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Changes: Our Reflections in the Sky Full Album Lyrics

Keyarzus - Changes: Our Reflections in the Sky cover art

Changes: Our Reflections in the Sky

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Solitude (2:03)
2. A Tale of Loneliness and Grief (10:04)
Once upon a time there was a boy
with a golden heart
Every day, time and again
he went to a river, a cold stream

Every time the sun scared the sky
he took heart and stepped into the water
As the water ran down, he swam upstream
to reach the place where his hopes laid buried

Again and again, the stream held him back

After years of trying, he shed hope
He gave up and went to an old tree
where he tied a rope around its branch
with his head in the noose

He started crying, screaming for salvation
For someone to cut his rope

" I begged for release and help to escape my cage
I cried for only a shadow to stroke my soul
Release me ! "

There was no shadow to stroke his soul
No one to release him from his pain
So he took heart a last time and released himself

Suicide !
He chose suicide !
Now he sleeps tight in the realm of the fallen
He died full of grief, his corpse left alone
No salvation for the shining
3. Paranoia of Memories and Thoughts (7:50)
Cut me to...

My first thought to end these sleepless nights,
and make my wounds disappear
Something's following me in my head,
resolves my sanity, makes me dread

Lay me to rest, or wake me...
... up from this nightmare
Close the window and lock out my haunters
Make these thoughts and the pain resolve

When dreams become night terror...

Make me sleep !

Close the window, close my mind
and lock out my haunters

Once for all...
4. The Sea Brings Fulfillment and Loss (15:37)
The Sea lies calm
It sleeps a silken slumber

Keep your mind willing
to face the storm of emotions
Take a last breath of certainty

The fear of loss is mirrored in your glistening eyes
Awaiting waves to tear apart remaining might
Deciding between the stars of desires
stabs your glowing heart and sets your soul on fire

The sea is waiting, it's carving you a onetime way
Take a step, at the end there's always life's decay

The time of departure has come
Memories are your companion

One last sight back
Tears will be shed
5. When the Rain Freezes (10:32)
The rain used to wash away
the pain of these days
But now, that the cold winds came
it froze and so does it remain

Fear and dread
The stars are dead
when the rain freezes

Waiting for the sun to find its way
and break through the sky's grey

Fear and dread
The stars are dead
when the rain freezes

Laid to rest
through wintery tempest
when the rain freezes
6. Changes (5:29)
7. Our Reflections in the Sky (12:56)
I see the clouds travelling
along the face of the earth
Hiding the stars behind their haze
sundering our two worlds
They swallowed the sun and opened the gate to solitude
Their tears drop as they show regret for what they have done

I see a celestial, dark ocean breaking apart
Revealing the infinite blue, releasing the rays of light

I gaze into the sky - it's reflecting in my eyes
I see my life passing by
Tears of loss and joy gathered in the waves
of the approaching storm

I see myself mirrored above me
I see my reflections in the sky
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