor on the coast, enter the path
Climb seven hundred seventy seven steps upwards
and you will see the sphinx just above you.
Welcome friend of Mephistopheles.

We are the friends of darkness
on the island of sin.
Drink tea with the Doctor
He is the Faust of Capri.

Who is the shadow with the red cloak?
Is it true he has cloven hooves under the robe?
Maybe the Devil (or) Tiberius.
He whisper: "You are the lucky one".

We are the friends of darkness
on the island of sin.
Take (your) refuge in the caves.
You're the Faust of Capri.

Once you're blinded by beauty
you're on a shady path.
Take your refuge in the caves.
You are the Faust of Capri.

Island of decadance.
Feel the Lotus scent
Island of decadance.
Feel the Lotus scent
2. Church of Carmel (3:50)
Young girl, come close.
Undress and pray.
Read words in the grimoire
and you won't be the same.
Consume the transubstantion
of the wine and bread
Eat the fruits of Marys womb
You will be like Him.

Take off your dress
join us in the sabbath
Become the Master's mistress
(in the) Church of Carmel.
Down here in the darkness
become one with the cult of damned.

My friend, come close
don't be afraid.
Pitch black candles and a cross
(in) a crypt clothed in velvet.
A naked altar
and a priest with horn,
a shade of Abbé Boullan.
Kneel and drink the Lord

Take off your dress
join us in the sabbath
Become the Master's mistress
(in the) Church of Carmel.
Down here in the darkness
become one with the cult of damned.
3. Taste the Blood of the Altar Wine (3:08)
Taste the blood of the altar wine
(A) drop of nectar and innocence.
Satan’s shrine decorated by
blood red roses and white lillies

Bow before the black crucifix
Hear the demons sing.
singing an anthem for the Lord,
the goat of Mendes, Baphometh.
Darkness arrives
And Master Belzebub will fly.

Speaking in tounges the word of lies
(the) secret truth of the unholy ghost.
Eucharist of Lucifer
reinstall the Witches Sabbath.

Taste the blood of sinister moons.
Celebrate the Mass of Blåkulla.
Dancing witches and incubi,
(are) sharing the wine of the altar.
4. A Black Mass in Paris (3:13)
A Black Mass in Paris
on Avenue de Friedland
hidden in the velvet.

Lyllian, Montparnasse,
Marie on la Coupole,
taboo breaking artists.

Worship Satan
in a Tableu vivant.
Kiss the Master
Ride the Devil

Morning stars in city lights,
shadows in the night.
Do you hear the choir?

Come here with us,
down there, Là-Bas.
Kiss the Master
Ride the Devil

Candlelit passions,
Opium and Absinthe
in covert cults in Paris.

Cult of hellish fire,
an event for noble men
or a ticket to Inferno.
5. Eater of Souls (2:22)
West of the Nile
In the valle of kings
the dead await
Apep's decay.
Mummies in gold
and lapis lazuli
try to defeat
the eater of souls.

Shadow scales, hissing noise
deepest down below
No return from darkness
Eater of all souls.

Eternal life,
the dark art of Kemet,
a heritage
throuh dynasties.
Until our days
inside the pyramids
souls are alive
6. Venus in Flames (4:57)
Flames are burning in Heaven
Flames are burning in Hell

I light your heart
You are Venus in flames,
(a) demon of flesh.
A devil conquers me

She conquers your soul,
your body and dreams.
Sleep for a thousand years
and see your Venus in flames.

Play games of passion inside velvet rooms
Drink wine of Estrus, Aphrodisia.

We hail

Expurgation and trial
Beauty hanging in chains
Love and pain on the altar
See my Venus in flames
7. Sex with Demons (3:39)
I wake up,
lucid dreaming,
touch me now
mighty demon
I can fell
naked nightmares
In the night
I reach for you!

Forbidden love
Forbidden fruit
Is this madness?
I have sex with demons.

Seen by none
You're my only,
in the night
Phantasm of love
kiss me deep
with your forked-
tongue kiss
Coil around
my dreaming mind.

you're the one
in my dreams
come to me.
Demons seed
in a dreaming womb.

Inside me
an ice-cold fire
Night woman
sits on my chest

I will fly
into your cave.
8. Moloch (3:50)
Mighty Master Moloch, the King of Qliphoth,
Lord of Topheth, the valley of Hinnom.

You sit on the throne on
the final frontier of Universe,
a last guardian of the threshold
to the black hole, to the void.

You sit on the throne next to Lord Lucifer,
you are Janus of outer space.
Rempham, the evening and
morning star conjoined.

You are the diamond, you are the eye.

God of death and eternal life
You burn the souls and set them free

The gate you guard is the cosmic maze
You hide true light through veils of darkness.
You are the twin of Lucifer
the mouth of hell and the salvation.
9. Dante and Diabaulus (4:23)
threw me across...

Those gates and follow down with Virgil
Time for you to go down, down the road
Ascend the ladder when you decline
Watch the eyes of Great Diabaulus

Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal

In warped angels
time out of mind...

In Hell you have to start your journey
You have to stare into the dark, dark faces
it is time for you to leave Virgil
and return to your Beatrice

Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal
Teufel... Tiufal

Sinner and Saint
Angel and Beast

The undead awaits the judgement of souls
You better rise to high high mountains
to heights far from the circle of nine.
You finally leave the Purgatory
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