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Angelplague Full Album Lyrics

Kalopsia - Angelplague cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. Destined to Return (4:23)
Forever silent, unmoving refined
an elegant tribute in marble
The noose tied to the being divine
tethered to the mortal

Long after the names go unspoken
the stone garden blooms
Once again the soil is broken
omnipresent - the specter that looms

Amethyst chases crimson
along with blurring vision
Strangled with cruel indifference
by time's relentless hands

Amethyst and crimson
striking with precision
Dragged into mortality
by time's unshaking hands

We are all destined
to return
to blackened soil
or ashes... burn

Tears of mourning are the tribute demanded
In the shadow of the garden of stone
Forgiving fictions are whispered in sorrow
Scorn the treason of speaking alone

Hereafter when names are mentioned
a grim finality will cut like a blade
The future - apprehension
into eternity the echoes will fade

No stone - can minimize the loss
No value - in the gold embossed

Forever silent unmoving refined
a tribute carved in grief
forever tied to the being divine
burdened beyond belief

Long after the ritual is over
the stone garden stays
Soil and spirit shall always be broken
that which blossoms must also decay
2. As the Serpent Devours (4:42)
So quickly we have forgotten
The darkened caves from which we crawled
On torn, quivering limbs
Through trails of filth

In frigid silence
Our stammered whispers
Sought to grow to thunderous cries
their echoes - thought to be eternal

Toiling aimlessly
as in vein Sisyphus bleeds
We writhe in agony
As the serpent devours

rampaging through the wreckage of time
Rebirthing the ceaseless cycle of decay
we watch in horror as the beast

Devours eternally
flesh and spirit of such noble prey
echoes forgotten in an instant
obliterated between ceaseless jaws

Hopeless thoughts choked down
As the never ending cycle of self destruction
regurgitated misery
lying in the wake of the shadow of false hope

Lethean ambitions
joys of sand and sorrows of stone
the cave from which we crawled
burrowed into our souls through the jagged rocks we bled upon

An unending cycle
of growth and decay
a ceaseless hunger
and dagger-eyed gaze

This predatory torrent - dampens
the darkened caves into which we crawled
saturated, quivering limbs
begging for warmth

in frigid silence
mouthpieces of dread
retched blood - died choking
their echoes thought to be eternal

Toiling aimlessly
as in vein Sisyphus bleeds
We writhe in agony
As the serpent devours

We lost the way
shrouded in darkness
Time marches as savagely
As the serpent devours
3. Christened upon the Slab (3:53)
Struck suddenly
a bruise fades
to the yellow brown color of fields
tread solely by the knights of disease

Not black
but this ghastly gold
of the forgotten urn
is the color of passing

Reborn - nameless
Reborn - lifeless

This sepian countenance
A hollow shell
A sacred promise
Torn from the world

What is our purpose?
What are the signs?
The brittle touch
of our flawed design

In this finality with features of life faded away
a vacant husk - no love or ambition
As being torn from sleep by a disturbing but forgotten dream
our destiny chosen, by others, starting with the name

Christened upon the slab
Reborn "the body"

Now just an object
all out of respect
A stoic distance
needed to stem the decay

So suddenly
this life fades
into the shadows of realms unknown
tread by all mortals in time

In the final moments
of futures undone
Where even the virtuous crumble
each of us shall know three

The reaper - The slab - Earth or Inferno?

Christened upon the slab
Reborn "the body"

A hollow vessel
that once was alive
Baptized in indifference
and fed to hungry knives

The reaper - The slab - Earth or Inferno?
4. Not Peace but Pestilence (3:24)
Beasts torment the nightmares of children
with jagged teeth and claws
I'm haunted more by the ruesome
specters of regret and loss

Those times whose visions faded
still the wounds bleed in my soul
When everything fades away but the grief
time taking its toll

The horrid solace
that life presents
Is never peace
Only pestilence

A grim reflection
with no defense
never peace
Only pestilence

Are angels plagued by such ghastly visions?

The acrid fruit
spawned from blighted trees
Falls where smothered flames choke the heavens
winds whispering disease

The hatchet's trusty blade
rusts mere feet from a half-dug grave

Virulent Midas turned ashen
though fires could not cleanse
the decaying sorrow
of thousands of frayed loose ends

Are angels plagued?

