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Ear Candy Lyrics

King's X - Ear Candy cover art

Ear Candy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-09)
1. The Train (3:06)
Step up and step aboard, your seat is to the left.
Leave all your bags behind and tighten up your metal belt.
Last time aboard the train that goes around the world.
Last time aboard the train.
Last time aboard the train that goes around the world.
Around the world.
You leave us all behind, you start to feel the pain.
(last time aboard the train...)
Don't try to take the ride, sit back and let it rain.
(last time aboard the train....)
Last time aboard the train that goes around the world.
Last time aboard the train.
Last time aboard the train that goes around...
flying ... around the world ... flying.
Last time aboard the train that lives inside my world.
Last time aboard the train. I'm going 'round the world
2. (Thinking and Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do (3:43)
So would you take me for a ride
and let me know that I'm alive
Oh sometimes I wish I never
had a question for a clue to anything
All this wondering and this thinking
and wondering and this thinking
and wondering what I'm gonna do
So many reasons to believe
I am so easily deceived
Oh, sometimes...
3. Sometime (3:47)
Sometime, I want to give
Sometime, I want to take
Sometime, I want to run
Sometime, I want to stay.
Sometime, sometime, sometime, sometime.
Sometime, I want to love
Sometime, I want to hate
Sometime, I want to build
Sometime, I want to break
Sometime, sometime, sometime, sometime.
Sometime, I want to live
Sometime, I want to die
Sometime, I want to believe
Sometime, I want to get high and fly.
4. A Box (4:39)
Lonely days will come and go,
nothing new unless you're bold,
revolution #19 brand new wave of anger
Stain yourself with pumpkin pie, liquid tattoo I got mine,
don't forget forgetfulness, call it deconstruction
There is no room inside a box,
there is no room inside.
Way down in the deep depress,
colder than the coldest yes,
we all know of loneliness
others to another,
just a place to run and hide
just a place to free your mind,
just a place to break the chains
and find whatever matters
There is no room inside a box,
there is no room inside.
5. Looking for Love (2:58)
I want to, I got to, I need to move on down the line.
If not to, to make me, I should have stood behind the lines.
What is this, what have I, What am I? Not what you see.
So take me, so use me, I'm stupid I don't want to
Oh, Lookin' for love
A standard, a program, religion burns me at the stake.
I questioned, I listened, I worshipped. How can I relate?
I worked so hard at it ... oh Lord the bruises and the burns.
I just don't, don't get it. I guess I lost my faith.
Oh, Lookin' for love
6. Mississippi Moon (3:11)
Today I walked.
Today I ran.
Today I tried to figure who I am.
Yesterday we played in our waterfall...
Dancing with the Summer...laughing at it all.
Over the Mississippi moon...
Have to make myself remember,
it's something that I used to know.
Over the Mississippi moon...
Got to get myself together,
I've started seeing blue and gold.
Today I flew over the hill.
Reaching for that feeling, that one more thrill.
Yesterday the same, tomorrow never knows.
I carry all my life wherever I go
7. 67 (4:41)
Based on the information hangin' on my brain,
put it all together, and this is what I get
Kinda like an acid trip you'd take in '69
When it was stronger
Looked in the mirror and this is what I see,
no matter how hard I try I just can't let it be,
cut off all my dreadlocks and now I'm
feeling free, here comes my neighbor.
67 stations watching cable television in the bedroom.
Everywhere I turn seems like another trap,
Sent a death sentence to my own address,
I thought I could do it, but now I know I can't,
wish I could just go away
Yeah I watch the sun setting in the west
probably a thousand times and every one was best,
Lone ranger desperado following the tracks,
life after rock-n-roll.
Life is getting better, and I don't want to cry.
I get too embarrassed when my eyes are just too dry
Manic manipulation I play it all the time,
rocky mountain.
67 stations watching cable television in your bedroom.
8. Lies in the Sand (The Ballad Of...) (3:53)
There's a man, who says there is a light in the sky.
All my friends say he's telling a lie.
But he speaks with such passion that I have to think about.
And his hands ... well they tremble as he points it out.
But I can't see what it's all about
And the voices of many are singing along it seems.
Is it all something new? And will I see it too?
Or is this just continuing man?
Throughout all history claiming they all can see
but the evidence falters just short of my hand.
And there are lies in the sand.
There's a man who says he was a Satanic Beast.
And the many were there at his feet.
And he scared all the people, cause he just what we want.
... making more history ...
There are things that will surely seem as they are not.
And I might not know all that I've got.
But the bluffing is easy, and I haven't seen your hand.
9. Run (3:27)
Yeah she told me, that if I wasn't good
He would get me, make me pay for
everything I did, and she said

that everybody bad would burn in Hell
I did what she told me and I became someone else.

I had to run
I had to hide
In the world outside
A better chance, out there
If God is everywhere.

I wait for nothing, take my chances let it ride
maybe there's an answer but it's buried by the lies
Somebody told me that it's just a waste of my time.
But I can't get rid of all those bags I left behind
10. Fathers (3:21)
My brother's on crack.
My sister's a wreck.
Our mother ... she tries.
Our fathers are lies.
Everyone of us loves everyone of us.
Everyone of us loves everyone.
My brother sells cars.
Another one's gay.
More brothers are gone.
My sister...she stays.
Everyone of us loves everyone of us.
Everyone of us loves someone.
Our mother ... she tries.
Our fathers....
11. American Cheese (Jerry's Pianto) (2:54)
I know that for at least a thousand years
I haven't tried
And I know that for maybe ten or twelve long years,
I've seen you cry...
And I know that where the chains of doom are kept I find my shoes And I know that
Gotta save myself again
Win or lose.
I know that the pressure of the world is sin.
Don't ask me why.
And I know that it comes in ways that can't begin to pay the price.
Tell me you've seen around the world
Tell me you crawled inside my tomb,
became all knowing,
then slithered down the reins
to hide some more.
Turn away from me
All my pride
All my time
And when you washed away all of the indications,
All my pride
All my time
All my pride
All my time
All my pride
All my crime...
12. Picture (5:34)
She was a white skinned black beauty,
the daughter of an Indian
Her Grandparents raised her in northern Illinois.
I call her mother.
He was the son of a hellfire holiness preacher woman.
They say nobody was wilder,
but maybe his brother.
I call him father
She was young, calling love.
He was young, stealing love.
We all got together for the first time last September.
I said "Somebody take a photograph I've got a camera."
Now I got me a favorite picture.
13. Life Going By (4:04)
I've seen a wind torn sky.
And I've felt the river cry.
And I've seen the old ones have their say.
I've known the constitution.
And I've seen a revolution.
And I've seen the birds all fly away.
I've climbed in the back and I've hung
from the rack and I've died more that once on the way.
And I've sat there in awe and I've seen
myself fall and I've felt the full light of the day.
On...my life going by.
I've read confusing fiction.
And lived a contradiction.
And I've wondered where on earth I've been.
I've known a love forever.
A Truth I couldn't sever.
A chord that flows a free as wind.
I've stood on the mountain and drank from the fountain and poured it all out on the floor.
Turned my back to the glory and walked the tenth story and come back to knock on your door.
On...my life going by .... my life going on ... my life going by.
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