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Total War Power Bastard Full Album Lyrics

Lizzard Wizzard - Total War Power Bastard cover art

Total War Power Bastard

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresStoner Metal, Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-30)
1. Threat Level Demon (5:04)
Run away
But you can't fucking get away
Goblin arrows from the high ground
And they're killing you
Not even level two

Seven years
At training academy
Can't find the fight
Are you kidding me?

My horse is tired
My ass is bruised
Woke too late
Born to lose

[Pterodactyl scream]

(Run away)
Can't get far
What's a D6
(Run away)
I don't have dice
2. Dadfather (7:02)
Every dad has a dad
And his dad
Has a dad

My dad's razor has cut me
It was the smell of Listerine
SPF 30 for this son
Sun damage is for no one

Yeah I'm drinking a beer
What's it to you?
Yeah I'm taking a piss
What's it to you?
Yeah I'm wearing very short shorts
To mass
To prom
To funerals
Yeah I'm drinking a beer

Every dad has a dad
And his dad
Has a dad
3. Nerd Smasher (3:34)
Punch my fist
Through your face
Through the goddamn wall

Fuck your bond
Fuck your bond
Fuck your bond

Your defacement
Your mother's basement
She worked so hard

You take my time
I'll take your life
Now I'll take it all

Left for dead
The fucking ground
Meets your fucking head

Smashing nerds
Is my craft
I'll see tomorrow
You're fucking bashed

You fedora looking motherfucker
Take your game back to the back of Comicon
Get away from my sister
And back to packing up the game of life
Again - F U C K Y O U
4. Shthead Nihilism (8:41)
Real eyes
Can't socialize

A mind unleashed
A shithead masterpiece

Am I being detained

A sea of piss
We'll drown in it
Minds controlled by
The government
Sees your glans
Through airport scans
It's reptile hands
That pull the strings
That kiss your offspring
Queens and kings
Under the Pentagon
Sipping their dom
And fancy cheeses
You're on your kneeses
Praying to Jesus
How can you allow
This cold-blooded shit show?
God is a shadow
5. Pizza (6:25)

Vegan friendly
6. Snake Arrow (7:01)
7. Medusa but She Gets You Stoned Instead of Turning You to Stone Instead of Snakes She Has Vaporizers on His Head...Drugs (4:49)
So sorry I cant stay
It's a comfy couch
But it's Monday

I'm already late
But I love

Hell yeah
I want to

That's a great poster

But she gets you stoned
Instead of
Turning you to stone
Instead of snakes
She has vaporizers on his head
8. Crystal Balls (5:58)
Born under a bad sign
A crescent moon
The masked magician (and he's serpent kissing)
An eye of newt

Whatever the fuck
Low level spells (from the nine foul hells)
I bought for a buck

I can't come up with
Any more of this stuff
It gets real hard
It gets real tough

Part man
Part machine
Keeping the streets safe
Keeping them clean

Titanium alloy
Around a human heart
Killed by an asshole
And his counterparts

Where is my house?
Where is my wife?
I want it to end
Not my marriage, my life

Six million dollars is fine
For a gun at the base of his spine
What do you mean it makes more sense
To put a fucking gun in the side of his thigh?
9. Megaflora (8:26)
From beneath
Black the sun
With wings of leaf

As above
As below
Pale blue dot
Swallowed whole
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