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Kaamos Full Album Lyrics

Kaamos - Kaamos cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-24)
1. Corpus Vermis (4:09)
Crucifix of man
Silent sterile emblem
Morals of slavery
And your martyrs rejoice

Atonement in holy Ways
Denied for the Path of Sin
Beware to trespass
The servants of the snake

Ascending spiral
The snake of fire
Always moving beyond
Our time and space

At the left hand of god
I'm an enemy of the lamb
My words proclaim heresy
End the body remains

Corpus vermis

Iniquity and madness
The desert's of Gift
Immortal verses
To the fallen

My name is many
For we are many
Oh, apostate ones
Our name is ...

Corpus Vermis

In the womb of Dur
Mother the dragon
We sow and reap
The rewards of
2. Circle of Mania (3:57)
Crown of abhorrence
Exalted are the ways
Morbid sacrilege
Denial of the holy
Divine essence
Of sheer monstrosity
And the devil
Speaks unto you

Circle of mania

Branded with madness
The mark of the devil
Profound irreligion
Devastating ways
Descending and ascending
I sin to know thee
Searching new heights
and you emerge anew

Circle of mania

Exciting every sense
Demonic lust prevails
Satisfying every impulse
Submit unto the final
3. The Storm of Coming (2:22)
Come forth with vengeance
Come forth with wrath
Come forth destroyer
From the unknown

The winds bring havoc
The winds bring death
The winds are violent
Storms of the past

The chanting echoes
The chanting calls
The chanting cries
Verbs of mastication

Falling the crown of creation
Old Gods breaking through
Iniquity stars speak of entrance
God prayers won't hold them

Malignant gods of the threshold
Abhorrent their ways being loathsome
Lord prayers won't hold them
Twilight your crown is falling
4. Khem (3:06)
My mouth -
Speaks of death and birth
My word -
Is for every Aeon
Infidel -
No seal shall hold my silence
No Curse -
For I am its shadow

Shrines of Khem

I am the venom that entice
I am the venom that Emancipates

Ia Apep, Ia Typhon
Amon Apep, Amon Teth
Ia Apep, Ia Typhon
Amon Apep, Amon Teth

I am the venom that entice
I am the venom that emancipates

Shrines of Khem
5. Doom of Man (5:55)
Prophecies lurking front
The depths of time
From beyond the dark
Death shall arrive
And man feared the
Dawn of his demise
Crying out loud
"Oh, lord have mercy"

Doom of man

Crucified martyrs preach
Salvation is lost
The kingdom lies
Ruined, oh woe to thee
The dead shall rise
And walk the earth
Blessing the sheep
And setting them free

Doom of man

The bells of Satan chime
Tunes of damnation time
6. Blood of Chaos (3:21)
Ancient chaos
Breeds in man
Entombed between
Flesh and skin

Seed of man
Devil spawn

Buried sin
Demon seed
Bloodline divine
From shadowsphere

Blood of chaos
Blood of chaos
Dawn of gods

The chasm stirs
Day of awakening
Dawn of blood
7. Curse of Aeons (4:07)
Old haunting visions
Chasm's call for blood
Winds howl solemn dirge
Bleeding souls astray

Remnants from beyond
Netherworlds are boiling
Genesis of darkness
Man shall know defeat

Hymns of doom reside
Affliction comes, demise
Funeral march proceeds
The curse of Aeons
8. The Chasm (3:38)
Old desert spaces
Black eternal voids
Ancient of the days
Kings of doom

Ha Ian Ha Bizon
Sneering the depths
Ha Ian Ha Bizon
Alchemy of Kkepra

The Chasm
(De Profundis)

Destroying every essence
that constitutes man
Creation every essence
That constitutes Godhead

The Chasm
(De Profundis)

The Chasm
(De Profundis)
9. Cries of the Damned (3:53)
Eater of the world
Carrier of death
Eater of the world
Bringer of horrors

Riding with demise
On wings that darken light
No rest from the plague
Bloodshed be the way

Mockery of Man
Damnation comes crawling
Torment in disguise
Voices scream for mercy

Cries of the damned
Cries of the damned

Phantom lady cometh
Bringeth with her sin
Enchanting is her essence
Rejoicing in the sound of...
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