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Music into the Void Full Album Lyrics

Karma Rassa - Music into the Void cover art

Music into the Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Progressive Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-06-16)
1. Taste of Sorrow (5:08)
Gods drink the wine of sorrow
From the cup of regret.
I can feel it and I swallow
The bitter draff instead.
I feel a great disgust.
All people are like dust.
I’ll never be the brand in their promised land.
I know this kingdom falls
But a fragile rose
Sprouts among the sins
Among the gray ruins.
The taste of sorrow I sense
Is the taste of lost innocence.
The nature is mourning with me.
My sister, you must be free.
Silent slaves
In the caves
They can’t see
This splendid morning.
Madmen haul
The miracle.
It’s the time of
Straying heroes.
I’m walking to the solstice
Through the twilight of sorrow…
2. Apology of Regress (5:44)
I’m the battleground and the core
In the informational war.
I’m the captive of the law
I’m the merchandise in the store
I forgot my own name
Like a soldier of shame
Who is right and who is to blame
News makers will explain.
Plunge to the filth!
Praise the fake
Feel how it kills
Follow the snake
Follow your hate
Obey the stress
Follow the fate
Enjoy the regress
Go on to fall…
My salvation is lost
My life is the story of a ghost
I exchanged my grace for pain
My dream is ice-cold rain
Is it really the only way
In the world where love is for sale?
3. Drawing the Steel (4:53)
You draw the steel
I draw the sky
Your heart is like stone
My heart is full of light
You draw the noise
I draw the silence
That is your choice
This is my destiny
Through the time, through the space
Through the sand of yesterdays
All my minds, all my skills
Will become a piece of steel…
And my soul will return
To the place where I was born.
To the heart of Universe
My existence will return
Eternal light…
My final path
My final journey
My final pass
Leads me to loneliness…
4. Exploring Your Own Cosmos (4:51)
The delicate fingers of inner temptation
Enveloped the soul.
But the bestial desires
Are more to come.
The ancient scars of delusions –
They can be healed.
The drug is your own mind.
So breath and dive…
The oceans of you…
The sweetest home of high vibrations.
A varicolored world.
Fountains of images.
The curtain fell.
The inviting call of exploration.
The internal sky.
The doors of perception
Just must be cleansed.
I’m looking for the nature of me.
But I see only the black cold sky.
The visions bring me to the Origin
I feel the end of the plastic world
I am the consequence and I’m the reason.
I am so young and I’m so old.
I’m the Creator of the Stars
I am the child in arms
I am the first ray of dawn
I am the thunder among the black skies
5. Ice (4:19)
I don’t need a draw affection
Let the foliage turn yellow around
I have the light of perfection
To see the breath of the ground.
I’m just like people from dreams.
I’m entangled by my bounds
Like the off-screen characters
In reality of thousand tomes.
Spring breaks into the pieces.
In the depth inside I feel the cold ice.
Spell of passion diseases
Will bloom again under the snow slice.
I don’t know what to sing about.
I don’t know what to write about
Every day has turned into a cage.
Every day became a deadly age.
On the first spring day
By the sunny side of the street
I have to go in a flame
Directly to winter’s greet.
6. Until the End of the Dreams (5:22)
Desert streets keep silence this night.
Deadly caves of courtyards…
You are trying to reach the other side.
To the center of the Worlds..
And your glance can’t be dismayed
No wind, no rain…
Frost has pierced the air like a needle
And your body has the chills.
A pale curl of a far luminary
Falls on your hairs…
Something strange makes you placid and calm.
New aeon will come. See!
Everything will end and begin.
Everything’s mirror of spring.
Everything’s blooming and everything’s shining
Until the end of the dreams.
Time is dashing like a stream.
It’s just a moment of eternal scene.
To find yourself…
To grasp yourself…
Everything will be ruined
Everything will be forgotten
Timelessness will come
But after the waters of forgetfulness
You will arise again
7. Youth Will Die (5:27)
Childhood was a dream…
Do you remember the old grey town?
It was brighter
Like a morning rainbow
That was the time when I sang
That was the time when I felt alive
I become dumb
I become cold like the dead
Youth will die
Candor will turn to a lie
The conglomeration of the cares will kill the light
Way in the night
How can I pass the abyss?
Youth will die
I will forget how to cry
And I know that I can’t win this foolish fight
Way in the night
The cruel cycle holds on tightly
I won’t to be involved in the web of situations
I’m thirsty for the bliss.
Stop, please!
8. Music into the Void (5:04)
I lose my hope,
This cup of poison I’ve drank
I change my faith
I see the madness around.
Human instincts.
Urban landscapes.
Music into the void.
Weakness and fear… Solitude…
Pain and despair… Lassitude…
Beware of the trap!
They try to catch you.
They try to break you.
Indifference… Ignorance…
Police of the mind.
And I’m trying to leave.
And I’m trying to run from this game.
I always run, run from the prison.
No chance to be saved. It’s useless.
Poetry’s dead.
Music is dead.
I play to the void.
It may be a whisper. It may be a scream.
It doesn’t matter what I will sing.
Every note sounds like the call of divine
Strings of silence…
Beautiful voice if death. I can hear it.
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