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The Origins of Extinction | Full Album Lyrics

Kaosophia - The Origins of Extinction cover art

The Origins of Extinction

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsBloodred Distribution
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > K > Kaosophia Lyrics (6) > The Origins of Extinction Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-11-12)
1. March of the Antichrist's Soldiers (5:10)
2. Cotard Delusion (4:34)
3. Rituale Romanum (5:38)
4. Decomposed Essense (4:57)
Empty essences conquered world
Meaning themselves powerful gods
But they don't have pure fire inside
Smashing and suffering waiting for them

Your pityful essence is weak
You are doomed, you are overthrown
Drown in the deepest layer of Hell
Prepare to be decomposed

You'll get all what you deserve
Fora ll your misery deeds
Which you have done in your life
Nothing is left unpunished and forgotten...

Desperate scream for help
But nobody hears you at all
Your lungs are totally filled
With boiling oil and ash
You suffer how never before
The soul is smashing to parts
Nothing to do, cannot resist
The hope has die din your heart

You have been buried
In the deepest layer of Hell
Suffer your last moments
Your existence is broken forever
5. Dance with the Dead Stars (6:46)
So terrified when look at the stars
Imagining of how great distance to them
But mind can overcome this gap in the moment
Appearing where no human flesh can be
This path is for those who dare
Those who have enough strength to not fall into abyss of madness

I wish you were all dead
Disintegrated into a myriad of particles
Wouldn't disturb with your radiance those restless minds
Wouldn't give light for those who live and see
And then...
I could dance with you
Circling in endless vortex of extinct molecules
Rushing into the world of primeval chaos
Into possession of anticosmic insanity
Where the soul molds
In the formlessness of matter and space

In fact, stars is a variation of alternative lie
And there's only dome above us
Where from time to time the lights are ignited
By the demiurge
6. Rainbow over the Vein (5:55)
Take your friend in hand
Come closer to twisted reality
Don't deny, you are tempted
Obsessed with enormous passion

The rainbow will enter the vein
And you will plunge into the warmness
You will forget the world
Which you tried to escape

Your eyes are blind, but you can see
You are walking around the edge of abyss
Teasing your destiny with thoughts about greatness
You'll fall when you won't expect it
7. Delirium Manihaeismum (3:59)
Darkness invaded the world of peace and light
Bringing chaos and dissonance
It's assignment is desecration of all the saint
It's assignment is to destroy the cosmic order

That's how our world was created
The world ruled by Satan
Where human mind is in blackout
Where souls are doomed to torments

In you there is a struggle
Between light and darkness
You have the key role
In returning the balance

You made everything to recover it
Killed everyone by first order
You were ready to slaughter by command
Doing this you served the light
Thought you'll prevent chaos invasion
Dreamed about victory of the light
But now there is a scar on your soul
It's marked by five-pointed star
8. Requiem for Deceased Faith (4:27)
The shining temple stands
The bastion of faith
Where silent prayers sound
To the God!

But all what you believe
Will cause the being to outcome

Cause seeds are spread and planted
Which will grow in the end
And the sprouts will rise
The seeds of hate and lie
Which were spread
By the servants of temple
And they will get worthy reward
The rejection of demiurge
And unadoption by the land

Oh why you have forsaken me? - you ask
But no answer you get
Cause all your deeds were planned by him
Cause uncreation essence is the point of creation
9. Harba di Asm'dai (4:59)
Sorath, that whose face is in fire
Unleash your wrath upon the Earth
That will be the beginning
The beginning of the end

When the mushroom clouds will fill the skies
And dust will cover the ground
All the Earth will be swallowed
By the raging blaze
Filthy Earth, your destruction
Will be first step of uncreation

Let them all feel your wrath and anger
Lead your legions forward
Show them your horrible image
And your destructive power of Golahab

Invade the Malkuth
Burn it, pierce it
So all could witness
That uncreation has already begun
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