Beasts torment the nightmares of children
with yellowed, bloody teeth
I'm taunted by the hollow whispers
of unexpected grief

And plagued by faded angels
as the sands of time descend
Soul pierced by the gleaming tridents
of the demons of regret

The horrid sentence
that life presents
Is never peace
Only pestilence

With sorrows mounting
there's no defense
never peace
Only pestilence
5. Scorched Earth and Blackened Skies (6:38)
Ascending to great heights
Ever fearful of the moment that we may lose our grip
Clinging to false hopes
Choking down the daggers of air our freezing lungs are ripped

Cries that should deafen
are washed away by bitter winds
Wandering souls carrying unlit torches
We strive toward salvation - evasive

Falling from great heights
Is the terror
Do we have the strength to climb again?
Gasping in horror
To climb we must fight ignite the flame within

Try not to turn back
For beneath is chaos' gaping maw
Dragging ourselves toward the heavens
Twitching flesh as bloody hands scrape and claw

Cries that should deafen
Die in throats as hopelessness and doubt
Devour visions of truly ascending
Mortality the inner flame burns out

At last! A solitary flame
in the distance beating back the frigid night
A whisper can beget a choir of conflagration
The torch will ignite

The pyres are burning - sacrifice to the flames

May the fires scorch the earth
And the smoke darken the skies
We continue our march forever
Never knowing the reasons why

Our destiny burned to ashes
Washed away by the sands of time
In defiance of our mortality
All that matters is the climb

The sorrow
The struggle
The strain

The sorrow
The struggle
Ignite the flame

Standing at great heights
Ever knowing that time will strip it all away
Bathing in the glow of torches
As ice melts and the ground starts giving way

Cries then falling silent
Washed away by merciless fate
The journey and the fire
The torches carried by those who remain
6. Source of My Evil (4:46)
I have located the source of my evil
That which brings me the pain
The pain which is only healed by the suffering of others
The affliction which drives me insane

The source of this evil is so obvious
That which makes me what I am,
The cause of others' misery apparent
The thing that makes me a man

I have chosen, to fight the evil
Human flesh weak, steel blade strong
I have chosen, to fight the evil
Need to bleed to be strong

First was to kill it, a simple task
A creature without blood, is a creature without life
Needed to kill it, a simple task
Used two dozen elastic bands

I began to hack with the rusty, dull blade, rest assured, I felt no pain,
I began to hack with the rusty, dull blade, for the last time I...

Grisly task completed, genital mutilation,
mental degradation caused androgynous creation
Grisly task completed, sexual destruction
Self-ordered injunction cure my dysfunction

But illusions die hard, just like it did,
Now I know, for nothing has changed,
Still the source of others' misery
Now I must be victimized

Rope tied to the ceiling
Stick my head inside thirteen loops
and the evil is vanquished
as I tip over the stool
7. Surge of Terror (5:18)
Beneath strained translucent skin
Veins full of insects scattering from the light
My stomach a coiled viper
Fangs drip venom ready to strike

Soon shall come that dire day
Where hammers pummel as the echoing phrase
"I'm sorry for your loss"
Closes a chapter by burning the page

This disquieting silence
That shadows ignorant prey
Unknowing the need for vigilance
Not if, but when, life tears away

Inexorable descent
Visions of vultures circling overhead
Mirroring the eternal cycle of violence
Rats fleeing as if by compulsion
Still the serpent is fed

Carrion feeders with wings of razor wire
Crash their concrete bodies in a desperate anxious rage
Burrowing between sinews in efforts to escape
The unhallowed living tomb within which they are caged

The dread is constant
Ricocheting synapse friendly fire

There is a surge of terror
Charging through veins like a sudden stampede
Crushed underfoot with rampaging panic
A worthless battle
A futile frenzy

For on that dire day
Hammers will pummel as the echoing phrase
"I'm sorry for your loss"
Rewrites the story the world set ablaze

This uneasy quiet
That engulfs dismissive hearts
Exhausts denial of any vigilance
Refutation - lives torn apart

The horror constant
Waiting for the word
Anxiety crashing in waves on the rocks of sleepless nights
Below the water's surface a beast yearning for the kill
Murder or face starvation so of course it will

While high above vultures bide their time
Holding dominion - decimation over all diseased
Patience over violence scavenging with glee
and as the chapter closes it prepares to repeat

Inexorable descent
Visions of vultures circling overhead
Mirroring the eternal cycle of violence
Rats fleeing as if by compulsion
Still the serpent is fed
8. Bitter Sacraments (4:01)
In solemn silence seeking solace in the cross
Hung around the neck like an executioner's noose
shackled in sorrow by a sudden loss
through grit teeth as she questions the Truth

"Is there a light - beyond the darkness?
Beyond all the decay?"
To know the glory - beyond the darkness
she surrendered to the deity

Once still as mountains
Now her faith is shaken
skeptical and afraid

The sacraments like ashes in her mouth
As if her soul has faith betrayed

Panic stampeding, a terrified swarm
Belief lying bloodied in tragedy's wake
Now only silence meets rituals performed
A divine oversight or celestial mistake?

This fallen angel - hardly luciferian
Cast into a world of chaos - with no narrative arc
She scratches and claws - at the lid of life's coffin
Hoping to illuminate the dark

Terrified - and gasping for air
a horror stricken mind that grasps
the grim reality of heavens abandoned
We're moments away from nothingness

Once high as mountains
Now faith has crumbled
it is her soul her faith betrayed

In seething silence she surrenders the cross
tight around her neck like an executioner's noose
once consecrated now an albatross
from ashes of divine wreckage a new belief blooms

"There is no light - beyond the darkness. There is only decay"
To find the light - before the darkness we must purge the deity

There is only decay
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