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Whom Aeons Tore Apart Full Album Lyrics

Lepra - Whom Aeons Tore Apart cover art

Whom Aeons Tore Apart

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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1. Putrefaction Gnosis (5:51)
O' my holy crowned goddess
Dwells in the depths of the dark
Sneaking through the winding tunnels
Spread your wings in the lightless nights!

Mythical knowledge underneath
The all-sacred burial grounds
The hungry depths are flooded now
With your holy pouring blood
Embrace me with your light
Enthralling daughter of Daath
Mother of daemons - Summoner of Dreams
I've found your grace in timeless fears!

Walking the post-mortem state of the path
Towards the womb of uttermost dark
Narrow corridors of nothingness
Where shades are tearing my soul apart

...to consummate
the highest fate

The Fall of Man – the Fall of Flesh
Kundalini awakes in yearning lust
With oneiric horrors of paroxysms
Stigmatizes my bewitched heart

Created in the image of God
Blessed by the venom of the snake
Illuminated in the darkest Void
And taken the final steps beyond the spheres
2. The Desert Womb of Nod (5:23)
I stare into distant nowhere and fear none anymore
Wandering the wastelands with a sanctified vow
My ensanguined hands are constricting the branch of thorns
Forever on my side those seven silent tribes

Depraved hokum of immoral paradise
Exiled us out the strict order of God
We received the strength at Samael's side
For the new heresy reinforces on our ruins

The venom of scorpions fortify us
O' mighty children of foundless blood!
Tonight we erect the greatest temple
Ever built on Earth heralding his might

The mysteries of the first murder
Mark our lives and our offsprings' fate
We bear the secrets of treason and glory
And wreathe his lineage with sweat and blood

On the condemned lost land of Nod
Where the Mother Desert takes care of us
We are sentenced to wander in our hearts
His Odyssey we bear forever

Thousands of years in struggle have passed
We congregate on the ruins of our past
Spiritually leprous outcasts we are
Repugnant predators of the deranged life
3. Beheaded Transcendence (6:28)
Cracking sculpture of narrow time and Cosmos
A golden shot into the veins of abstract decline
Sunken beneath the realm of perpetual revolt
Where a Great Serpent chained in sleep for Aeons…


Planes set on fire the gates yet have been closed
Borders of blood spawned from despot mouths
Come forth the East ye' burning Shadow-God!
Merge into the thunders and outburst disgust!

Arise from western waters! great abyss wanderer!
The slaves shall serve! The kings will reign!


Enchanting dethroned majesty
Your dissonance forces its way through us
Somber chants from the profoundness
Resonate through our scorching throats

Tormented through birth and birth
Torn by the vultures of daylight
Dropped in a lair without remembrance
Where memories and fears shall be erased

With unbroken lust for abyssal truth
In the deepest chasm I've found my redemption

...and the gates now burn in cremating fires!
4. Wrecked on the Ruins of Time (6:02)
I've beheld through the empyrean veil
The grand Colossus of Time
And witnessed the seals of parallel worlds
Broken by Hegemon's primordial hunger

Excruciated hearts in a yawning throat
A great abyssal maze above the Void
We are forever lost to the world
Thus in our footsteps haunts the silence

Boundless memories of millions of years unleash!
The shell of foresight devoured in this fearful act
Under the weight of time the isolated heart collapses…

Unity of dream and death I shall be
The great cosmic Nekromanteion
Where the desolate qliphothic reflections
Inhale the spheres of my holy abandonment

Fallen to the deepest inner-self
Starving hyenas abhorrent whispers
Haunt my dreams and inhale my oblation
In the divine solitude of decaying flesh
The black moisture irrigates the soil
And breeds new forms of antagonistic worlds
5. Aureole of Flies (8:33)
The dust of uncreation marked us upon our hearts
Arise great Lord of Flies! Thy time has come!
And the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee
Directeth my steps across the Abyss…

By wandering amongst
Desolate fields and collapsed ruins
O’ swirling depths of time!
Open chasms to abyssal truth!
The horror of lost balance is consuming the sin
Of profane punishment beneath…

O’ the countless scripts you have read
Through the ages of search
Where are they now when you stand
At the borders of the world
Naked like a flayed beast
Deprived of pride and gem
Abandoned with your senses
Try to name the nameless

The unknown resonates monotonously
With monstrous whispers from beyond

A great new deluge is imminent
Sacred judgement, I feel your breath

The putrid Moon is drowning in the sea
As gods are crawling in the faceless depths
In massive cloaks of incoherent darkness
Our Promethean idol is resuscitated
Pseudo-scripts of illusions in flames now
The theology of flesh has never existed
We proudly glorify the Era of Flies
Pandemonic halo on His infinite might

When you stand abandoned
In the last magickal cosmic dance
Where the trance of countless bizarre spheres
Separates you from the final astral Death
The prophecies of the night are revealing now
By the gift of the golden tongues
As generations of dust obey thou Father
And the multitude on Earth worship thee
6. Epoch of Rust and Decay (7:19)
There's a great fire cloaked beyond perceptions
That consumes all the fires beneath the World
A Hadean torch of foresight and divination
Numinous presence from the deserted heavens
Upon the last days on the overcrowded Earth
The trumpets have been blown
A last nuclear testament


Worship the snake who made us a wicked race
Yet able to awake and outshine the rust
Across the fuming surface of toxic seas
With overwhelming power the lost sophia shines


We have the eyes to see His light
We have the ears to hear His voice
We have the senses of deathless nights
Under mushroom clouds we bury the Sun

And those ones who walk
In the depths of the Darkness
They will see the greatest of all lights
From the poison of divine presence
Our hearts are open wide…
7. Decomposition of Adam Kadmon (4:43)
Submerging in hypnotic trance facing deterioration
The golden towers ascend onwards the great parched colonnade

The climate of hidden fear brought us amusement
As a transcendent insight within apophatic sacraments

Gazing on the Great Martyrdom when all breaths come to naught
By inhaling the astral dust of the starless crossroads
Here the bare soil only devoured and inbreathed death thus far…

Here lies the Omnipresence deep the vacant space and found refuge out of time
A pearl drowned in matter Aeons and Aeons ago
yet prevails the stellar Interregnum

"Therefore, become seekers for Death, like the dead who seek for life; for that which they seek is revealed to them. And what is there to trouble them? As for you, when you examine Death, it will teach you election. Verily, I say unto you, none of those who fear Death will be saved; for the kingdom belongs to those who put themselves to Death."
The Apocryphon of James (6:1–19)
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