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Gates of Wrath Full Album Lyrics

Lost Legacy - Gates of Wrath cover art

Gates of Wrath

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresViking Metal
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1. Intro (1:49)
In a realm, of a long lost time, when heroes and adventures still crossed the lands,
the dawn was breaking on a new time. It all began in the morning of a splendid new day...
All the lands were living in peace. Ebery being enjoyed the sunrays and the warm wind over
the green fields... But to the lands of fog, far in the east, the sun did never send her rays.
Cold lay over the land, fog had won the eternal struggle against crystal clear air.
For decades, no sunray had ever touched the ground.
Nature had lost the war agaunst unknown elder forces... For one and a half thousand years,
nothing had changed in these lands of twilight. Humans had always avoided to enter the dark
and unholy forests which constituted the border... between the world of light and the world
of twilight. Nor, in all the years, had the peoples of twilight left their home.
And never in all the time which had passed humans had seen one of them. Legends about orcs and
goblins and nameless horrors were told at the fire, or to the children. As a warning.
But no one had ever seen any pf the beings, who were said to live beyond the woods of horror.
The legends were never forgotten, but over the decades, they began to lose their credibility.
On this splendid day, the one to introduce the months of the sun, a man entered the woods of horror.
For the first time in over thousand years.
Alkazar, a mage, had decided to fathom the mysterious land of twilight.
In the cold morning breeze, he crossed the invisible border... and as his feet touched the
ground, things changed and would never be the same again...
2. Awaking of Evil (5:23)
Deep in the swampland
New horror is rising
Out of the shallow
Of time in crawls back now
It is the dark age
The dawning of twilight
Some things that were lost
Come back to the living

In the land of fog
Deadly solitude
Screams of fading life
All humans never heard
In the land of fog
Black mage's rage
Demons now awake
In the dark eternal night

Pale bones
Are witness
For what awoke
In the dark moor

The house of shadows
Had found a new master
It is the end of
Decades of unholy silence
The spell of Alkazar
Woke up the evil breed
What came to life
Shall never fall asleep again!
3. Unholy Alliance (5:55)
Lord of shadows
Lead my way
Show me eternity
As time's passing by
I want to live by your mighty side
To send grief astray
To destroy the men
Give me power
Give me might
I'll lead your army
To the edge of the world
Let us reign over mankind and nature
No might exists
To resist our alliance

Black magic had born
An unseen evil creature
By union of the mages
The new god has arrived

Unbroken power he possesses
The magic of humans
And those of the shadows
In this darkest night
Evil was reborn
And never it shall fall
Back into oblivion
His majesty means the end of the world
Every word he speaks brings damnation to our race
Take a look into eyes full of malice
Fear the day he will reign all the lands
4. Lament of the Lost (4:20)
Alkazar, one of the greatest mages of the empire, was lost in the swampland of fog.
His traces were followed to the first trees of the unholy forest. But nobody dared to go
any further. For the magic circle, it was a bereavement. The friend, who had been company
for many many years, had vanished. Vanished on his journey to discover new secrets.
Most of Alkazar's brothers mourned, because they considered him as dead.
The grey fog that lay deadly over the swampland, slowly turned into bloodred, began
to creep into the lands of light. And with the fog, came the horror. After two days,
all the lands lay under the fog and no sunray could penetrate it. It had brought undead
creatures with him, which hunted the humans. Villages were razed to the ground, mankind was
slaughtered, wherever found. The humans tried to run away, to hide in one of the
big fortresses, but everybody lost his bearings in the red fog. And whoever once had lost
his way, was lost forever.
5. Lost Legacy (5:24)
Old prophecies
Remember the old might
It lies beyond
The reach of all humans
Far away
In the land of north
It sleeps behind
The tower of fire
In slumber eternal

Lost legacy

Ancient might to break the
Power of the unholy forces
A spell which comes from the second days
Remained in abandoned silence
To return in the dark age

The book of mirrors
Conquest of dragons
A gift for mankind
Centuries before our days
The magic circle called
The mighty dragonlord
To help humanity
Out of their misery

