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Killen Full Album Lyrics

Killen - Killen cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2015-02-16)
1. Scream in the Night (3:57)
Now it's time
To turn out the lights
But you won't be going to sleep
Visions of terror now coming to life
Tonight on the darkest of the streets
Stalking the city until the time's right
Animal eyes, grinding teeth
Waiting to see who will be
The first course
Served at this evenings blood feast
There's no escape
So don't even try
Accept your fucked fate
And scream in the night
Unleashed the hatred that
Was chained up for years
Spreads through the streets
Like disease, death in the eyes
That were once filed with tears
Deaf to the miserable pleas
Tormenting the voices
Inside of my head turning
On the attack ripping
And clowing I foam at the mouth
Twisting the knife I your back
Your card's come up
It's your time to die
You're never too young
To scream in the night
So close to the window
And lock the doors tight
An easy enough victim you'll be
Leave an eye open
And leave on the light
You might be the next on my spree
No one is safe until the sunlight
Not knowing next where I'll creep
Lurking the shadows
Or under the bed
The sound of your cries will be sweet
Now can run
But never hide
Take ma last breath
And scream in the night
2. Challenge of Eternity (7:01)
Sent to hell, not for pain
To search and slay to put
An end to Satan's reign
Beyond the gates fight awaits
Dog who guards in the dark
Rears his heads
Fangs of steel razor sharp
Claws of death prepared to shred
Point at me showed I keep
Plunges deep
Victory-one for me
But far from over
The fight's just begun
And will go on forever
Time goes on, challenge of eternity
To be won, challenge of eternity
Must be strong, challenge of eternity
Times goes on, challenge of eternity
Moving forth through the fog
Veins grow hard knowing not
What lies within
Screaming cries flames smiling
Walking slow all is black
Wondering what surrounds me
Pounding heard beats aloud
Satan shows his face
Now the challenge has come
And will go on forever
Standing there in his lair
Face to face Satan stares
But doesn't speak
Sharpened harms sword is drawn
Ready for what is in store
The blood rushes slicing
Flesh every swing
Roaring screams the coldblood
Runs down his wing falling rock
I'm disarmed he just laughs I am left
Holding only a prayer the fight's
Just begun and will go on forever
3. The Marauder (6:10)
Knocking down Vernon
Who stand in our way
Blood in our eyes as we feast on our prey
Snatching the whiskey and women's
A must those who try
Fighting are left in the dust
Tonight we ride
With death at our side
Smacking the shit out of those why defy
Our laughter's heard loud
Over their cries
Pounding and smashing
Heads deep into dirt
Sadistically slaying
We feed you to earth
Tonight we ride
Spreading fire across the sky
Marauder's coming
To pillage and slay
No regrets no problems of cares
A wild fear-free life lived fast
Looting and robbing all victims
In sight sleeping by day and
Attacking by night
There is no stopping us
You can't be saved
The blade of cold steel
Will show you to your grave
Tonight we rid with our
Fists held high
4. Soldiers in Steel (6:34)
High over the hills
Deep within the castlewalls
Soldiers stand tall to guard
The sword of our crest
Robbed in the still of the night
We'll kill to get it back
Dad in spiked steel tonight
At dusk we attack the grinding
Stone spits the sparks of detest
Headed of view torch
And flag in our hand
Steeds riding smoke
Chase the spirits of the wind
Hooves beating earth perform
The song of revenge
Bonded by blood and sweat
Our strength had made us one
Fight side by side in flames
Until the battle's won
Roaming the earth
We the masters of our own fate
Crushing the dogs of war
We'll die soldiers in steel
Lying still and in regret
Buried in smoke, marching on
Crushing the bones that lie
Beneath our feet proudly
Our name it is engraved deep
In their backs, kissing the dirt
Struck by our curse living
Their nightmare, we're soldiers
In steel, hot arrows aflame
Form a blaze of deaths rain
Fighting the pain, not a soul
Of this gang will escape
Leveling walls waiting them fall
Enthralls and deplores, the
Kings land laughing aloud
As they bow and kneel
At our command
5. Victima (4:47)
Captivate the beast for slay
Prepare for this our sacred day
Showing no mercy for our cause
Rite to carry out the laws
Lead into the crypt of souls
Filled with sacrificial smoke
Entering as the spirits raise
In trance the congregation prays
Let the sacrifice begin
Inject the poisons of sin
This a life we cannot spare
Nailed on to the stone altar
6. Stricken by Darkness (3:43)
They come in the night
As black as the night
Seductive in sight dressed in
Black light all hails
The living shadows
At long last awake as the bells
Starts in chime the spell is unleashed
Stricken by darkness live by the night
Stricken by darkness taking the night
Enticing their young with
Slithering tongues
Deceptive and chic to lead and to cheat
All who come into their contact
Fallen a slave to a curse that is craved
Daylight will break stricken
7. Metal Meets Metal (4:18)
The day is done
It's a full moon tonight
Around her hips wraps the leatherlight
Metal Queen will soon be seen
Strutting through the streets
Anticipating lust from the one
She waits to meet, spiking bracelets
And spiking hair the scent of metal
Spread throughout the air
Finished with her ritual, hungry
For some thrills, headed for the club
A vixen dressed to kill
Drawn by a force deep inside
When metal meets metal
Sparks fly into the night night
After night, night after night
Tonight the place is packed
Squeezing through the crowd
Headed for the band, who's
Good and fucking loud
Exchanging glances none that
Seem to click, orange juice
And vodka, glistens on her lips
Prowling throughout the shadows
With her standards set so high
Some dude with long black hair
Has caught her wandering eye
She gives him a smile, he gives her
A wink, headed for the door
They down each others drinks
Finally out of public eye
They absorb each others stares
Finally after all this time, ecstasy
Is theirs Metal King doing things
No one has ever done, as the manes
Entangle metal becomes one
Finished with their ritual
The night has come to end
They'll keep banging heads
Until they meet again
He gives her a smile, she gives
Her a wink headed for the door
To find another piece
8. Beyond the Gates of Purgatorious (5:41)
The hammer has come down
The book to be thrown, the law forget
In stone, to be banished from the world
Where no one is ever shown, depart us
The chariot awaits, to a place-where
You'll waste drowing - in a sea of misery
You'll be saved - let us pray
You scream but feel no pain
Caught within a web
That's no where to be seen
Surrounded, but all alone, thus begins
The end of life, for the mind but
Not the soul, all endless time
Is to be spent, sent among the damned
You'll repent
Crying to a savor who's not there
Behind the gates you'll remain
9. Killeness (Blandus Interitus) (3:09)
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