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Celestial Pestilence Full Album Lyrics

Lord Of War - Celestial Pestilence cover art

Celestial Pestilence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Technical Deathcore
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-12)
1. Contact (1:06)
2. Celestial Pestilence (5:24)
As something had emerged from tenantless expanse

It became clear the cessation was identified

Yet how majestic was the sight

Attestant to rarefaction

Ineffectual planets lost

Obsessed I return to gaze

This adverse luster I praise

Galaxies diminish

Whole worlds are then turned into dust

From which they had been born

Boundless it consumes only to expand

A once empty void impregnated with its mass

Its approach salient from earth

In awe man stands in question

Is this beginning or end

We submit to empyrean onslaught

This world has been condemned

Yet as I watch this absolute chaos

Beauty lives despite voluminous loss

I cannot believe

Beauty lives despite voluminous loss

Our universe ravaged by stardust

Devoured in a cloud of visual euphoria

This glorious cloud enraptures me

Countless lives obliterated

In the celestial haze

We submit to the star born onslaught

Satisfied by it's embrace

As everything falls away

My mind is somehow sane.

The ones I love are reduced to ash

Yet, I am still sane

The world crumbles apart and I am the last man on earth

I observe everything die as I observed the sky

Apathetic was the fall, as I was entranced by the lights

With a smile on my face, I feel my flesh waste away

With the last moments of my life, I think how funny this picture is

Mankind spent so much time pondering how the world would end

Do you think they ever thought that nobody would care

Did you ever think that it would end by celestial pestilence

3. Hamunaptra (4:19)
Buried beneath the sands in times of ancient lands

Lives a story left untold

Of all these wretched things brought forth

From unknown beings sent down upon the earth

To enslave all of man to breed with whom they can

To finally give birth

The pyramids

Hold the secrets that we must reveal

Uncover the truths the antiquated have purposely sealed

The ever aged tombs house their extrinsic wombs

Where malignant plots are spawned

Volition’s for the taking, has man become forsaken?

In this new age that has dawned

The pyramids

Held the secrets that we have exposed

Profess the truths, and this nightmare can come to a close

When all has been revealed

And the last crypt has sealed 

Will this woe cease, or start anew

Fettered and bound is something we will not become

Was the revelation of their existence

The birth of solution

Or the root of our ultimate undoing

Our fate has been sealed
4. Warpath (4:56)
5. Bury Your Living (1:51)
6. Internment (0:48)
7. The Machine (5:43)
Calibration of the sytem was caused by user error

Deception tends to listen refer to human terror

Gears of force set in motion to erase what has been deemed

Volatile to the blueprints mankind must not succeed

Out come all of the lies like an assassins blade

The machine rectifies all those who’ve strayed

Just when you’re wondering how you’ll escape this fate

The cybernetics gently course into your veins

As nano technology flows into your brain

They slowly remove, erase, take away the pain

Leaving you a slave programmed tools for their amusement

Mysterious enclave time at last for binary internment

Count on nullified manifest suppression of free will

Warning this is not a test you have been set to kill

Just when you’re wondering how you’ll escape this fate

The cybernetics gently course into your veins

As nano technology flows into your brain

They slowly remove, erase, take away the pain

Objective terminate MK Ultra activation

Rewired to hate kneel to this synthetic salvation

The machine

This virus has spread throughout the entire system

Remote controlled while you’re asleep inside the cistern.
8. The Awakening (8:14)
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