Humanity is slaughtered and mankind has no might to stop the killing. They needed help...
An ancient substance described in dark prophecies was their last hope. To reach this
artefact, the mages needed the help of Zoraax, the old lord of the dragons...
They used the book of mirrors, which was once gifted to the race of men by dragonclan
as the wizards gave the promise to the dragons. A promise they shall never forget...
The undefeatable Dragonlord heard the call and appeared over the towers of Dun-Terra
to repay an old dept. More that thousand years ago, the dragon clan and the sorcerers
had given each other a promise: to help one another in a time of sorrow. And this time
seemed to have arrived...
The mightiest of the warriors were elected, to start the quest for the unknown artefact.
Three knights were chosen to fly with Zoraax to the tower of fire and beyond. The hope
of all mankind, they held in their hands... A time of goodbye for the three knights.
6. Life of a Hero (5:09)
Friends for life, forever and a day
Trust and friendship, strength and pride
Warrior in arms, magician casting spells
They'll be brothers, no matter what comes

Many times you saved my life, friend
I won't ever let you down
I trust in you more than everybody else
And I rely on you
My sword will always take care of your back
While your spirit flies away
Now my mission calls me further
But I will find back home

My spells will always protect you
Your armor's magic force
Remember all the battles we fought
Our laughter was glorious
Yes my brother we can get to
The end of the world if we want to
But you'll find your death my dear friend

Never the mage was wrong by telling
What he saw with his magic eye
His friends' death, is getting closer
His trip will be without return
Both they know what's sure to happen
But a warrior knows no fear
Even if he has to die
He'll fight for man and majesty

Far above the ground, the dragon shoots through the air. The tower lies behind them.
The artefact had to be found somewhere in this mystical new land, that unfolded
before their eyes. Zoraax lands and the real quest begins. New horrors await the knights.
They have to fight for their lives against unknown creatures. The wolvespack howls
in the night, when they sleep and their only chance to survive is the dragonlord.
The destructive fire of Zoraax smashes all those who attack the group. Many days have
passed and no trace leading towards the object of the quest was found. Until, finally,
they were recieved by the Sworlac. They are a kind of elves but had to flee in former
times, the so0called first days. Here, in the cold north, they had founded a new civilisation.
They knew the knights were looking for... The dust of angels.
"The dust of angels can only be taken by a real hero. One of you has to prove his might and will.
If you fail, the downfall of all is sealed..."
spoke the king of the Sworlac.
7. Separation of Hearts (1:11)
8. Dust of Angels (6:25)
Oh mighty warriors
Go prove your might
Blinded in darkness
Find your way uot

Zaraax cannot help them
They're left to themselves
This is meant for mankind
To prove their worth

The power of your hearts
Shall lead your way
Trust and follow
And you will succeed

Shadows in the dar
Hunting those brave men
Mortal and weak
They have to succeed

Many heroes had come
To prove their might
The dust didn't follow them all
Its slumber lasted on
And it will if no one breaks the
Spell of the ancient
Who once bound the massive force

The last hope of mankind won't fail
Sworn to win and to bring hail
Now it's time to fight with all force
Against unknown elder might
These three heroes are this last hope
And in vain they try to win their aim

Warcries won't save them
Courage is worthless
Shadows are immortal
And ruin will come

Zoraax cannot help them
They're left to themselves
This is meant for mankind
To prove their worth

One hand so slose now
Their aim is in reach
Hearts are in flames
Mankind got the dust

Shadows in the dark
Hunting those brave men
Mortal and weak
They have to succeed

The three warriors, led by the flames of friendship and honour, really got the Dust
of angels. Once in the hands of mankind, it had the power to save them all. Nothing
would resist this old magic artefact in the hand of a mighty sorcerer.
The King of the Swordlac gave hos congratulations to the three brave men. Their faces,
in which all the pain was carved, were gleaming with pride. Until all three glad faces
slowly turned to astonishment and pain as three arrows were meant to bring death to
these men...
The Swordlac changed their bodies and turned out to be demonic servants of the great
Shaowlord. Two warriors fell, whilst the third was grabbed by Zoraax. On this mighty
wings he evacuated the assassinated knight. And with him the holy dust of angels.
Almost dead he was lying on the back of the dragonlord who carried him away from murder,
treason and death.
9. March of Invasion (7:00)
Horns of war
The clash of weapon
Not to satisfy
The bloodthirst of evil

