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Something unknown Full Album Lyrics

Kingcrow - Something unknown cover art

Something unknown

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-27)
1. Children Of Technology (5:24)
There's a shadow that treads the thought
And fear is its only whip
Destiny ends under a dying sun
Hybrid beings who creep in dust

Creation of the human
brain without heart
Velvet hands of the new
God that move in dark

Children of technology
Children of a new world

Bribed prophets who sell desires
sell the ticket to our end
heaven in hell under a burnin' moon
and we die with a smiling face
2. Envy And Die (4:06)
Many voices about my plans
by your lips of hate
many voices about a dying king

Now my fate is moving
while you're falling on your knees
watch my mighty kingdom
feel the power we bring!

I will smile tonight
Watching you envy and die

Lord above
we pray for your mercy
we know the price
for all who speak about
we know
3. The Black Tower (7:03)
Many lights that shine so high
Burn above your head
Many miles on your way
Through another land

you'll never reach the end
you'll never reach the end

Man in black on your way
On a desert plane
Tarot cards call three men
from another world

Day and night on his way
your insanity ,the reason of your life

Black Tower Is Your Aim
Another Dimension
Black Tower is Your Aim
Is Your Obsession

Into your subconcious mind
You're travellin' on
The meaning of exsistence
To you is shown

Three are your ways to it
three doors for the call of three

Black Tower Is Your Aim
Another Dimension
Black Tower is Your Aim
Is Your Obsession........
What happens in your head?
Where is your final day?
At the end...
Their fate in your hands
Your destiny is the edge
Of the world

Oh - They are ready to go!
Oh - There are so many worlds
4. Can My Soul Fly Free (8:02)
Can My Soul Fly Free
Sunrise will come slowly
What do you think and Dream?
Where are you going with your head?
Another day in your pain...
There is a thing in my head
That makes me so sad and strange...
When I Look the Great Blue Sky
Every day above My Head...

Heavy heart on my way
Can my soul fly free?
Without wings - Down in the cage
Can my dream fly away?

Out of the world
the tears that I have shed
Deep in my mind
where the dream is right
there's a place in my soul
where the emotions are free
and I know that this place
isn't only a dream
Can my soul fly free?
Can I realize my dreams?
5. Falling World (3:42)
Falling World
Here I'm waiting on the edge of night
where walking shadows sorround the light
While the world is falling down

Here I'm standing in my darkest dream
In the temple of immortal kings
Icy walls of glass are crashing slow

Is this vision only in my head?
Or is the world going to the end?

Falling World - Goes Down
Falling World - Into The Edge Of Time
Falling World - Goes Down
Falling World - Into The Edge Of Time

When I sleep the vision came in my head
Human sacrifice - black wings of death
Fly high on a dying earth

The seed of decadence is growing fast
Its fruits are deadly - its trees are dead
While the sky is falling down
6. Something Unknown (4:49)
Something Unknown
Comes always in the night
Carried away by the waves
Sometimes - Something - Somewhere....

Something Unknown

See me in the night under Moonlight's gold
see the sorrow in my soul
seeking the truth - I'm driftin' away
Watch me pray in the light of day
Silent is the air in my dark dream

Carried away by the waves...
Carry On
7. Kingcrow (3:43)
8. All I Want (5:48)
Burning eyes and large black wings
Fly in your dream
Dead skin mask and icy breath
in your destiny

Yes - I'm kingcrow
Well - I'm kingcrow
I catch the fear in your soul

Yes - I'm kingcrow
Well - I'm kingcrow
I catch the fear in your soul

Born by the river of the night
into your dreams
I am the nightmare
of Childhood's Sleep
9. My War (11:00)
All I Want
A Holy Flame that burns inside
and Only I know -the pain tonight
'cause I try to save myself
From the Grave
In the night Evil Eyes are watching me
dying Alone

Back to my life- Back to my pain
Every second I've lived
Dark is the way of memory's eyes
My heart is heavy again...

Fear is the key of our decay
Frozen in pieces of my dream
Waves on the sirens who call my name
Down in the ocean of life

Oh All I Know, it's too late for the prayer
Oh-All I Want , is the peace of my mind
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