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Vessel of The Void Full Album Lyrics

Ljuska - Vessel of The Void cover art

Vessel of The Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-13)
1. Orphans of The Lord (6:48)
Not a single step shall be made
Nor will this soul come closer or hinter
To the temples of the world
Asking for food and shelter
Not one more breath will be taken
Nor another heartbeat heard
for this false glory
and the blind idols of pride
And never shall I taste
the blinding colours of the light
but stand right in-between them
with clear vision and sight

Place in me, the recievers of thy will

To raise the monument
of silence within
To shiver alone
in darkness and cold
Standing naked in the rain that
cleansing this flesh and soul
building thy bleak temple

Insert in this flesh the recievers of thy will
By the means of hurt and pain

Not a single motion shall be made
Nor a strive towards
the light that stands
offering the rotten fruits of the world
Not one more drop of this poisoned water
will be taken
into this dry troath that sings
prayers unto the Lord

Starving for his bread
Starving for his wine

To raise the monument
of sorrow within
To tremble and shiver
in the darkness and silence
Standing alone in the tempest and storm
Come now, father, bless thy orphan children
2. Thanatos Beacon (4:29)
There is this hunger, this famine
for you flesh and your blood
for the world torn asunder
and the utter deconstruction
Into the pieces and fragments
of its living and pulsating core
so it may rust in you sight
drag them all into thy light
And scatter the fragments
upon the ruins and corpses
There is this need, this craving
to follow the spiral
that dark and silent noise
of the perpetual driller
That dips itself into the mud
of this structure of fear
Digging and diving
making straight the paths of the Lord

To fall beneath the known
To hear the soundless voice
That beckons far beyond
the reasons of the world
In the desert of silence and cold
of the absence of motion and will
Stands a tower, a beacon
To light the path of solitude

This hunger, this holy strife
For your bread and your wine
For a blessing that shatters
Leaving the world in utter silence
And in graves and tombs
Of this wet and cold earth
so it may decay in your embrace
cutting all before it sprouts

Tongues of fire
erode the slumber

To walk under the light
That shines from the source unknown
On this road sown with thorns
Following the nameless call

From the shreds and ruins
Of the world set ablaze
The Silence beckons demanding:
(make) straight the paths of the Lord
3. Amplification of The Blessings (7:29)
Initiate the blinding of the eyes
In order to behold the glory
terrible before the weakness of sight
and with the treat of eruption
The downward spiral
Commence the deafening of the ears
For the purpose of hearing the grace
Roaring silence closer than any sound
and with the treat of consuming
Motionlessness corrupts the thoughts
and they plunge into the river
that runs beneath
That which matters now is
that which never mattered at all
The steps on the spiral

Tune up the sounds of terror
For these eyes have beheld the night
And they will never be put to rest
until they reach again that blissful sight

Scale up the hungry muteness
For this maggot has witnessed the waves
And the fluttering of the blackest silk
Over the coldest and palest feet

Let the core of every construction
feel the beating of this very heart
that lies silent, empty and hollow
beneath and under
Maximize the weight of this coil
for the spinning has yet to approach the point
of the most dreadful deprivation
And where everything seems to stop

Tune up the sounds of terror
For these eyes have seen the night
And they will never be put to rest
until they reach again that blisSful sight
Scale up the hungry silence
For this maggot has witnessed the waves
And the fluttering of the blackest silk
Upon the very wind of Death
Tune up the pain of terror
For this chest beats for the night
And the wispering winds of the nameless beauty
Deeply silent, so dire
Amplify the weight of fatigue
For the worm fell in love with the night
And with the blackest of silks
And with the darkest of all lights
4. Whores of The World (4:51)
Gates of (this) heaven are screaming and creaking
As they open for thee to behold
the sight Magnificent and wide, universe alike
The land promised through the saints and prophets of time
Can you smell the holy stench of this Eden on Earth
As it spreads, breeding and pulsing
Devouring in hunger
Swirling in its own guts and filth
Rumors started to gather around this motion
Of faith, creed and ambition
Dwelling around its empty self
They started to spin and move
What they did erected from just being present
in the front of this marvelous atrocity
is the core of the World itself
The essence of the greatest deceit
Descend down, oh breath of the true parasite

Asemble this hall
this room with no windows and doors
And a voice desperate to speak
Receiving the echo of itself

Erect these walls
the borders that stood noble and proud
And the one desperate to confirm
his being, his truth, his world

vision of time - seed of loss
The seed of loss
The vision of time
Will this knowledge reveal the meaning of the lie?
The dream of life, joy and cry
embracing everything in its sight
Every vision under light
Strives to fulfill its filth and blight

Assemble this hall
this room with no windows and doors
And a voice eager to talk
Receiving the echo of itself
Assemble this Shrine
this temple of hunger and lust
of the one who craves to know
is there more to be owned

Hear the desire contracting
giving the birth
To the prostitutes and whores of the World
5. The Involentery Recognition (7:13)
How blind is the one who sees?
How dull the one who claims to knows?
For there is no greater illusion
from the concept of self-knowledge
How fallen is the one who flies?
How weak the strongest one?
For there is no returning beyond the point of
the involuntary recognition
The fear of the will-lessness
The searing anchor
How small is the greatest one?
How profoundly meaningless the most important?
For the words hide simply nothing behind them
Or do they?
How hollow is the happiest one?
How ugly the most beautiful?
For the child needs a mother
and so does the virus its host

Surrender, Fall
Entwine, Embrace

How the rise of coldest depths
brings nothing more than its painful self
For in order to bring about the light
one must know how to free the spark

Is the greatest mystery of all
hidden not within the blinding of a thought
but in the trembling sound
of the moving wings of a fly?
The fear of the will-lessness
The involuntary Recoginiton
May the anchors enter
sealing all the doors
keeping them shut
until the very rising of a dawn

The assumption of what lies behind the motion of the world?
What lies behind the motion of the world?
What lies behind the motion?
What lies behind?
What lies?

