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Life on Death Road | Full Album Lyrics

Jorn - Life on Death Road cover art

Life on Death Road

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsFrontiers Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > J > Jorn Lyrics (106) > Life on Death Road Lyrics (3)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-09)
1. Life on Death Road (7:19)
2. Hammered to the Cross (The Business) (5:29)
3. Love Is the Remedy (4:52)
4. Dreamwalker (4:58)
5. Fire to the Sun (5:04)
6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams in the Blindness) (5:39)
7. I Walked Away (5:04)
8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope) (5:29)
You'll drink from the grail of passion if your heart feels dead
Temptation is the true revelation forget the rules you've read
It's in the hands of father time to seal the wounds you've bled
But it's the choice inside your mind to choose to live instead

Life is a lonely way
Born to dream and play
We have to seize the day and learn to stay

Are you turning your back on your broken will
Restore the power cause there's fire still
Never close your eyes on the roads of hope… oh no
Speeding fast away from the hangman's rope
Life is a slippery slope
It's been so hard to cope

You'll eat from the golden table
Howling with the wolves you're with
Once you were a child so innocent
Till someone broke your head

At the feast with the beast and all the lies
Dark roads wait up ahead
Then comes another new sensation
A revolution for the led

All the games we hate to play
But still we turn and stay
Got to go all the way
Let's burn another day

Are you turning your back on your broken will
Restore the power cause there's fire still
Never close your eyes on the roads of hope… no
Speeding fast away from the hangman's rope
Life is a slippery slope

Don't turn your back on your broken will
We can grow desire there's fire still
Hey. have you closed your eyes to the roads of hope?
Time to cut loose from the noose of the hangman
The hangman's rope
Keep swinging the hammer to break the ice
Break out of the coldness that makes you sacrifice
A new beginning under the sun
Life has just begun
9. Devil You Can Drive (6:06)
10. The Optimist (4:52)
Some people sleep away this life
Dream away all the pain and lie
Playing safe in a lullaby behind their fences
Some people like to roll the dice
Live the risk to lose the fight
Gambling with no alibis
And close their eyes to consequences
What's up with those killing wars?
Hasn't there been enough before?
Do all the dead get to paradise
Or will the afterlife just go under
And will the answers ever show… oh

How far to the top of the mountain
I'm standing strong on a ledge of the dream
Cloudbusting pushing weight off my shoulders
Cause I long to feel the sun again
Ooh… the optimist climbs my friend
Gonna rise till the end…ooh

Some people lay awake at night
Longing in the dead of light
Crying for the sacrifice and their long lost chances
Some people always raise their glass
Never worry if their life has gone astray
Cold indifferent eyes and false pretenses
See the boy on his bloody knees
Crying hard from the pain he bleeds
Maybe never gonna live to grow his senses
How can we save his heart with hope

I'm raining love from the core of my fountain
I let it run for the rainbow within
I'm dream catching in a world getting colder
Cause I've got to feel the sun my friend
Ooh. The optimist tries again
And never dies before the end

How far to the top of the mountain
Standing strong on the ledge of a dream
Cloudbusting pushing weight off my shoulders
Cause I long to see the sun again
The optimist climbs my friend
Gonna climb till the end
11. Man of the 80's (4:49)
12. Blackbirds (6:11)
We have been broken
Warm hearts are frozen
With every teardrop there's a song
We are believers
When the world deceives us
Born to rise above the cries

After all I know that I must go
To the other side where the ghostwinds blow
Once a dreaming child now I'm a flaming man
Burning in the shadows
With my rock and roll band, aah yeah, ooh

Just another old monday
Coming down that same long highway
Me and the boys out forcing the storm again yeah
It's just the lifestyle that we cherish
So we can tower and embellish
Blackbirds flying on our wings of rock

I've seen the generations turning
So many bridges they were burning
All the scars and all the lies, oh

Me and the blackbirds
Carry heavy load
Grinding memories of the secrets never told
We shook the grounds of our yesterdays
Pioneers of a golden age
Aah the blackbirds are coming
Still going strong, yeah

From Tokyo to New York City
They dream of fame and fortune looking pretty
Desperate minds that let the heart go blind
On the boulevard of broken dreams
I'm a stranger running in between
From the clouds that rain us down

There's no escape from the undertow
But I won't go down with my head hung low
Will never let the spirit die
Music is my revelation
I wanna be your new sensation
Let the song be you and I

Blackbirds rising in the dead of night
We come alive with the neon lights
But me and the boys we can not stay
Restless hearts going our own way
All the stories I have told from the life that I unfold
So many places I have been
But sill a stranger deep within

Take the sun and shine on everyone
Be the light and guide inside the darkest hearts of night

And the wheel it keeps on spinning
From the end to beginning
Life and death will never die

50 miles away from London town
Tower bridge and the royal crown
One more show and we're off to Paris
Blackbirds flying till the final vanish
When this movie is running out of breath
And there's no cinema playing in my head
You will remember my rock and roll
A blockbuster haunting in your soul
Aah. Blackbird is coming sill playing on, yeah
Blackbirds are calling
We're still laying strong
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