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Gamma Knife Full Album Lyrics

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife cover art

Gamma Knife

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Lethe (5:05)
All else consumed by a holy cloud of forgetting
Build this man by the way attained
Go forth into the warm waters, brother,
Happy is he, healthy is he among the
pulled out and pulled apart.
He sat with them, but not in vain.
He sat among the ones long-dead,
A feast, a store, a partner, love;
Encourage him in all his ways
To help him to forget the time of disengagement;
Calling power down upon the hour,
Scouring the sea for word and need,
The broken healer, wounded lasts;
Prays the skies to shut the rain and
Makes them shower down again.
A sign that he's there. A friend.
Skilled to these degrees.
2. Rite of Goetic Evocation (6:40)
The world lies thousands of leagues beneath the Sea
In the blackest abysses of gloom
I can see it spew shades like the eruption of boils
Like the stillbirths of saviours
Like the orgasm of demons
The shapes that surround me are void of coherence
A body's last breath
And a swirl in the smoke
They stink of leprosy

I call Thee forth into visible appearance
I call Thee forth into visible appearance
I call Thee forth into visible appearance

Rape me with your words
Scald me with your asylum eyes

Nail me to a cross of sorrow
Concealed in a Golgotha Trance
3. Mirror Water, Lightning Night (5:33)
My grisaille is something sad to see
For the shallow diver.
Behold the reckling in his room
Coordinates shifted by a small degree
But stained glass lanterns still abloom
Nocturnal and blissom as ever
Seeking the colored path I am walking

At your bedtime
I found myself floating
Three thousand meters in the air
Saw lightning coming
Felt the rain kissing
Laid down in a lake
Heard the sky quivering
Walked the summer sunset
Seeing grey
Hearing blue
Did it alone,
did it alone,
did it all alone
4. Ocellated God (6:32)
“You’re all the fucking enemy,
Another sign of the plague within”
Voices from a mountain, peacock in the sky

Under a lavender-imbrued
Black vainglorious veil so visible
Light my mirror with the tumbling glow
Of your perfect bathic baetyl

Ocellated god spoke to the crowd
Through tremolo bells from a city window
While from the hills out back, not quite as loud
Came the horses’ more uneven tremolo
Inside: mornings, writings, hope,
Reproductions of the most famous Van Gogh
Outside: only my scotoscope
It was night, out here
And always would be
5. Gamma Knife (6:46)
I cut my pain with the ghost of a knife
In silence
And nothing drained from my veins to the carpet

Drops on the glass, I have nowhere to go today
And the umbrella in miles of dust in the hallway
Reading a book from the shelf (in miles of dust)
From day until night

Pale, glowing candles in a line like angels
I read aloud the words that were whispered in my ear
By the wind that rattles the windowpanes
Words cannot express_
Nor shudders

A phantom blade in the gathering shade
A breeze in the hallway
Tomorrow it may rain again
I will not leave and
Nothing will be disturbed
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