Is the shoreline of all decisions
just a round-trip's starting point
and with the ticket of the utter hope
he streaches his weak arms towards the unknown
At the screen of the future
projected from the memorised past
he creates the greatest illusion
the feeling of continious existence
6. Husks of Light (4:45)
These halfwits keep on
circling in the dust
breeding a profane stench
the concequence of lust
Behold the view
from the top of the world
Valleys and hills, lands and cities
born from the filth of sleep
that swirls in this husk
thinking of breathing

I call to thee
not knowing your name
there is something
in your eye

None will manage
to escape the storm of all storms
Can you hear, can you sense
The losing of it all

Painted, molded, managed
to cover up the production
of profound dullness
Animated, corrected, raped
to feed the hunger and the daze of the world

Entwine with corpses
Renew the dead
There is the wall at the end
Black wall painted with blood
from smashed skulls
Of those who had no eyes to pierce
through the tickest dark

Someone is wathcing you
from the shadows
Something is seeping
through your walls

None will manage
to conceal the birth of this star
Outshining all that is
Burning these light's husks
7. Vessel of The Void (8:01)
Maran atha!
Opening of the outer non-sphere
dreaming the shape, the gate and the entrance
Striving upwards, the craving to touch the none
this shell is yearning, crying for such
Light, unreachable, distant
yet present in front of the hands
that constantly try to touch
but all escapes from their grasp
The warmth and the cold ceases
within the rays of thy
and the flow, not to be seen
yes, this shell, craves for thee
The pain embraces
the ribcage of the flesh
it pulses together
with the solitary heart
The sorrow travels
through the flesh nerve network
entwining itself
with the core of the vessel

Opening be praised!
As the dire winds bluster through
the cavities and holes of the love
The outer non-sphere
spill the shining bliss, pour thy joy
most beautiful, so sincere
Drops of brightest light
dripping from thy pitcher held high
in silence profound
Slithering through this dry larynx
this gaping mouth with cracked lips
starving for thee, only for thee

As weak flesh trembles
it is not alone in the fall
for even the mightiest will perish
due to the weight of the soul

In the front of the presence
the source never revealed
How tiny the world becomes
unvealing what it truly is

Marana tha!
Invisable, omni-present!
The bleak are the fields of interior
cold like the lonely heart
that needs thy command in order to pulse
So come, pour, descent, rain down
from the highest of the depths profound
from the silence behind every sound
to engulf, impregnate this craving ground

The bliss embraces
the ribcage of the flesh
it pulses toghther
with the heart in love
The silence travels
through the flesh nerve network
entwining itself
with the core of this vessel

Immersing be prised!
As the zephyr caresses
the forests and hills of love
The outer non-sphere
spill the blessings, pour the joy
most beautiful, so sincere
In the hidden place
behind all waves and cycles
the song is sang
in silence profound
May its tone be heard
its words remembered carved within
the lifes' very structure

Come light, coil!
This flesh is the vessel of the void
Fertile be this soil
This soul is the vessel of thy void
Come! Let this blood boil
This spirit is the vessel of the void
Come and never recoil!
This being is the vessel of thy void!
8. The Hole And The Eye (9:35)
Stranger, you live
This voice is yours
it's you that I hear and see
All that crawls in this pit
All the life, parasites and worms
Are but a dust for the tempest
A waterdrop for the fire

Yes it is all nothing and none
Hollow reflector and moving deceit
With its roots plunged in nowhere
Yes it is all none and nothing
A hole filled with temporary pulse
with the essence of a trader
But this hole is within
It carved its home, created condition
And a structure, a building
Celebrating its inhabitant
Then he started his work, set the price
Opened the doors, put the signs
With a confident smile on his face
and the stench of the holy ground
He began to spread his word around

Stranger, I saw thee
As you spoke with the whores
I heard your voice and felt your limbs
moving and making noise in the pit
My hands are cold
I'm freezing in the wind
a stray dog, thin to the bone
eating dust, sleeping on stones
My hands are cold
I'm lurking in the dark
in lightless cellar of dripping moisture
Neglecting every pain and pleasure

What is the cost of searching
for The Eye
This faint, hurt and sorrow
The love of no tomorrow
What is the price of craving
to reach behind it all
Piercing through the present
Gazing into the darkness of the abyss

To reject the offers of the trader
Through scope to watch the stranger
With the rifle pointed into the mirror
To pray not for the salvation,
For this pity dealer and whore
To ask not for the heaven
for it is the ultimate pleasure
and the kingdom of the joker
that wears the crown of paper

I shiver not from the cold
that pierces this body and soul
But from thy presence, Lord
So firm, silent and bold
I tremble not from the weight
of the shadows under my skin
But from thy light
Shining so deep and bright

Nothing more to see,
Nor something to discover
In this hollow chamber, this hole
No one could be found,
To dig up the mountains and to swim in the volcanoes,
to conquer the hell and taste the bliss of heaven
All is nothing
I am the hole
You are the Eye
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