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Kashgar Full Album Lyrics

Kashgar - Kashgar cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-27)
1. Half a Devil (4:59)
2. Tyan-Shan / Batyr (11:38)
Blistering white, the frost cracks his face,
Knife blades of wind cut him down,
Gusting in clouds, a cold death awaits,
A frost-caked burial shroud,
Cruel black walls, impossibly high,
Rending the sky in a rift,
Nothing else moves as the blizzard shifts,
White claws of pain is all that exists.

Terrifying peaks surround him,
Black on white on grey,
The path winds e’er before him,
Billowing storms swallow the day.

Struggle to live, yet life’s caving in,
A cruel joke incised by the ice,
Blind in the white, grope ever on,
Black flesh crying out to die,
Death stalks his path, frost slows his blood,
Altitude, torment of pace,
To cease is to freeze, to movement a slave,
These crags are his life, these cliffs are his

The blizzard whirls around him,
The ground drops off below his feet,
Spinning, gazing into the chasm . . .
. . . into the sickening vortex . . .

The howl draws him to his senses . . .
A wolf? The wind? His mind?

The horrors of war lie before him,
But he may fall before the fight,
To live impossible to fathom,
Fathoms below this white night.
Dawn, the break, that pass, it comes at last!
Down, below, the armies, swell and mass!


Centuries lived out in an instant,
Atrocities a function of existence,
Horror, upon horror,
and all an empty dream,
One moment of glory,
For a life of pain.

Arrows like rain cleansing more,
Wiping out the sickening parasites,
Who shall live, and who shall die?

Fighting for the tribal chief’s ideal,
Inflated by dogma, lies and steel,
The froth of the steed, sweat in his eyes,
And if you live, what then?
3. Scent of Your Blood (3:18)
Kan Zhyttangan!
Pretender to the throne!
Utter your poisoned speech!

Hate and envy
Spread like the wings of our Karga’a
Oh solstice winged
And like the karga’a
My hoard in winter thrives
Picking clean the skulls
The eyes go to the guest of honour
Steel beaks clash in the snow

I shift the night
The hero’s end
Transform this clan
To a widow’s den

Crush your skull from behind
You take a bolt to the face
Leave the hero to die
Revel in the disgrace

I’ll rip your fucking spine!

Galaxies of eyes swirl
Reflected in mine black
Pitted and bloodshot
The breath comes slavering
We pour from above
Taking Tash Rabat

Paradigm from hero to oblivion
4. Erlik (5:59)
Blood runs into the parched earth,
Sunset crowns the mountain sky,
The gore-soaked noose parts the victim’s neck,
A blue-faced sacrifice twitched twitched and
A pale corpse against the darkness,
Ages honoured in sanguine deed,
Ward off the Khan of down below,
Satiate his eternal need.

Tengri created me,
Born of charcoal & flame,
Suffocating mantle of black,
Aeons I have borne this stain.
In terror, blame me,
The seed of Tengri.
Seething creation,
Subterranean wrapped.


See of misfortune, find yourself,
Cruel temptation, curse yourself,
Weak resolve, watch yourself,
Prey to Allah, doubt yourself,
In lust & greed, steel yourself,
Cowardice & pride, calm yourself,
Murderous hatred, it’s yourself,
All your weakness, blame yourself!
For centuries I have spawned,
Birth’d all nightmare . . .
Filth of the underworld,
Swallowed without a care.


Weary, hamstrung race,
How easily you all succumb
While I smother you all.
5. Albarsty (4:22)
Black hair noose lashed around her neck,
Gasping, sputtering for life,
Blood wells between her lips,
Drowning the cry that won’t come.

The child breeched,
The woman screams,
Ten kin hold her down
Beneath the cosmic tree.

Kendik ene
Umai ene
Bring forth the impure one

Kara Bakyr
She crawls through the storm
Sucking all life
Smothered forlorn
Esurient wraith
Stygian form
Nightmare trespass
Sickbed Sojourn!

Choking the victim wakes
To view this thing untold
Squatting upon her chest
Goggle-eyed and cold
Seventy sagging tits
Pendulous and black
One wrapped ‘round her waist
And one thrown o’er her back
The maw draws back in glee
And plunges in her breast
Tearing out her lungs
Ripping out her breath

She flees with her bloody payload
From the yurt
Through the dark
To the lake

You fail the test
Lust manifest
Yellow temptress
Leads on you on the Left Hand Path
Barren empty years
Dust, blood and tears
Thrust through to the
Threshold of all your fears

Sinister smile
The bitch that was shunned
Vengeance incarnate
Your whole life undone
Spreading her legs
The blood starts to run
Dropping your dead children
One by one, one by one, one by one!
6. Come Down (7:37)
Crucified upon a gruesome day
You’ll swear you felt it come your way
Don’t try to touch it, feel our hold
Forgive me if I seem too bold
It’s nothing old, it’s nothing new,
The pain of life is inside of you

Hail to thee upon thy cloud
Wrapped up in thy smoky shroud
Believe you’ll enter the abyss
A way to drift, you might have lived
Pierce your soul and you’ll come down,
Bleed through the corners of the crowd
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