Once in march they won't
Stop till all humans
Were sent to the great gates
Of the underworld
They're superious in
Number and viciousness
They're protected by the immortal shadowlord

I'm the diamond of night
Your dowfall is sealed
This world is mine
I'm he king of all life
I'm the master
My kingdom shall come
Now and until
The end of all days

Human sorcerers
Fighting with magic might
To proect men
From the black energy
Endless days of war
They are exhausted
They no longer
Can resist the nameless beast

The last mighty spell
Thrown against (the) darkness
Thunder and fog
Everyone fears death
Unknown creatures
A battalion of immortals
Demons conjured up
From the seventh dimension

Zaraax flew over the battlefield and landed behind the walls of Dun-Terra to present
the dust of angels. But the last magician had already found his death in the astral
fire of destruction. The ;ast chance for mankind had lost it's worth. Nobody was left
to use it. They had come too late. Zoraax straightened up and set free a blasting loud
and magic scream. Faster than the wind his brothers followed his call.
10. Dragon’s Call (0:44)
Eleven mighty dragons, in gold, blue and silver, races towards the battlefield.
Zoraax spread his wings and joined them. The last bastion finally was thrown into battle...
11. Dragonfire (6:27)
Powerful in endless beauty they're releasing the
Dragonfire giving death to all dark forces
Silver, gold and blue the colours of immortal
Beasts hat fight for life and mankind no mater how
Hard the spells of dark ones (are) thrown against last might
Save all men, resist the invasion
Or be killed and life will fade on this world

Dragons soar up, blasting
Destructive fire into
The army of the evil
To bring death to them all

Dragons full of might, magic flames, udacity
Almost immortal, raging Beasts, in thirst for blood
Crushing crunching orks, everything that fights against
This last fight will show, if our race will stay alive

Dragons are defeated
All the sorcerers fall
Covered by dead corpses
The world awaits the end

Faster now and ever harder the raging has
Turned to fury never ending until they die
Dragons can't give up and they won't but in the end
Magic burns even the hardest of all armours
One by one the lords of sky stumble in agony
Until even the last one has found it's death
Almost victory the evil has come to the
Last stronghold of men, the gates of wrath

The army of the evil, demons and the twilight people, started up to their dark lord,
who floated in the air, above the slaughter. One single place was left for mankind,
after they had lost their magic, their dragons and mos of their heroes.
Dun-Terra is no longer. It had been destroyed in the astral fury of the black one.
But the victory won't be complete till the last human had exhaled his life. And so
it was time for the last confrontation. The evil had reached the gates of wrath...
12. Gates of Wrath (5:06)
Not far away, at the end of daytime
Orcs in the dark praise the evil one
They hail their god, victimizing humans
Beasts shall be revealed with blood
Thousands of deaths lie on the wasteland
Sun sets soon and the moon will call
Awakening of evil (they will) fight till dawning
Human flesh will burn

Wisdom and pain
The pair of the immortals
They shall bring death
The downfall of creation

In the night the evil presence
Creeping out of graves and darkness
Insanity of undead fighters
Weapons will be blackend red
The dark forces greedy to feel
All the flesh and red blood
Humans damned to suffer
Cause the Slaughter doesn't end

Dusk wakes the dark forces of evil
Ready to run 'gainst the gates of wrath
Humans await the shores of nightfall
Undeads crawl for blood
Red is the colour flowing out of
The gate of wrath as the humans die
They had no chance to escape the slaughter
Their destiny was death

Sunset reveals
The end of our race
Their own creation
Had brought them to their end

Humans wish for more might
To be rich and to the best
Brought the shores of hell to life
Bloodthirst created by the men
Black magic did take
All humans to their graves
No one has the chance to flee
Ending in pain and fear
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